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Жестокое обращение с ребенком - Cradle hell of a year-old in Kazakhstan

Reader discretion advised. The story contains disturbing images. 
It was a hot day in western Kazakhstan. In August, temperature under the scorching sun went to 40 degrees Centigrade and over. Most people were keeping in the shade or staying at home. Those who had no choice, went about their business in a mechanical way in the heat that blunted senses.

A paramedic was walking down the street in Kazakhstan’s city of Aktau when he saw an odd picture. A small child was lying in a cradle, tied to it, under the burning sunlight.

"The child was tied lying in a cradle out in the street. In this hot weather. His unnatural thinness and very dirty clothes caught my eye. I called an ambulance," Tengrinews reports citing the Munaily District paramedic as quoted by
The child was taken to the hospital. Police arrived to the boy’s house along with the ambulance.

The boy’s name is Aknur Myrzabai. (According to some sources his name is Beknur Myrzabai.)  He was taken to the hospital on August 31 and is currently being treated there. Up until this day his fate remains uncertain.

In the hospital it was found that Aknur had been tied to the cradle for most of his life. Doctors who examined the one-year-old discovered severe wasting of muscles, bruises on his face and head and festering sores on the buttocks. Worms were nested in his deep bedsores under the dirty diapers. Besides, the boy was very hungry.
"Upon admission the child was very dirty. From the examination record it follows that he has an average dystrophy, which means he weighs twice less than normal for his age. He has neurological disorders, too. The boy is restless; he does not speak or respond to voice. He is over a year but due to muscle wasting he cannot even sit. This implies that for most of his life, the child was tied to the cradle and remained almost motionless," Nazgul Kisikbasova, a pediatric hematologist at Mangistau Oblast Children's Hospital said.

Aknur’s grandmother, however, declared that the child was receiving all the attention and care he needed. “We are looking after him well. Feeding and washing him when necessary,” the woman said.

Apparently, feeding “when necessary” means letting the child be half his normal weight. Washing “when necessary” means letting worms nest in your beloved grandchild’s bedsores. How long does it take for a baby to stay in dirty diapers for worms to grow and then eat through a hole in a buttock? 

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Politico fa ritardare l’aereo Ma i passeggeri lo cacciano - Anche in Italia si fa cosi'?

Pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah's wife breaks silence to 'confirm he spoke final words from cockpit'

Wife of MH370 Captain talks

The wife of one of the pilots on board the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has reportedly confirmed her husband spoke the final words from the cockpit - not his co-pilot, as the airline has previously suggested. Flight MH370 disappeared with 239 passengers and crew on board after taking off from Kuala Lumpur, bound for Beijing, on 8 March, with the search to locate the plane now focusing on the sea bed.
Two New Zealand-based journalists claim to have spoken with the wife of captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah.
Geoff Taylor, deputy editor of New Zealand's Waikato Times, said he and Ewan Wilson, his co-author on the book they are writing about the missing jetliner, spoke on the phone with Faizah Khanum, who reportedly said the voice from the cock-pit delivering the final sign-off was that of her husband.
This contradicts the initial claim by Malaysian Airlines chief Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, who said the words "good night Malaysian 370” were spoken by Fariq Abdul Hamid, the co-pilot. Weeks later, the airline revealed they were unsure as to who had delivered the words.

INC News, 17/09/2014-via The Independent

Hydro gel breast implants developed in Kazakhstan

Breast implantation

Breast implants developed by Kazakhstani scientists will possibly find a market in South Korea, Tengrinews reports citing the professor of the Chemistry and Organic Technology Department at the Kazakh National University Grigory Mun.
The new technology for breast implants does not seems to have a market in Kazakhstan. Development of mammoplasty in Kazakhstan, according to Dr. Mun, is difficult, because the demand for breasts plastic surgery is relatively low. The scientists are considering selling the technology abroad. Dr. Mun named South Korea as the main market for the new hydro cellular breast implants. South Korean plastic surgeons expressed interest in the technology that had not been used for plastic surgery before.
The new breast implants are made of a hypoallergic, inert hydro gel that does not cause rejection. The hydro gel has been successfully used in urology in Kazakhstan and helped cure around 50 children from vesicoureteric reflux (VUR).
Dr. Mun believes the hydro gel implants will soon replace traditional silicon implants. In addition to implants, the scientist aims to use hydro gel to develop medical bandages for injuries and burns. The gel will be supplemented with silver nanoparticles, anesthetics and herbal medicinal products.
INC News, 17/09/2014

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Third of surveyed Kazakhstanis do not believe in combating corruption

Kz corruption

A third of the surveyed Kazakhstanis do no believe in the effectiveness of combating corruption, Tengrinews reports citing the Vice Chairman of the of the Social Council for Countering Corruption Magzam Kassymov.
“The indifference of our citizens towards corruption is based on pure skepticism. To the question 'how do you evaluate the effectiveness of combating corruption in Kazakhstan?'33.1% answered that 'everything remains the same, the combat is conducted to pacify the public only'. 11.8% said that 'there are no positive changes and corruption is increasing and strengthening'. The main reasons for ineffectiveness of combating corruption according to the surveyed Kazakhstanis are: “it is conducted by those who are engaged incorruption” (13.4%), 'it is a question of mentality' (9.5%), and 'it is conducted for the appearance’s sake only' (5.9%),” Kassymov said.
The Kazakhstani society, according to Kassymov, has not developed anticorruption consciousness. Moreover, the indifference is an indicator of a low level of legal literacy and awareness. “Meanwhile, these factors are key to creating intolerance towards corruption in the society. On an initiative of the Social Council for Countering Corruption, Nur Otan political party conducted a survey in all the regions of Kazakhstan in August, 2014. To a question 'have you been into a situation that involved corruption during this year, independent of the fact whether you bribed or not?', 32.7% answered in the affirmative and 71% of them confessed of giving bribes,” Kassymov said.
INC News, 17/09/2014

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Kazakh police seize one ton of drugs for 6 days

Kazakhstan's transport police seized more than one ton of drugs during a six-day international counter-drugs operation held September 11-16, police press service said. 
This operation is purposed to shut down drug-smuggling channels from Afghanistan and China through the state borders of the Central Asian region and the Caspian Sea water area, suppress supplies of precursors to Afghanistan.

72 passenger, 33 mail and 37 cargo trains were inspected during the operation so far to discover above one ton of various drugs, including 2 kg of heroin. 

INC News, 17/09/2014

Oligarch arrest emblematic of 'Predatory Times'

The case of Vladimir Yevtushenkov
The arrest of Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the largest stakeholder in one of Russia's biggest private corporations, will deal another blow to Russia's already decimated investment climate and is emblematic of the state's attitude toward private property, analysts said Wednesday.
Yevtushenkov, who was placed under house arrest in his estate west of Moscow on Tuesday, is accused of laundering shares in the Bashneft oil company, which investigators say was illegally acquired by Yevtushenkov's Sistema.
Bashneft, one of Russia's largest oil producers, was acquired by the Sistema conglomerate from the government of the Bashkortostan republic for $2.5 billion in April 2009. The company paid $2 billion up front, with the remaining $500 million planned to be paid during the next 14 months. However, a month later an additional agreement was signed that set the final price at $2 billion.
The Investigative Committee says that the $500 million difference was not legal and amounts to embezzlement. Interfax news agency reported Wednesday that an international arrest warrant had been issued for Ural Rakhimov, the son of Bashkortostan's former president Murtaza Rakhimov. Ural Rakhimov was head of Bashneft when it was owned by Bashkortostan and oversaw the deal.
Sistema said in a press release that it considers the accusations "completely ungrounded."
Yevtushenkov himself denies any wrongdoing, Interfax cited a source close to the investigation as saying. After being summoned for questioning to the Investigative Committee over the Bashneft case in July, he told Vedomosti that "a raider-style seizure" of the company was possible, without specifying a possible perpetrator.
Bashneft was planning a secondary public offering of its shares in London this fall in order to make the ownership structure more secure.  
INC News, 17/09/2014

Thai police question brothers over beach murders

The situation of the two Britons killed

Two British brothers are being questioned over the murders of two backpackers on a beach in Thailand as tests revealed more about how the victims died. Chris Ware and his brother James, from Jersey, have been asked to stay in Thailand as experts wait for the results of DNA tests on Thursday.
The brothers were questioned as police continued to hold six Burmese suspects in connection with the deaths. Thai Police Colonel Kissana said there was "strong evidence" possibly linking the Burmese to the murders, including blood stains on clothes.Pornchai Sutheerakune, head of the Thai Institute of Forensic Medicine, said Mr Miller also had wounds on his hand, indicating a struggle had taken place.
Sky's Jonathan Samuels, on Koh Tao, where the murders happened, said Chris Ware has been spoken to by police after he booked into a hotel at Bangkok airport. It is the second time he has been questioned. He was initially quizzed in the hours after the murders by officers concerned about an injury to his arm.
INC News, 17/09/2014

Russia Yevtushenkov arrest prompts Sistema share dive

Vladimir Yevtushenkov
Russian billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov has been placed under house arrest on suspicion of money-laundering, prompting shares in his company Sistema to plunge. The Moscow Exchange temporarily restricted trading in Sistema as shares in the oil and telecom group fell 37%. The head of a top business group has questioned the reason behind the arrest of Mr Yevtushenkov, 65.
But President Vladimir Putin's spokesman denied any political motive. Mr Yevtushenkov has an estimated fortune of $4.4bn (£2.6bn; 3.4bn euros), according to ForbesHis AFK Sistema group owns Russia's biggest mobile operator MTS as well as oil firm Bashneft. Bashneft shares also fell by more than 20% on Wednesday and trading was temporarily restricted. Russia's Federal Investigative Committee said he had been accused of money laundering that involved the illegal acquisition of oil assets in the BashTek group in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan. In 2009, Sistema bought six BashTek companies, which were then taken over by Bashneft.
INC News, 17/09/2014-via BBC

Tropical storm Odile moves towards US state of Arizona
Tropical storm Odile is moving up the Gulf of California, bringing with it heavy rains and the threat of mudslides and flash floods. Forecasters expect the storm to continue weakening as it moves towards the US state of Arizona. Odile made landfall on Sunday in northern Mexico as a category three hurricane, damaging homes. Thousands of stranded tourists were also being airlifted out of the Los Cabos resort area.
Mexico's interior ministry said military and commercial planes were transporting them from Los Cabos international airport, which is closed to commercial flights because of damage from the storm. Although the airport is strewn with debris, officials say that the runway is usable and work has nearly been completed to get the control tower working again. The tourists were being taken to airports in Tijuana, Mazatlan, Guadalajara and Mexico City to catch connecting flights and if necessary receive consular assistance.
INC News, 17/09/2014-via BBC

Alice Gross search: Hunt for missing man
Police investigating the disappearance of Alice Gross want to speak to a Latvian man seen on the same canal towpath used by the schoolgirl. The Met have made a new appeal to find Arnis Zalkalns, who went missing a week after Alice and used the Grand Union Canal route to get to work. Alice, 14, from Hanwell, was last seen on CCTV cameras on 28 August by the same canal route in west London.
Mr Zalkalns, 41, was reported missing on 5 September. He had failed to meet a colleague on the morning of 4 September to cycle to work on the canal path. Mr Zalkains rides a red Trek Mountain Bike and was due at work in Isleworth, police said. The 5ft 10in builder was last seen on 3 September at his home in Ealing, where he lives with his partner and child. He is of stocky build and has dark brown hair that he normally wears tied in a pony tail, Scotland Yard said.
INC News, 17/09/2014


Nigeria college attacked by gunmen.

Gunshots and an explosion have been heard at a teacher training college in the northern Nigerian city of Kano.

Dos muertos y 17 hospitalizados por un brote de legionela en Sabadell

Legionella in Spain

Dos personas han fallecido y otras 20 han resultado contagiadas por un brote de legionela detectado en Sabadell (Vallès Occidental) en los últimos diez días, según informó ayer la Generalitat de Cataluña. Tres de los afectados ya han sido dados de alta y los otros 17 continúan ingresados en los hospitales Parc Taulí de Sabadell (12), General de Cataluña de Sant Cugat del Vallès (tres) y la Clínica del Vallès (dos), también en Sabadell. El Departamento de Salud explicó que los dos fallecidos tenían “factores de riesgo y patologías previas importantes”, que agudizaron la dolencia.
Los afectados, 12 hombres y 10 mujeres de edades comprendidas entre los 45 y los 94 años, empezaron a mostrar síntomas de pulmonía entre el 5 y el 15 de septiembre. La Agencia de Salud Pública de Cataluña da por hecho que, ante la acumulación de casos en unos pocos días, se enfrenta a un “brote comunitario activo”.
INC News, 17/09/2014

España quintuplica desde 2009 su producción industrial de marihuana

Spain and marijuana
Europa produce marihuana de forma industrial. Lo hace en cantidades suficientes como para satisfacer una parte importante de su demanda (el 60%, según algunas fuentes) y reducir su dependencia de otros continentes. Durante los últimos cinco años se ha consolidado una revolución silenciosa en el narcotráfico, hasta el punto de fomentar un mercado interior europeo con su flujo de importaciones y exportaciones.
El fenómeno también afecta a España, donde la producción al menos se ha quintuplicado y el decomiso de plantas de cannabis (marihuana) ha crecido un 532% entre 2009 y 2013, según datos del Ministerio de Interior. En las cinco provincias más afectadas se han incautado más de 105.000 plantas solo en 2013. Cuando hace una década un experto advirtió de la futura evolución de una droga europea, la bautizó con el nombre de eurocannabis.
Aquella mención al eurocannabis, que algunos tacharon como una proyección un tanto alarmista, se ha consolidado. La mejora genética de algunos tipos de semillas, los avances en la tecnología de los cultivos hidropónicos (sin tierra), la existencia de plantas más pequeñas capaces de generar entre cuatro y seis cosechas al año con producciones de mayor calidad brindan una “ventaja competitiva” a los huertos autóctonos. Consecuencia de ello, el cultivo de cannabis se ha generalizado en Europa, la producción se ha triplicado en cinco años y afecta a 26 países europeos. Según Europol, se han incautado más de siete millones de plantas en 2012.
INC News, 17/09/2014

Russia Making Antiviral Drug to Treat Ebola

Russia Making antiviral drugs for Ebola

Russia is beginning the production of an antiviral drug it has approved for the treatment of Ebola, a news report said, while a senior World Health Organization official urged stronger international efforts to contain the virus outbreak in West Africa.
The Russian Health Ministry has approved the production of the drug, Triazavirin, developed by researchers at the Institute of Organic Synthesis in the Urals region, said Sergei Kortov, a senior official at a regional patent service, the Novy Region news agency reported Tuesday.
The approval followed 20 years of research and a series of clinical trials on 100 volunteers from the Ural Mountain regions of Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg, and on employees of a flu research institute in St. Petersburg, the report said. The drug was developed as a broad-range antiviral medication, and the website of St. Petersburg's Research Institute of Influenza says that studies have shown it to be effective against various types of the flu, including avian and swine flu, as well as against tick-borne encephalitis.
The report came amid warnings by a senior official at the World Health Organization that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was spreading faster than anticipated. Bruce Aylward, an assistant director general of WHO, said Tuesday in Geneva that the disease was rising at an "almost exponential" rate, with the number of reported cases reaching 4,985, including 2,461 deaths, half of them in the past three weeks, The New York Times reported.
INC News, 17/09/2014

China ‘to pump billions into big banks’ to counter economic weakness

As China’s economy slows the government has reportedly made available 100 billion yuan for each of the country’s top five banks. That is a total of almost 62.8 billion euros ($81.35 billion) of stimulus money in the form of three-month loans. There has been no official announcement, but various media sources are reporting the move, quoting analysts, traders and even a central bank official. Global shares and commodity prices rose on the reported stimulus. The world’s second-largest economy suffered its weakest growth rate in a year and a half in the first quarter of this year as the housing market slowed. It accounts for more than 15 percent of China’s annual economic output. In addition data out at the start of the week showed China factory output grew at the weakest pace in nearly six years in August.
INC News, 17/09/2014

Parlamento multa Korwin-Mikke, 3000 euro per razzismo

Multa europea per razzismo

Chiamare "negri" i giovani disoccupati europei nell'eurocamera costa 10 giorni di diaria, pari a 3.040 euro. E' questa la sanzione appioppata oggi dal Presidente del Parlamento Ue Martin Schulz a Janusz Ryszard Korwin-Mikke, eurodeputato polacco del gruppo dei non iscritti, nonché leader del partito euroscettico Congresso della Nuova Destra. "Il Parlamento", ha affermato Schulz nella plenaria, "si impegna contro le discriminazioni e le affermazioni di natura razzista, ho deciso una sanzione pari al ritiro di una diaria di 10 giorni". Schulz aveva chiesto a Korwin-Mitte di "presentare delle scuse" ma l'eurodeputato "il 9 settembre si è rifiutato, mantenendo la sua posizione".

INC News, 17/09/2014-via ANSA AP

perquisizioni del Nas contro 4 famosi body builder

NAS dai body builders

Dalle prime ore di stamane i Carabinieri del Nas stanno dando esecuzione in molte province italiane a 34 decreti di perquisizione nei confronti di quattro noti body builder di fama internazionale, indagati per traffico illegale di farmaci anabolizzanti e stupefacenti.
L'operazione, denominata 'Big Bull', è svolta dai Nas di Perugia, Roma, Firenze, Ancona, Genova, Milano, Bologna, Latina, Livorno, Parma, Pescara e Viterbo con i colleghi dell'Arma territoriale. I decreti sono stati emessi dalla Procura della Repubblica di Perugia.
INC News, 17/09/2014-via ANSA AP

Per Obama Ebola e' una epidemia fuori controllo

Ebola e Obama
La prima sperimentazione clinica di un vaccino contro il virus Ebola, che ha avuto inizio negli Stati Uniti ai primi di settembre con una manciata di volontari, non ha finora generato reazioni avverse. Lo ha reso noto un alto responsabile sanitario americano. 
Il vaccino, sviluppato da laboratorio GlaxoSmithKline con l'Istituto della salute (Nih) americano, e che ha dato ottimi risultati sulle scimmie, è oggetto di uno studio clinico su dieci persone dal 2 settembre. "Finora non ci sono segnali" che indichino reazioni gravi, ha detto il dottor Anthony Fauci, direttore dell'Istituto nazionale di allergie e malattie infettive (Niaid) alla commissione Bilancio del Senato. Altri dieci volontari riceveranno il vaccino nei prossimi giorni. I risultati completi di questo studio dovrebbero essere disponibili alla fine dell'anno.
Tremila soldati Usa in Africa Occidentale per combattere Ebola. E' la strategia adottata dal presidente americano Barack Obama per cercare di contenere una delle più devastanti epidemie della storia la cui diffusione, ha detto Obama, è ormai fuori controllo. La strategia comprende anche l'invio di medici, infermieri, ingegneri e operai. E un costo totale dell'operazione, denominata 'Operation United Assistance', che potrebbe arrivare a 750 milioni di dollari. Finora gli Usa hanno speso 175 milioni per fronteggiare la crisi ma i nuovi fondi, riferiscono fonti della Casa Bianca, arriveranno dai 500 milioni di dollari che il Pentagono ha chiesto di ricollocare in seguito alla riduzione delle operazioni militari in Afghanistan. Mentre l'Onu, secondo cui saranno 20mila i casi di Ebola prima della fine dell'anno, ha presentato un piano da un miliardo di dollari per la lotta al virus, un netto aumento rispetto alle precedenti richieste.
INC News, 17/09/2014-via ANSA AP

Ricattava le studentesse: voti in cambio di sesso

Nuove violenze nella scuola

Un professore di matematica avrebbe ricattato, minacciato e vessato alcune studentesse, fra i 15 ed i 18 anni, promettendo loro un bel voto se avessero fatto sesso con lui. L'uomo è anche accusato di stupro per aver violentato una allieva in aula davanti ad un'altra compagna. Reati pesanti contestati a Marcello Melis, di 47 anni, che è stato arrestato, e ora è ai domiciliari, dagli agenti della Polizia su disposizione del Gip del Tribunale di Cagliari, Giorgio Altieri, su richiesta del pm Rita Cariello.
La vicenda risale ad alcuni anni fa, almeno sino al 2011, ma i fatti sarebbero iniziati dal 2005 - come scrive il quotidiano L'Unione sarda - e sarebbe continuata con avance del professore che inviava anche sms espliciti alle alunne.
INC News, 17/09/2014-via ANSA AP

Come scrissi ieri.... - Uccide sorella e chiama i carabinieri -

Nuovo delitto in Piemonte

Ha ucciso la sorella a fucilate, poi ha chiamato i carabinieri. Il dramma questa mattina a Tortona, in provincia di Alessandria. L'uomo, 73 anni, è stato fermato. La vittima aveva 69 anni. Fratello e sorella abitavano uno di fronte all'altra, in via Paghisano. L'uomo ha fatto fuoco mentre la sorella si accingeva a togliere dal garage la sua autovettura. Secondo i primi accertamenti dell'Arma, dietro la tragedia ci sarebbero dissidi per questioni di eredità.

INC News, 17/09/2014-via ANSA AP