Friday, August 14, 2015


Eurogroup agrees to launch third bailout program for Greece

Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to a third bailout program for crisis-stricken Greece, various news agencies reported after a meeting of the eurogroup concluded in Brussels.

AMERICA - Police remain silent on shooting unarmed 14yo seven times

An unarmed 14-year-old was shot by police in Trenton, New Jersey at least seven times. Now his family, friends, community and even a US congresswoman are searching for answers, as law enforcement officials refuse to release details about the case.
Radazz Hearns, 14, was wounded last Friday. The teen was fleeing from three New Jersey police officers assigned to the Targeted Integrated Deployment Effort (TIDE), a multi-agency task force created to address violence in Trenton. They were investigating a report of multiple shots fired in the area.
The two state troopers and one Mercer County sheriff’s officer saw three males on foot near the site where the shots were reported to have been heard. The three officers got out of their minivan to question the three youths, two of whom cooperated with the police request. The third ‒ who was not named, but later identified as Hearns ‒ ran away, the state Attorney General’s Office said in a statement on Monday.

INC News, 14/08/2015 - via RT

Казахстанские звезды презентовали форму Универсиады-2017

Отечественные звезды представили форму, посвященную к Зимней Универсиаде-2017. Одежда предназначена для массовой продажи. Моделями на импровизированном подиуме выступили актёр Сергей Погосян, шоумен Роман Альманский, теле- и радиоведущие Диана Снегина и Гульбахор Хасанова, певец Карим Абдукаримов. Подробнее читать здесь

INC News, 14/08/2015 - via TengriNews

Жители Алматинской области не могут ни есть, ни пить, ни дышать из-за мр...

В позеленевшем Урале нашли нефть, фенол и хлорид

Костанайские соцработники нашли крайне истощенного ребенка с пролежнями

Противостояние двух казахстанских политиков – расследование прекращено

Македония: мигранты штурмуют поезда

Абэ:будущие поколения не должны продолжать извиняться за Вторую мировую ...

Эквадор: намерение президента Корреа остаться у власти вызвало массовые ...

"Черное золото" обновляет антирекорды - economy

Uber выиграл суд в Коннектикуте - economy

Китай: военные специалисты прибыли на место взрыва в Тяньцзине

Мексика: неожиданное открытие в древнем городе Чичен-Ица

Camera shows moment of Tianjin explosions through car windscreen

This dashboard camera shows the moment when two massive explosions took place in Tianjin, China on Wednesday, 12 August.
The car approaches a security barrier when the first explosion lights up the sky beyond the nearby buildings. The vehicle backs away when the second explosion occurs. The shockwave hits the car and burning debris falls to the ground.

INC News, 14/08/2015 - via Euronews

Rescue Your Marriage: The Power of 'Safe Conversation'

Experts: Years, $$s, to Eradicate EPA Spill

Firefighter Found Alive in Rubble of China Blast

Baker Who Refused Gay Wedding Cake Can't Cite Faith

CBN News Weekend: China Crackdown on Christians

Hundreds ordered to flee B.C.'s Rock Creek fire

An aggressive, out-of-control wildfire raging in B.C.'s southern Interior forced evacuations of 208 homes in the Rock Creek area on Thursday.

The fire was estimated to be 750 hectares in size, but the thick, billowing black smoke made it hard to confirm, said B.C. fire information officer Fanny Bernard.

Thirty-six firefighters were at the scene of the fire, which started around 1:30 p.m. PT. Evacuations were put into effect by the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary for Rock Creek and surrounding areas, and an evacuation order is also in place for the Kettle River Recreation Area.

INC News, 14/08/2015 - via CBC News

Movie 01 14 08 15 рус

Астанчан призывают анонимно сообщать о местах сбыта наркотиков

Выпуск новостей от 14.08 (сурдопереводы)

'Pregnant after Rape': Statues of stoned women placed in Prague by anti-...

Vodianova to RT: Police detained mother after sister was kicked out of cafe

Usa: in Connecticut respinte le accuse dei tassisti contro Uber - economy

Guerra mondiale, niente più scuse dal Giappone

Prezzo del petrolio al livello più basso da oltre sei anni - economy

Esplosione in Cina, ancora mistero sulle cause

Messico: scoperta sensazionale sotto la piramide di Kukulkan

Cina: nella città di Tianjin, dopo l'esplosione che ha distrutto la zona...

Wall Street Journal: "secondo il Pentagono Isil possiede, e ha usato, ar...

Japan's Abe gives no fresh apology on WWII anniversary

Indigenous communities lead anti-government protests in Ecuador

Tianjin blasts: Relatives anxiously await news of dozens still missing

DNA test reveals President Harding had love child

South Sudanese worry over closure of media outlets

Activists call for probe into Egypt massacre

American Flag Raised Over US Embassy in Cuba for 1st Time in 50 Years

Man Comes Face to Face With 200-Pound Bear on His Front Porch

UK - 55 people found crammed into 3 East London properties in ‘terrible’ conditions

Council officers clamping down on rogue landlords raided three East London properties on Thursday to discover a total of 55 people, including children, living in “terrible” conditions.
During a series of raids on rented homes in Dagenham, over 20 people, including four children were found living in an “illegally converted” overcrowded terraced home.
The cramped home was extended by the landlord with an extra bedroom in the loft and a brick-built shed in the back garden.
I’m absolutely shocked there could be 22 people living there. We had no idea. I’ve ever heard of that many people being in a property. We will be looking into it,” property manager Iyak Hussain said.
Less than a mile away on Japan Road, another property was raided where 15 people, including five children, were found living in five rooms of a three-bedroom home.
In another nearby property on Manor Road, officers found 18 people, including two children, in a three-bedroom house being treated as a six-bedroom property.
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INC News, 14/08/2015 - via RT