Thursday, April 7, 2016

В Казахстане набирает обороты скандал вокруг депутатских номеров в прест...

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Жерар Депардье в Алматинской области

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В Алматы бастовали водители автобусов

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Казахстан выйдет из-под контроля американских платёжных систем

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Экс-заместителя акима Костаная приговорили к 7 годам лишения свободы

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Нидерланды не хотят ассоциироваться с Украиной: реакция Киева

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Кадыров рассказал, как Басаев помог уничтожить Масхадова

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МЧС предупреждает о риске наводнений на Урале и в Сибири

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Combat cam: Russian Mi-28NE 'Night Hunter' choppers eliminate ISIS targets

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Ukraine’s EU bid: Dutch PM says ‘ratification can’t go ahead’ following ...

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‘I lived in fear, hunger & violence’: 11yo boy reveals horrors of being ...

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Brussels attacks: Belgium issues appeal for information on 'the man in t...

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Panama papers a 'western effort to weaken Russia' - Putin

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Сотрудницы секс-индустрии просят их не спасать

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7 April 2016 - euronews full morning bulletin

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Shocking moment child falls out moving car on highway & survives, China

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Protesters interrupt Ted Cruz campaign event in the Bronx

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Shooting in southern German town leaves 2 people wounded

Two men have been wounded after an unidentified assailant or assailants opened fire from a car in Heidenheim, southern Germany. Police have cordoned off the street where the incident took place and have launched an operation to find the alleged shooters.
Two men have been shot from a car,” a police spokesman in Baden-Württemberg told Spiegel news outlet. The injured men were taken to hospital. The nature and severity of their injuries is not knownAccording to media reports, the shooting may be the result of a dispute between bikers.
The police have not confirmed this.
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Владимир Путин принимает участие в третьем медиафоруме ОНФ

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Новая российская элита: президент внес в Госдуму законопроект о создании...

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Столичные парки готовятся к летнему сезону

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Программа ВРЕМЯ в 21.00 (06.04.2016) 06 апреля 2016 «1 канал»

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Пресс-подход Владимира Путина и президента Австрии по итогам переговоров

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Violent anti-Renzi protests: Water cannon & tear gas as Italian PM visit...

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Het belangrijkste nieuws van 6 april in één minuut

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Do-It-Yourself Health Care Apps Are About As Safe As They Sound - Newsy

Health knowledge is a good thing, and smartphone apps make spreading information easier than ever. But some health apps promise to do things that are better left to professionals and tried-and-true hardware.
Consider Instant Blood Pressure, an app that cruised to prominence on claims it could measure your blood pressure using your phone's camera and microphone. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University showed it was only 20 percent accurate.
Or SkinVision, a melanoma-screening app that other researchers said could only spot dangerous skin melanomas one time out of 10. Or any of the others that make unproven mental health claims, like treating depression with a hypnosis app — for free, no less.  As the Johns Hopkins researchers said their analysis of Instant Blood Pressure, there's a "need for scientific validation and regulation of these apps before they reach consumers." But the medical community still doesn't know what form that regulation should take.
In the same vein, all that wellness info your Fitbit gathers doesn't always mean much to your doctor.
"My mom said: 'Well, I can't wait to get an Apple watch. I'm going to send all of my data, all of my step data and all of my blood data to my doctor. It's going to be fantastic,'" said WebMD's Ben Greenberg. Like most apps, most mainstream wearables aren't regulated like medical devices, and doctors say it's hard to put the data to medical use anyway.
Self-tracking isn't as dangerous as potentially bad medical advice, but the point remains: Ask your doctor which gadgets and smartphone tools will actually be helpful — and what medical guidance you should leave to the pros.

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Blame Your GPS For Your Crappy Sense Of Direction - Newsy

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Казахстанские келинки жалуются на нехватку секса

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За вырубку 415 деревьев на Коктобе все-таки заплатят

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Экс-полицейский утверждает, что пошел на убийство с благословения началь...

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Потоп на севере: учителя отменили занятия, чтобы кормить спасателей

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PayPal Pulls Jobs, Investments over NC Bathroom Ordinance

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