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TG La7 - Edizione delle ore 20.00 del 04/08/2016

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TGLa7 - Cronache - Puntata 04/08/2016

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Программа ВРЕМЯ в 21.00 (04.08.2016) 04 августа 2016 «1 канал»

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Can hackers rig the presidential election? The 3:59 Ep. 90

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Did USA Gymnastics officials ignore sexual abuse?

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FBI arrests more than 40 alleged mobsters

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The story behind the $400 million payment from the U.S. to Iran

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New Boko Haram Leader Sets Out to Kill Nigerian Christians

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'Fake Food' Is Taking Up a Deadly Chunk of the American Diet

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CBN NewsWatch: August 4, 2016

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Questions on Mississauga house explosion remain unanswered

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Rio Olympics security criticized for being unprepared to protect visitors

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Catch a glimpse of the Canada Olympic House

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ТВ-новости: нападение в Лондоне - не экстремизм, а психическое расстройс...

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Гимнастка Чусовитина едет на седьмую Олимпиаду

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Fla. Gov. Tours Miami Area Affected by Zika

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The Veronicas' 'hands on' approach to social media

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Only On AP: N. Korea Hopes to Plant Flag On Moon

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Raw: Earl Hits Belize, Weakens to Tropical Storm

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U.S. Olympic Athletes Leave for Brazil

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Inside Story - How can we make the most of artificial intelligence?

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Rio 2016: Military deployed to tourist sites

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Venezuela: Foreign prices fail to offer relief in oil-rich state

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Constant tax hikes make life difficult for Greek entrepreneurs

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Commercial Flight to Moon Approved by FAA

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Rio Olympics | Athletes Advised To Avoid Swallowing Water

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Jogger Strangled in New York | Killer Manhunt Continues

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Car Crash Survivor Says Strangers Saved Him

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Сильная иена бьет по прибыли Toyota - economy

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Турция обвинила канцлера Австрии в симпатии к ультраправым

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В Афганистане под обстрел боевиков попала группа туристов-экстремалов

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МОК включил в программ Олимпиады в Токио 5 новых видов спорта

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Дубай: пассажиры загоревшегося самолета были эвакуированы за 45 секунд

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Олимпиада в Рио: как и чем наградят победителей

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Резня в Лондоне: нападавший оказался эмигрантом из Сомали с нездоровой п...

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Каноист Крайтор допущен в Рио: он возмущен требованием снова пройти отбо...

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Политика vs спорт: кто победит на Олимпиаде в Рио? (ПРОМО)

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Some 270 Russian athletes cleared for Rio Games – president of national Olympic committee

About 270 Russian athletes have been cleared to compete at the summer Olympics in Rio, according to the head of Russia’s Olympic Committee, Aleksandr Zhukov.
Documents providing the participation of "some 270" sportsmen and women have been received from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Zhukov told TASS on Thursday.
A "final count" is required to release the exact number, he added.
Earlier, Zhukov had expressed hopes that up to 280 Russian athletes would be cleared to compete in the Games, which open on Friday.
INC News, 04/08/2016 - source: ©RTNews

Russian woman in Aleppo shields children against explosion, loses leg & hand

A Russian woman was seriously injured when a huge explosion rocked her relatives’ house in Aleppo, Syria. Irina Barakyat heard a terrible roar outside and rushed to cover her daughter and son from the bomb. Saving their lives cost her a leg and a hand. Barakyat is married to a Syrian man and has been living in Aleppo for the past 13 years. She was asked by her mother-in-law to come by to give an injection to her husband, who recently had a stroke. Barakyat agreed, taking her three children with her with a plan to stay overnight. Read article in full, clicking HERE INC News, 04/08/2016 - source: ©RTNews

London ‘fellatio café’ will offer coffee & oral sex…if it’s not deemed illegal

London could soon host its first ever ‘fellatio café’ for punters seeking oral pleasure with their morning coffee.   If the business manages to overcome all the legal barriers to opening, the café will offer customers a selection of coffees, along with oral sex performed by an escort.
Founder Bradley Charvet said he plans to establish a branch of the coffee shop in Paddington, London. Charvet told the Evening Standard he is confident the business will go ahead. A cheap coffee and extra services will set you back £50 (US$66). Europe’s first fellatio café is due to launch in Geneva on December 5, 2016. The café is modeled on similar businesses in Thailand, such as Dr. BJ’s Salon in Bangkok.
While prostitution is legal in Geneva and has de facto legal in Thailand, the law in the UK is much more stringent.
INC News, 04/08/2016 - source: ©RTNews

На Олимпиаду в Рио турист из Китая приехал на велосипеде

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Снайперлер жарысында қазақстандық құрама үздік атанды

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4-year-old with leukemia dreams of being a cop

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Алматыдағы атыс кезінде ауыр жарақат алған тағы бір полицей ауруханадан ...

INCNews, 04/08/2016-source: ©Informburo

ҚР Ұлттық банк төрағасы: Теңгеге қатысты алаңдауға негіз жоқ

INCNews, 04/08/2016-source: © Khabar News

UPDATE FROM UK: UK Police: American Killed in Knife Attack

INCNews, 04/08/2016-source: ©AP

Западные СМИ заранее знают ответы на все вопросы о ситуации с российским...

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Russell Square: Forensic teams at knife attack scene

INCNews, 04/08/2016-source: ©BBCNews 

The doctor saving lives in Aleppo

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Калифорния будет гореть до конца августа

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