Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Death toll rises in Spain NATO fighter jet crash

More Guns Found in Carry-On Bags at US Airports

Владимир Путин: Преступления, подобные Холокосту, не должны повториться

Президент РФ Владимир Путин принял участие в мероприятии памяти 

жертв холокоста в Еврейском музее и центре толерантности в Москве. 

Глава государства присутствовал на церемонии зажжения свечей. По 

словам президента, по миру по-прежнему бродят человеконенавистнические

 идеи. «Преступления, подобные Холокосту, не должны повториться. 

Это наш общий долг и без преувеличения - самая важная и актуальная 

задача для всего мирового сообщества», - заявил Путин.

МИД РФ считает арест сотрудника ВЭБ частью антироссийской политики США

Facebook и Instagram в течение 40 минут были недоступны для пользователей

Мне представляется что без Facebook, мы не можем выжить ...

Франция: полиция разоблачила ячейку джихадистов

Узники Освенцима: "Не хотим, чтобы наше прошлое стало будущим наших детей"

"Мусорный" рейтинг России и перспективы дефолта - economy

Беспорядки в Приштине: десятки получили ранения

Скандально известная Каролина Кан проведет за решеткой 20 лет

Водитель автобуса, смявшего 11 авто, говорит о неисправности тормозов

Казахстанские бизнесмены хотят ограничить ввоз дешевых товаров

На севере страны то и дело заметает дороги

Освенцим 70 лет спустя: съемка с воздуха - BBC Russian



В пределе возможного, каждому следует относиться как это,
предотвратить многие другие негативные аспекты гигиены в полости рта.

Argentina, dopo il giallo della morte del magistrato Nisman la president...

Nazareno, fotografa trascinata da poliziotto. Poi le chiede scusa

Hostages held after Libyan hotel blast kills three

Facebook, Instagram dispute hacker DDOS claim after global outage

Russia Threatend with More Sanctions over Ukraine

Memo to Washington: Iran Missiles Can Reach US

CBN News Today: January 27, 2015

Blizzard Time Lapse: The Snow Storm That Wasn't

Jan. 27 -- It was the storm that never materialized. Two feet of snow was predicted in New York City but only 7.8 inches fell in Central Park as of Tuesday morning. Watch a time lapse of the snow falling, but not accumulating, in New York from vantage points on the Bloomberg headquarters in midtown.

False alarm: Blizzard 2015 time lapse

Mass. Gov: Snow Totals Lighter Than Expected

Raw: Plenty to Plow in Andover, Mass.

Raw: Water Main Break Causes Sinkhole in MD

Church of England appoints first female bishop

2015 Blizzard Shuts Down Major Cities in Northeast

Luxor Film Festival honours Arab and French cinema - cinema

New Greek government unveiled with radical economists in top posts

Argentine President Fernandez plans to dissolve spy agency

Ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko 'killed at third attempt'

Fidel Castro breaks silence on Cuba-US talks to resume relations

Kurdish forces 'drive ISIL out of Kobani' in Syria

Auschwitz liberation 70 years on, mourning of millions

Blizzard 2015: Snow Storm Grounds Thousands of Flights

Blizzard 2015: State of Emergency in Boston and Beyond

Public Inquiry Into Killing of Ex-KGB Spy Litvinenko Opens in Britain

A long-awaited public inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko begins in London on Tuesday, nine years after the former KGB spy died after drinking tea poisoned with a rare radioactive isotope in the British capital. From his deathbed, Kremlin-critic Litvinenko, who had been granted British citizenship, accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering his murder, and British authorities say there is evidence to charge two ex-KGB agents with murder.
Russia has always denied any involvement in his death, although Robert Owen, the judge who will act as the inquiry chairman, has said there was "prima facie" evidence of Russian culpability.
Owen has also said the 2006 death had been described as "a miniature nuclear attack on the streets of London" and "state-sponsored assassination by radioactive poisoning." The controversy generated by the killing chilled Anglo-Russian relations to a post-Cold War low.
As ties improved, Britain rejected holding an inquiry in 2013, admitting the relationship with Russia was a factor although not a decisive one. However, with relations subsequently soured by the Ukraine crisis, the British government changed its mind and gave the go-ahead for the inquiry last July.
Litvinenko's wife Marina said she believed the official inquisition would finally shed light on how her husband died, as well as on his work for the British foreign spy agency MI6.
INC News, 27/01/2015 - via MoscowTime

Holocaust Survivor Continues to Struggle in Russia

In March 1944, when the first Soviet liberator set foot on the grounds of Pechora — a Nazi death camp in Ukraine known commonly as the “dead loop” — 6-year-old survivor Aron Zusman locked eyes with the newcomer’s German shepherd. Zusman was sent to the camp at the age of four. Over the course of more than two years, Nazi guards had made a habit of sicking their own fearsome German shepherds on the young Jewish boy.
“One time, one of the Germans’ dogs locked her jaw around my neck. I was looking up at her, fearing that my mother’s heart would break,” Zusman told The Moscow Times in a phone interview on Monday. “Inexplicably, the dog then opened her jaws wide, letting me go. The Germans beat her horribly after that.” After all that he had been through, the sight of another German shepherd should have filled little Zusman with horror. It didn’t.
He looked up at the approaching Soviet soldier, and back down at the dog. He knew there was something different about this one. Zusman ran to the canine’s side, showering him with kisses and affection.
On Tuesday the international community honors International Holocaust Day. The holiday was established by the United Nations ten years ago, on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the Nazi’s biggest death camp. This year’s commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation has so far been mired in political controversy, owing largely to diplomatic tension that appears to have inspired President Vladimir Putin to sit out this year’s memorial at the site of Auschwitz in Poland.
But Zusman’s story is a testament to the fact that personal conviction and courage in the face of insurmountable odds shine brighter than political tedium.
Read article HERE
INC News, 27/01/2015 - Via MoscowTime

Spy Saga: 3 Russians charged with spying, one arrested in New York

Auschwitz liberation a Soviet pause in sweep to crush Hitler

Holocaust survivors tell the world what happened in Auschwitz

High alert in northeastern US as millions await crippling blizzard

Muslim concerns grow over spread of PEGIDA movement in Germany

Dresden welcomes all to anti-PEGIDA rock concerts

Second symbolic gesture and first official visit for Tsipras

Prosecutors demand 26 years in jail for Concordia's 'Captain Coward'

AMERICA - Airports Begin to Close as Historic Northeast Blizzard Nears


AMERICA - Bufera su New York, De Blasio: in arrivo la peggiore tempesta di neve della storia

I meteorologi prevedono una coltre di 90cm sulla costa nord-orientale del Paese. Più di 4.000 voli sono stati cancellati a causa di 'Juno'. Il sindaco della Grande Mela chiude scuole e uffici ed esorta i cittadini a rimanere in casa: "Preparatevi a qualcosa che non avete mai visto prima". Cuomo annuncia chiusura metro e stop al traffico privato. Si temono vasti blackout. La Grande mela sarà sotto la neve, una situazione più grave di quella che nell'11 e il 12 febbraio 2006 la paralizzò sotto 68 centimetri di coltre nevosa. L'associazione dei taxi Greater New York ha offerto un servizio gratuito di trasporto per quanti dovranno andare al lavoro, i disabili e gli anziani che dovessero restare bloccati. Ma a quelli che dovessero approfittare della tempesta per gonfiare le tariffe saranno comminate sanzioni severissime, fino alla perdita della licenza. Il Nasdaq e il New York Stock Exchange (Nyse) prevedono di operare regolarmente nonostante la tempesta, così come alcuni teatri di Broadway che si sono almeno offerti di pagare l'hotel agli attori che non riuscissero a tornare a casa. Il Palazzo di Vetro delle Nazioni Unite invece ha chiuso alle 14.30 di oggi pomeriggio e non riaprirà prima di domani sera. I supermercati sono stati svuotati, le persone hanno fatto scorta di beni di prima necessità.

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INC News. 27/01/2015 -via Repubblica