Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How Can Man Survive On Mars?

'Surprise that NSA has tech capable to infiltrate air-gapped computers'

Prosecutor asks for Strauss-Kahn acquittal in French sex trial

Report: French terror attacks coordinated

Former NATO chief: Russia testing the West

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Almaty hoping to host 2022 Winter Games

Qatar medical event showcases low-cost healthcare solutions

Egypt calls for international intervention in Libya

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Venice carnival to end with stylish and spectacular paegent

Kosovo emptying out, hopes for independent future exhausted

Бывший агент ЦРУ: АНБ создало для хакеров идеальные условия

Жестокий убийца ребенка сядет на 18 лет

Россия: приговор братьям Навальным вступил в силу

Мозг - имя существительное - science

Италия: свыше 600 нелегалов прибыли в Порто-Эмпедокле

Президент Египта за вмешательство в Ливию для противодействия террористам

Дания: "Пороховая бочка" не взорвалась

Гаити: смерть на карнавале

Бразилия: неповторимая атмосфера карнавала

Majority of foreign workers in Kazakhstan are Chinese

With a population of 17.4 million people, Kazakhstan attracts around 30,000 foreign workers annually. “Most foreign employees come from China – 9,600 people (31 percent), Turkey – 6,100 (20 percent), India – 2,300 (8 percent), Italy – 1,500 (5 percent), Uzbekistan – 1,100 (4 percent),” Vice Minister of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan Daulet Argandykov said,akipress.org reports referring to tengrinews.
As of January 1, 2015, 30,728 foreign work permits were issued, he said.  Foreign work permits are granted to four categories of foreign workers: chief executives and their deputies, senior managers and head of structural subdivisions, skilled professionals and skilled workers.
Of them, the majority of foreign labor migrants in Kazakhstan are skilled professionals - 42.9 percent, followed by skilled workers who constitute 28.2 percent. The third largest group of foreign workers are senior managers of structural subdivisions (20.6 percent), whereas 6.5 percent of the foreign personnel are chief executives and their deputies and 1.7 percent are seasonal workers.
INC News, 17/02/2015 - via AK ZHAIK

KAZAKHSTAN - Former commander of military unit in Almaty region commits suicide - Defence Ministry

In Almaty region former commander of the military unit number 55065 Abai Myrzabekov has committed suicide, the press service of the Ministry of Defense reports. "Today in a village of Boraldai former commander of the military unit number 55065 Colonel Abai Myrzabekov has committed suicide," the statement reads. The deceased left a suicide note which content is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation, infrom.kz reports.
Information about the circumstances of the death will be announced after the completion of the investigation.
INC News, 17/02/2015 - via AK ZHAIK

Ucraina dell'Est: nessuna tregua a Debaltseve, i combattimenti continuano

Haiti: impatto con cavo elettrico durante il carnevale fa morti e feriti

A bullet attachment that could save lives?

Captured Islamic State suicide bomber: 'I'm so sorry'

Libya on brink of collapse four years since revolution

Libya says Egypt's air strikes violate its sovereignty

Outrage in Turkey after killing of young girl

Man Accused of Killing Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Admits Wrongdoing

Icy Roads Make for Dangerous Driving Conditions

Oil Train Explodes During Derailment

Haiti carnival turns deadly as float hits power lines, Port-au-Prince

Police find no explosives in suspect package at Copenhagen cafe

Thousands celebrate world's most famous carnival in Rio

Two people wounded in Afghan capital explosion

Hungarians stage anti-Putin protest ahead of Russian leader's visit

Denmark holds vigils to honour shooting victims

SAUDI ARABIA - Saudi cleric says Earth doesn’t revolve around sun

A Saudi cleric has appeared in a video rejecting that Earth revolves around the sun, claiming instead that it is “stationary.” His statements have incited a fiery response on social media. When questioned by a student about whether the Earth was stationary or moving, Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari responded with “stationary and does not move,” Saudi-owned broadcaster Al-Arabia reported.
This clips created a very hard reaction in twitter, where several students and not only where astonished in listening this.
INC News, 17/02/2015 - via RT


Tsunami & evacuation warnings after M6.9 offshore quake in Japan.

An earthquake measuring at 6.9 magnitude has struck off Honshu island in northern Japan, the US Geological Survey said. A tsunami warning has been issued for Iwate Prefecture.
The quake was recorded at around 8 am local time at a depth of approximately 10 kilometers. The epicenter was located off the Sanriku Coast, extending from southern Aomori prefecture, through Iwate prefecture and northern Miyagi prefecture.