Monday, January 5, 2015

Экологический мониторинг ввели в задыхающейся Берёзовке

Oil Slump: Prices fall past $50 for first time in 5 years

Paralyzed man proves doctors wrong and moves legs

German church protests anti-Muslim movement

400,000 rape kits left untested in U.S.

Girl's Plane Crash Survival 'Divine Intervention'

Raw: Suspected PA State Trooper Gunman in Court

Miami Judge Lifts Stay in Gay Marriage Ban

Raw: Several Injured in School Bus Accident

Raw: Several Injured in School Bus Accident

Indonesia Cracks Down on Aviation After Crash

Un grande cantautore melodico e pop ha lasciato la sua folla di fans...



'Worse than preparing for torture': RT reporter jumps from world's secon...

Passcodes may become a thing of the past

28 hours on plane leaves passengers fuming

New underwater search vehicle to locate plane wreckage?

'A perversion of Islam'

How Far Could the Euro Fall in 2015?

Super-Rich Teach the 1% How to Really Make Money

Missing Long Beach Infant Found Slain

Liam Neeson's Fight Against Time

Officers Kill Man Near Police Station

Prominent Hedge Fund Founder Killed in NYC

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Two children pulled from rubble after deadly landslide destroys homes in...

Catastrophe as South Australian wildfires spread and temperatures rise a...

Italian pop icon Pino Daniele dies

Families of 43 missing Mexican students to open their own search after '...

Police: Two found in college closet charged with trespassing

Shocking road rage accident: Driver of moving bus dragged away from wheel

Questo e' quanto capita molto spesso in China e non solo in questo posto. Se osservate bene il gesto fatto dai due malintenzionati, e' proprio di micro criminalita''  e di classica operazione di vendetta o avvertimento, proprio come in Italia anni fa.

Uitslaande boerderijbrand Holwierde

BREAKING NEWS - ITALIA - Il cantautore PINO DANIELE e' deceduto nella notte per infarto

Eros Ramazzotti e la famiglia hanno dato in web e all'ANSA la notizia che il sessantenne cantautore Pino Daniele e' deceduto nella sua casa di campagna nella notte, strocato da un infarto.

La Redazione di INC News si unisce alla famiglia nel cordoglio per la perdita del grande cantautore italiano.

INC News, 05/01/2015

GERMANIA - Il vice Cancelliere preoccupato per le nuove sanzioni contro la Russia

Secondo il vice Cancelliere Sigmar Gabriel, le nuove sanzioni contro la Russia potrebbero far degenerare la situazione in Europa, gia' di per se' in crisi e creare forte instabilita' interna.

Tougher sanctions against Russia could destabilize the country and provoke an “even more dangerous” situation in Europe and have negative consequences for the entire world, German Vice-Chancellor Economic Affairs and Energy Minister has warned.
"Those who want it, provoke an even more dangerous situation for all of us in Europe," Sigmar Gabriel said in an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper on Sunday. "Those who are seeking to even more destabilize Russia from the economic and political point of view are pursuing quite different goals."
The goal of sanctions against Russia was to return Moscow to the negotiating table to find ways for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Ukraine, he said.
INC News, 05/01/2015 

Do you remember Fukushima? Now rice areas are free from radiation

Finally radiation free many areas of Fukushima municipality, as reported by RT News here in the article. Since 2011 the problem connected to impossibility to consume rice for population was really deterrent for staying to live in that area.
The tests are now negative and consumption of rice can start again. Important will be other productive areas for food, where tests will be continued and seriously done.

For the first time since the 2011 disaster, all of the rice harvested in Fukushima Prefecture this year has passed radiation tests and now can be deemed safe for consumption, according to local officials.Virtually all of the rice harvested in Fukushima in 2014 – or some 360,000 tonnes – has been checked for radiation and met the national standards of less than 100 Becquerel’s per kilogram, Reuters reports.
"The fact that the amount of rice that does not pass our checks has steadily reduced in the last three years indicates that we're taking the right steps," said Fukushima official Tsuneaki Oonam, who heads the department that oversees Fukushima rice farming.Authorities began testing all rice grown in Fukushima prefecture in 2012, although the amounts harvested over the past years were insignificant. More 190 testing devices are used throughout the prefecture to ensure rice’s safety standards.
INC News, 05/01/2015

AMERICA - Man shoot dead man by Policemancreates

Again an action against Police with one person killed, in San Francisco. It seems that something happens in USA, during last months up to today.
What creates this war between Police agents and citizen?

RT News reports the following article:

A man in San Francisco was shot dead by police after he confronted officers in a police parking lot and reached out for what later turned out to be a fake gun. The 32-year-old white man walked into the parking lot of the Mission District police station on Sunday evening, police say. When three police officers asked him to leave the personnel-only area, the man seemed at first to be ready to comply, but seconds later turned back toward them and started to reach for something, which looked like a weapon to the officers. 
INC News, 05/01/2015