Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Not only Italian are crooks people!

Ignoble to learn that a disaster like the one of the twin towers there are crooks in the rescue forces. Ignoble because these people have tried to steal money at the expense of an incredible serious event in which the entire America was in chaos and thousands of people had died in the towers. Maybe these people even jail time would be not enough to make them feel remorse, because these people do not need the guilt.

Atyrau, 08/01/2014-INC News

Another crash...

It continues the disasters of aircrafts in UK and USA? If we open the world's tabloids we can read in that in the year2013 the aircrafts incidents were much more than in the past, to the detriment of what the stats may say. What the reasons of these disasters? We can understand that the elevated technology may have a bug, but we are afraid that in general is the human mistake to provoke this bug and consequent life lost. Probably the program of stage for pilots should be renewed in correspondence of new technology, or probably should be eliminated from the pilot team all those are any more fit to pilot e an aircraft, to guarantee the life of passengers and civilian area's destroyed by eventual air crash.

Atyrau,08/01/2014-INC News

Adverse Weather Condition in USA and Europe

For a long time we have discussed-scientifically talking-about the period of overheating of our planet, and now we Planet responds in a very unusual manner: frosting all areas of North America. The continuity of having earthquakes in Europe's areas, the disastrous storms in the Atlantic basin and the unusual condition of Siberia and Deserts, make us in serious alarm that could be a moment where all power of our planet can explode in a single devastating event. Are we ready to face it? Are all facilities always ready to prevent and treat a single important event that for example can destroy the entire zone of Saint Franciscus Bay, where we expecting since years ago the breaking of Saint Franciscus fault?

Atyrau,08/12/2014-INC News