Sunday, July 6, 2014

Finally something good from Britain...

Alcohol limit

We consider alcohol abuse one of the worst action a human being can do especially when driving! It is time that also other Lands take attention to review the limits and take strong action in this argument so delicate. All over the world the situation of alcohol abuse is rising at a limit impossible to continue without serious damage of people. And the terrific news from statistical edited by WHO, shocked everybody: in the youngsters age +23 of overconsumption. Russia, England, Scotland, Kazakhstan are the more critical lands in this problematic issue.

Rotterdam, 06/07/2014-INC News

INC Primo Voice Web Journal - edizione in lingua italiana

Dalla redazione di Rotterdam, 06/07/2014-INC News

Arancia Meccanica ha colpito ancora ...4-3 sul Costarica!

this is what we want to see : real football!!
Two great teams in a formidable match!
And Holland winner!