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Путин рассказал журналисту Би-би-си об Украине - BBC Russian

E-cigarettes: Are they safe? BBC News

Stormchasers Capture Supercell Over Iowa

Stormchasers have captured the moment a supercell hit a town in Iowa, causing widespread damage and leaving at least one person injured. The giant wall of cloud and rain shut roads and knocked out power for hundreds of homes in the area around Denison. Winds of up to 90mph caused significant damage in Dakota City, Nebraska, and Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, on Saturday and forced Interstate 29 to close when a roof was blown off a building and into a pickup truck, the Omaha World-Herald reported.
Severe thunderstorms across the northeastern US saw three men struck by lighting and flights delayed. The men were injured at Orchard Beach, in New York's Bronx neighbourhood, on Sunday as storms hit the area. They were taken to hospital, but their condition is unknown.

Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News (via SkyNews)


The competition between British police forces to be seen to be helping in the search for Madeleine McCann hampered the investigation into her disappearance and has had negative effects ever since, according to the author of a secret Home Office report.
The unpublished report - commissioned by former Home Secretary Alan Johnson in 2009 - concluded that so many UK agencies got involved it damaged relations with Portuguese police, Sky News has learnt.
Jim Gamble, the former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) who wrote the report, said the intervention of competing police chiefs has had a long-term negative effect on the investigation.

Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News (via Sky News)

Anti-Terror Plans To Seize Passports At Border

London controls
Police will be given temporary powers to seize passports at UK borders of Britons they suspect are travelling abroad to fight with terror groups. It is one of the new measures announced by the Prime Minister to deal with the threat to the UK from Islamist militant groups fighting in Iraq and Syria. Islamic State (IS) has taken over large areas of the two countries in recent months and a number of Britons have joined it, pledging allegiance to the insurgents. David Cameron said IS was a direct threat to every European nation, and claimed around 500 British nationals had gone to the region to fight in the conflicts there. It is feared some could return to the UK with battlefield experience and try to carry out terror attacks at home.

Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News

Fewer Russians Blame Authorities for Deaths in Beslan Attack

Russians Blaime

On the 10th anniversary of the Beslan terrorist attack in which more than 330 people died, a poll revealed Monday that fewer Russians think authorities mishandled the crisis than in 2004. The poll, conducted by the independent Levada Center from Aug. 22 to 25, showed a less critical attitude toward the authorities' response, with only 24 percent of respondents saying authorities had failed to do enough to prevent more casualties. In September 2004, that figure stood at 61 percent. The Beslan attack sent shockwaves through the entire world on Sept. 1, 2004, when dozens of armed terrorists demanding independence for Chechnya stormed an elementary school and took more than 1,000 people hostage, including many children.
After a three-day standoff, an explosion occurred in the school that the government blamed on the terrorists, though some speculated that a terrorist bomb went off during a botched rescue operation by Russian security services. More than 330 people were killed in the ensuing fire and chaos, 156 of them children.

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Russia Begins Construction of Pipeline to China

China Russland Pipeline
President Vladimir Putin on Monday oversaw the start of construction on a giant pipeline that is due to ship $400 billion worth of Russian gas to China in the three decades after flows begin in 2019. The 4,000 kilometer Power of Siberia pipeline, being built by state-controlled Gazprom, forms a key part of the Kremlin's energy strategy, symbolizing Russia's attempts to wean itself off dependence on European markets that account for most of its exports.
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Nasce la pagina INC News dedicata alla cucina internazionale - Born today the page of INC News dedicated to international cooking

Come annunciato la scorsa settimana, nasce oggi la pagina di INC News dedicata alla cucina internazionale. Non è un manuale, bensì un diario di viaggio del nostro redattore, che dopo 40 anni di gironzolare, ha deciso di rendere pubbliche le sue esperienze. Ben vengano suggerimenti e consigli per gestire al meglio la nostra opera divulgativa in web.


As announced last week, was born today the page of INC News dedicated to international cuisine. It is not a manual, but a travelogue of our editor, who after 40 years of wandering, he decided to make public his experiences. Welcome to all tips and advices, to better manage our work popular in the web.


Como se anunció la semana pasada, nació hoy la página INC Noticias dedicada a la cocina internacional. No es un manual, sino un cuaderno de viaje de nuestro editor, que después de 40 años de vagar, él decidió hacer públicas sus experiencias. Ben son sugerencias y consejos para administrar mejor nuestro trabajo popular en la web.


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Captured IS Suicide Bomber Reveals Threat

Suicide bomber
A wing of Sulaymaniah's military hospital has been sealed off and 24-hour security has been posted at the door of a ward. Inside lies an injured young man; a very special patient and prisoner. He is 23-year-old Horr Jaffer, from Chechnya, and he is an Islamic State (IS) suicide bomber. His capture has been a secret until now. Sky News is the first to get access to this man who was caught in the southern Kurdish town of Jalula after his bomb part exploded. He had been attempting to destroy a Kurd checkpoint by driving a bomb-laden car into their midst.
Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News

Mexico probes mass fish death in Lake Cajititlan

Fishes death in Mexico

Hundreds of thousands of fish have been washed up on the shores of Lake Cajititlan in the Mexican state of Jalisco over the past week. Almost 50 tonnes of dead popoche chub freshwater fish have been removed from the lake. The local authorities said it was part of a "natural cycle" but state officials said it was due to the lake's "poor management". More fish are expected to wash up over the next days.
Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News (via BBC)

Ukraine crisis: Troops abandon Luhansk airport after clashes

Ukrainian forces have withdrawn from the airport of the eastern city of Luhansk after all-night clashes with pro-Russian rebels, the military says. Security officials said the Ukrainian troops had come under attack from a column of Russian tanks. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has urged negotiators meeting in the Belarus capital, Minsk, to make an "immediate ceasefire" their priority.
Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News

Los españoles residentes en los países afectados por el virus viven al margen de la enfermedad

Algunos españoles tienen el foco del ébola a la vuelta de la esquina. En África Occidental, epicentro de la epidemia, residen cerca de 500: ocho en Liberia, 36 en Sierra Leona, 160 en Guinea y 260 en Nigeria. Además, en Senegal, donde hay un guineano afectado, residen otros 2.000 españoles. Algunos llegaron por las oportunidades de negocio; otros, como último recurso para encontrar trabajo. Son empresarios dedicados a la minería o al cacao, ingenieros, arquitectos, médicos, diplomáticos y personal de instituciones europeas. El virus —que suma 1.552 fallecidos y 3.069 contagiados— también vive entre ellos, aunque su situación es distinta de la que se ve en los telediarios.

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Australia Announces New Sanctions Against Russia Over Ukraine

Australia new sanctions
Australia on Monday unveiled fresh sanctions against Russia over what Prime Minister Tony Abbott called its "bullying" of neighboring Ukraine, where the Kremlin is accused of backing pro-Russian insurgent groups battling the government in Kiev. The sanctions, which restrict arms exports and the access of Russian state-owned banks to Australian capital markets, build on financial sanctions and travel bans enacted by Australia in March. "So far, at least 2,500 people have lost their lives in this conflict. Let's be clear about what is happening here. Russia started it and Russia must take responsibility for this loss of life," Abbott told parliament.
Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News

Kazakhs Worried After Putin Questions History of Country's Independence

Kazakhstan and Putin
President Vladimir Putin has said Kazakhstan's history of independent statehood is scant and its people's desire for closer ties with Russia is profound — a rhetoric reminiscent of Moscow's stance on Ukraine — and inhabitants of Kazakhstan are worried. Kazakhs have taken to social networks to call for supporters to "send a history textbook to Putin" in response to the Russian leader's remarks last week that the Central Asian nation had never held any independence worth speaking of until very recently. Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev has "created a state on a territory that never had a state," Putin told a pro-Kremlin youth camp at Lake Seliger near Moscow. "Kazakhs never had any statehood, he has created it."
Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News

China Rejects New EU Sanctions Against Russia as Counterproductive

China rejection
China opposed additional sanctions against Russia on Monday over accusations Moscow was sending troops into Ukrainian territory, saying the European Union's push to draw up more measures would only complicate the crisis. The EU on Sunday threatened Russia with new trade sanctions, but sharp divisions among leaders at a summit in Brussels left the timing of any measures uncertain. "A political solution is the only way out, sanctions do not help to solve the underlying problems in Ukraine," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said at a daily news briefing. "It may lead to new and more complicating factors."
Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News

Japan steps up crisis response efforts on national Disaster Prevention Day

Japan Prevention

Some 2.35 million Japanese residents took part in a nationwide drill on Monday, September 1, as part of Disaster Prevention Day. The exercise is carried out annually on the anniversary of the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, in which more than 100,000 people died. Dry runs are carried out each year in response to an imaginary magnitude 7.3 ‘quake hitting Tokyo in the early morning. Twelve-year-old Kyoko Okada took part in the drill at school.
Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News

Belgian doctors euthanaise deaf and blind twins

The debate over euthanasia has erupted once again in Belgium following the death by lethal injection of two twin brothers who were deaf and blind. The pair who had lived and worked together all their lives had requested to be put to sleep after being unable to bear not to see and hear each other.
The 45-year-olds were given lethal injections at a hospital in Brussels last month after having a cup of coffee together and saying their goodbyes. But the case has tested the boundaries of Belgium’s law on assisted suicide which was legalised in 2002. In 2011, more than 1,100 people were granted the right to die. Almost all were above 60 years old and most had cancer.
Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News

Katharina Miroslawa fa la traduttrice

Poco più di un anno dopo essere tornata definitivamente libera, Katharina Miroslawa, 52 anni, vive a Vienna e fa l'interprete per un'azienda informatica. "Sto traducendo documenti dall'italiano al tedesco per la presentazione di un software", dice alla Gazzetta di Parma l'ex ballerina polacca, che aggiunge: "Sulla revisione del mio caso non mollo". Nei primi mesi - aggiunge - ero "un po' confusa e disorientata: avevo bisogno di capire, imparare a gestire tutta quella libertà dopo 13 anni".
Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News (via ANSA AP)

Tusk, non si ripeta il settembre del 1939

 Il premier polacco Donald Tusk, nominato presidente del Consiglio Ue, ha messo in guardia dalla guerra in Ucraina e da atteggiamenti di "ingenuo ottimismo" in Europa. "Settembre 1939 non deve ripetersi in Ucraina", ha detto parlando a Danzica in occasione di una commemorazione dell'attacco tedesco alla Polonia di 75 anni fa.
"Noi europei dobbiamo trarre insegnamento dal tragico settembre polacco e dagli anni della Seconda guerra mondiale. Non è consentito avere un ingenuo ottimismo", ha aggiunto Tusk.
Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News (via ANSA AP)

Turchia:tangentopoli,arrestati 34 agenti

Agenti Turchi arrestati
Altri 34 dirigenti e funzionari di polizia che avevano partecipato nel 2013 alle indagini sulla Tangentopoli del Bosforo che aveva fatto tremare in dicembre il governo, sono stati arrestati per 'spionaggio' e 'complotto'. Lo riferisce la stampa turca. Dall'esplosione dell'inchiesta sulla corruzione, che aveva coinvolto decine di personalità vicine al governo dell'allora premier Erdogan ora presidente, migliaia tra dirigenti e funzionari di polizia e magistrati sono stati rimossi.

Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News (via ANSA AP)

Marò, malore per Latorre

Uno dei due marò trattenuti in India, Massimiliano Latorre, ha avuto ieri sera un malore per il quale è stato necessario il ricovero in ospedale. Il ministro della Difesa, Roberta Pinotti, è volata stanotte in India per accertarsi delle condizioni del fuciliere di marina, che comunque non sarebbero gravi.  Latorre, secondo quanto si è appreso, ha reagito bene alle prime cure dei medici del reparto di neurologia dell'ospedale di New Delhi, dove è stato ricoverato.

Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News (via ANSA AP)

Renzi svela il programma per i 1000 giorni

Renzi 1000 giorni

Matteo Renzi alza il sipario sui mille giorni, il programma di legislatura con cui vuole cambiare ritmo ma non obiettivo. Passo dopo passo, il premier punta a "scardinare il sistema", far uscire il paese dalla recessione e far tornare "l'Italia ad essere leader In Europa". Il premier torna molto soddisfatto dal vertice europeo: la scelta, niente affatto scontata fino ad un mese fa, del ministro degli esteri italiano ad Alto Rappresentante, rafforza a suo avviso l'Italia.
Rotterdam, 01/09/2014-INC News