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Программа ВРЕМЯ в 21.00 (04.06.2016) 04 июня 2016 «1 канал»

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TG La7 - Edizione delle ore 20.00 del 04/06/2016

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Россия готова делиться своим опытом в борьбе с международной преступностью

Россия готова делиться своим опытом в борьбе с международной преступностью, заявил глава МВД Владимир Колокольцев на Саммите руководителей полицейских ведомств стран ООН. Москва уже готовит кадры для Афганистана. Санкции Запада осложнили, но не остановили процесс.

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Ученые обнаружили доисторическую фабрику

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GERMANY - Hundreds protest against multiculturalism and refugees in Erfurt

Hundreds of anti-refugee demonstrators gathered at the central station of Erfurt, Saturday, to protest against multiculturalism and decry the arrival of refugees in Europe. The protest march was met by a group of pro-refugee counter-protesters. The protesters took to the streets at around noon local time (10:00 GMT) and marched through the city of Erfurt for over three hours with banners against Muslims and refugees.
SOT, Anti-refugee activist (German): "I live in Switzerland. All the entrance points connected to Italy are closed. Instead, here [in Germany] there is no solidarity with their own people or German leadership. This kind of politician must go. And therefore we here in Erfurt, as in Berlin, say Merkel must go."

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THAILAND - 40 dead tiger cubs found at Buddhist 'tiger temple' in Sai Yok

Glass jars containing 40 dead tiger cubs were discovered at the Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua Tiger Temple in Sai Yok, a district in the Kanchanaburi province of Thailand, Wednesday, prompting a large scale police investigation into the discovery. Footage shot on Saturday, shows the containers with the dead tiger cubs still inside.

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FRANCE - Vegans protesters demand closure of slaughterhouses in France

Hundreds of vegan activists took the streets of Paris, Saturday, demanding the closure of all slaughterhouses and animal farms in France. The protesters marched through Paris city centre, holding banners and placards reading "Go vegan" and "If you stop buying, they stop killing." Activists demanded a stop to animal cruelty and meat consumption in France. 

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CASSIUS CLAY - Muere el legendario excampeón de boxeo Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali era considerado uno de los mejores boxeadores de todos los tiempos y fue tres veces campeón del mundo en la categoría de pesos pesados. Ha fallecido a los 74 años de edad.

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Greenwald: Brazil’s media ‘incited protests,’ favored Rousseff’s impeach...

Brazil-based US journalist Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, said Brazilian media is owned by a few families that have a clear political interest in pushing President Rousseff out by “inciting street protests.”

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WEATHER - 2016 hurricane season forecast

A "near-normal" hurricane season is expected in the Atlantic Ocean this year, with between four to eight hurricanes predicted, though there's no way to know how many of them might affect Canada, meteorologists say.The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say there's a 70-per cent likelihood of 10 to 16 named storms, of which four to eight could become hurricanes. Of those, one to four could be major with winds over 178 km/h."A near-normal prediction for this season suggests we could see more hurricane activity than we've seen in the last three years, which were below normal," Gerry Bell, lead seasonal hurricane forecaster, said in a NOAA news release.
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WEATHER - Rising Paris flood

The Louvre and Orsay museums in Paris moved scores of artworks and precious artifacts to safety and soldiers evacuated residents from some of the capital's outlying suburbs as the swollen river Seine hit its highest level in 30 years.France's environment minister, Ségolène Royal, said the Seine had breached six metres in central Paris, submerging roads running along the river, swamping small businesses on quaysides and forcing the closure of an underground commuter line.
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В Пакистане женщин рекомендуют бить не очень сильно

Региональный парламент Пенджаба в Пакистане принял закон о защите женщин. Он ввел наказания за такие преступления, как домашнее насилие, а также психологическое издевательство и материальные притеснения женщин. Однако Совет по исламской идеологии не одобрил закон, признав его неисламским. По собственной версии Совета, женщин бить можно, не очень сильно – так, чтобы не было переломов или не пошла кровь.

По данным правозащитников из Human Rights Watch, от 70% до 90% женщин в Пакистане сталкиваются с домашним насилием.

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HONG KONG - Thousands mark Tiananmen anniversary

Thousands of people have gathered in Hong Kong for the annual candlelight vigil, commemorating the Tiananmen Square crackdown. Hundreds of unarmed civilians were killed in 1989, when tanks and troops went into the square in Beijing to break up student-led, pro-democracy demonstrations. The Chinese government forbids any mention of the event, censoring media and the internet.

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POLITIC - China accused of being more hostile in South China Sea

Maritime security analysts say the Chinese are using fishing fleets and armed civilian forces to strengthen control in the South China Sea.Beijing and several countries in the region have overlapping claims over islands in the resource-rich area.Al Jazeera's Florence Looi reports from Hainan island in southern China.

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AMERICA - Chicago pushes for police transparency

In many American cities faiths in the police has been shaken by a series of shootings of black men, some of them unarmed. To increase transparency, police officers in Chicago are increasingly wearing body cameras to record incidents. Now the city is going further, releasing the video and police reports in 100 cases where officers have been accused of using excessive force.

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WOMEN LIFE - Protesters in Argentina demand end to violence against women

Thousands of protesters are in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires demanding an end to violence against women. Campaigners calculate that a woman is killed every 30 hours in Argentina, usually by a husband or boyfriend. Women are now demanding that the police, the government and the courts take action.

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BOXING - Muhammad Ali Dead at Age 74

A closer look at the early rise of the beloved, iconic three-time boxing champion.

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THAILAND - At least 1 tourist dead & 7 trapped in Thailand as resort hotel ‘popular with foreigners’ collapses

A two-story hotel at a beach resort on Thailand’s Ko Chang island, partly collapsed on Saturday morning, burying several families, including a two-year-old child, local police said. At least one foreign tourist has died and seven remain trapped.
The Siam Beach Hotel is a popular destination for tourists on an island located in Trat Province on the Gulf of Thailand.
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SPORT - Morto Muhammad Ali, il pugilato perde 'Il più grande'

 Muhammad Ali, nato Classius Clay, è morto nella notte all'età di 74 anni in un ospedale di Phoenix, in Arizona. L'ex campione del mondo dei pesi massimi e oro olimpico a Roma '60 era stato ricoverato giovedì 2 giugno per "precauzione". Le sue condizioni non erano state giudicate gravi, ma data l'età e il morbo di Parkinson, di cui 'Il più grande' era malato da trent'anni, i medici avevano scelto la strada della prudenza.
    L'ex Cassius Clay, che aveva lasciato la boxe nel 1981, era stato in ospedale diverse volte negli ultimi anni. L'ultima nel gennaio 2015, per una grave infezione alle vie urinarie, sebbene in un primo momento gli fosse stata diagnosticata una polmonite. 
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SPORT - Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies at age 74

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has passed away at the age of 74 following a 30-year battle with Parkinson’s disease.
The former heavyweight champion was hospitalized for respiratory issues on Thursday, but family members close to the sports star told Associated Press on Friday that his condition was more serious than previously thought.
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