Friday, September 27, 2013

“Ever young, ever drunk”, cheers!

“Ever young, ever drunk”, cheers!
Another argumentation about endless capacity of human body. When I was reading the article I remembered a joke told by one of my friends:  “There was not found any blood concentration in your alcohol!”, also there is a popular Russian song “Ever young, ever drunk”.
Indeed, this very bizarre case of tummy brewing sounds like a magic, although our life is likely becoming something much more than a fairy tale. Since, The Wright brothers invented their first flying machine, we were fortunate to soar in the air. Humans are able to travel in the sky, above and under water and even to leave the lovely planet - the Earth. Furthermore, recently NASA’s “The voyager-1” has left The Solar System opening new horizons, which we commented as well recently.
A long time ago all these things were scripted for science-fiction, as they were obviously the unreachable dreams for them. But today we are in a new era and it is as difficult to wonder someone, as to believe in this story.

Astana, 26/09/12, Bolat Kartbayev