Sunday, September 20, 2015

Governor of Russia's Komi Republic Charged With Fraud

The governor of Russia’s oil-rich Komi republic on Saturday became the second regional head in six months to be arrested for corruption in a high-profile corruption case that pundits say could be politically motivated or be part of a struggle for influence among energy companies.   Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said Saturday in an online statement that Komi Governor Vyacheslav Gaizer, his deputy Alexei Chernov and 17 other senior officials were under investigation for fraud and organizing a criminal group aimed at illegally acquiring state assets.
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INC News, 20/09/2015 - via RT

Alabama Church Shooting: 3 people injured, suspect arrested

At least three people have been injured, among them a woman, an infant and a pastor, in a shooting at the Oasis Church in East Selma, Alabama, US media reported. The suspect has been put in custody.
The suspect was identified by the Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson as James Minter. He has been arrested, according to local media reports. An Alabama prosecutor said that Minter has been charged with attempted murder of three people. On Sunday morning, Minter allegedly shot his girlfriend, her newborn baby and the pastor of the church, according to The Selma Times-Journal. The paper said that he was local to Selma, which is home to some 19,000 people.

INC News, 20/09/2015 - via RT

Trade blockade? Ukrainian activists block food trucks on checkpoints to Crimea

Protesters from Ukraine have occupied highways near three checkpoints in between Ukraine and Crimea, not letting food trucks cross into the peninsula. Crimean authorities say the blockade won’t have a significant effect on the economy.
Ukrainian activists have blocked the roads leading from Ukraine into Crimea, having stopped about 200 trucks, 112 Ukraina news outlet reported citing Ukrainian officials. Crimean deputy Prime Minister Ruslan Balbek also confirmed the blockade. 
The action was announced beforehand by an adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, Zoryan Shkiryak, on his Facebook page.

INC News, 20/09/2015 - via RT

Британские спецслужбы советуют пользователям придумывать как можно более...

Венесуэла: демонстранты требуют освободить политзаключенных

Хорватия строит лагерь для беженцев на границе с Сербией

Миграционный кризис рассорил европейские страны

Окторберфест в Мюнхене принимает гостей

Папа римский призвал Кубу и США продолжить диалог

Скончалась писательница Джеки Коллинз

'After invasion US allowed Iraq to slip into disaster' - ex-Iraqi Defens...

Croazia: i rifugiati assaltano i treni alla stazione di Tovarnik

Migranti: salvati in mare quasi 5.000 in una sola giornata

Croatia continues to struggle as Europe's refugee crisis deepens

Italy rescues 4,500 migrants and refugees from the Mediterranean

Kruikenzeikers geëerd met likeur

Dansend van Heerlen naar Maastricht

Darpa helicopter uses legs to land- BBC News

Raw: Pope Francis Arrives for Mass in Havana

Europa divisa sulla crisi dei profughi

Il Papa a Cuba loda il disgelo con gli Stati Uniti

Turchia: ultimatum ai profughi accampati sull'autostrada

Venezuela: manifestazione per liberare Leopoldo Lopez

Germania: al via la festa della birra

Addio a Jackie Collins

USA: Volkswagen rischia mega-ammenda

Grecia al voto, terza volta in nove mesi

Turkey's PM calls on Syrian migrants to end protest near Greek border

British author Jackie Collins dies

Cheers! Oktoberfest beer festival kicks off in Munich

Migrant crisis: deepening disarray as Croatia comes under fire from neig...

Caracas: anti-government protesters call for release of political prisoners

'Het Silicon Valley van Nederland'

'Houd basispolis zorgverzekering breed'

'Dit is Amsterdam op zijn mooist'

Concerns grow about Russia's military presence inside Syria

Myanmar’s president approves ‘discriminatory’ marriage bill

Thousands condemn jailing of Venezuelan opposition leader

Sierra Leone faces Ebola setback

Pope Francis in Cuba on historic visit