Friday, January 16, 2015

Tecnologia: Google Glass, stop alle vendite e nuova versione in pentola

Calo dei prezzi del greggio, Schlumberger taglia 9 mila posti di lavoro ...

Algeria: trovato il cadavere del turista francese decapitato da jihadisti

Istigazione all'odio su internet. Cosa prevede la legge? - utalk

Raw: Over 20 Missing in China After Boat Sinks

Rescuers cut through the bottom of an upended tugboat on Friday to free a Chinese interpreter and search for 22 more missing people after the vessel capsized in the Yangtze River, the state-run Xinhua News Agency and officials said. (Jan. 16)

Surveillance Footage: Mom, Daughter Killed in Armed Robbery Spree

"Well-organized" armed robbery suspects carry out wild rampage, flee into Florida neighborhood; mother, daughter found dead inside home:

White House to explain changes to NSA surveillance

“Significant progress” has been made with regards to reforming the National Security Agency’s intelligence gathering practices, a White House official said, adding that changes to the NSA will be described further in a forthcoming report.
The White House had planned on revealing updates on proposed intelligence reforms this week, the National Journal reported on Thursday, exactly a year after US President Barack Obama announced plans to implement changes in the wake of the unauthorized NSA disclosures attributed to former contractor Edward Snowden in June 2013. Plans to release those details one-year-to-the-day after the president urged reform during a January 17, 2014 address have been hindered, however, and an administration official told the Journal’s Dustin Volz that the public is now expected to be provided with the update before the end of this month.
Deputy press secretary Shawn Turner did not offer specifics, but told the Journal that the updates have not previously been acknowledge.
INC News, 16/01/2015 - via RussianTimes

Man shoots, kills officer wearing body cam

Schlumberger coupe dans ses effectifs - economy

Berlin, en pleine crise d'identité, 25 ans après la réunification - repo...

Internet : les commentaires haineux sont punis par le droit européen - u...

Google met fin à la vente de ses lunettes intéractives Glass

Italia busca nuevo presidente tras renuncia de Napolitano

Milano, scritte ed escrementi alla sede di Tempi: “Omofobi e sessisti”

Feeling Cold Is Contagious | 3rd Block | NBC News

Pakistan police clash with Charlie Hebdo protesters

Could it be worse? Paralyzed man in prison for gun possession

Interrogan a presuntos cómplices de ataques en París y otras noticias

Violentas protestas en Perú por una polémica reforma laboral del gobierno

Más de 5.000 personas marcharon el jueves en once ciudades de Perú para exigir la derogación de una reforma laboral impulsada por el presidente Ollanta Humala. La norma intenta reducir el desempleo juvenil, pero ha sido fuertemente criticada por grupos de estudiantes y la oposición porque excluye beneficios laborales.

2 Dead, 4 in Custody in Florida

Woman Sentenced to 219 Years in Sex Ring Case

Oscars Criticized for Lack of Diversity

Caught on Tape: Stealing From Open House

Exclusive Video: FBI Sting Operation Catches Would-Be Bomber

Эксперт: Зависимым от нефтедобычи странам необходимо разрабатывать новые...

В Турции мужчина спас ребенка, остановив у обрыва катившуюся со склона к...

Быстрая реакция рыбака из турецкого города Бодрум спасла жизнь двухлетнему ребенку. Мужчина шел по улице и разговаривал по телефону, когда заметил коляску с малышом, с большой скоростью катящуюся вниз по крутому склону.

В Бельгии в ходе спецоперации уничтожены готовившие теракт экстремисты

Новый фильм Клинта Иствуда - в "оскаровской" гонке - cinema

Коренные берлинцы стали меньше улыбаться - reporter

За разжигание ненависти в интернете грозит тюрьма - utalk

Папа римский на Филиппинах призывает к "милости и состраданию"

Бельгия: предотвращены "масштабные теракты" джихадистов

Прекращаются продажи Google Glass

мы уверены, что эта игрушка является безопасным для человеческой деятельности? Особенно во время вождения автомобиля ...

В Алжире найдено тело французского заложника Эрве Гурделя

ООН: вирус Эбола отступает?

Ром и сигары: США смягчают санкции против Кубы

Две итальянки освобождены в Сирии. Они провели в руках экстремистов полгода

Верховная рада одобрила новую волну мобилизации

KAZAKHSTAN - Five Kazakhs Jailed For Membership In Banned Islamic Group

A court in Kazakhstan has sentenced five men to prison terms ranging from 18 to 20 months after convicting them for being members of a banned Islamic group. A court in the southeastern city of Taldyqorghan delivered the verdicts and sentences late on January 15, reports.
Investigators say the men have spent time in Bangladesh, where they studied at an Islamic school and joined an Islamic group called Tablighi Jamaat, which is officially banned in Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Russia. The prosecutor said at the trial that after returning to Kazakhstan, the men propagated extremist views and tried to attract new members to their group.
One of the defendants pleaded guilty while the other four pleaded not guilty, saying they are being persecuted for being Muslims. Islamic groups have been under increased scrutiny from the Kazakh authorities since a suspected Islamist militant carried out the country's first-ever suicide bombing in the northwestern city of Aqtobe in 2011.
INC News, 16/01/2015 - via Ak Zhaik

KAZAKHSTAN - Kazakh Police Arrest Sex Slave Trafficking Gang Suspects

Police in Kazakhstan's largest city, Almaty, announced on January 15 that they have arrested members of a criminal organization that has been forcing women into prostitution and trafficking them abroad.
Police said the sex slave trade gang includes three women from Almaty accused of sending young women to foreign countries from Almaty, from the southeastern city of Taldyqorghan, and from the region's other districts, reports.
Authorities said owners and managers of hotels, saunas, and night clubs received payments of $300 to $400 for each young woman they delivered to the trafficking gang. Police said two of the criminal group's members were arrested while attempting to send women abroad from Taldyqorghan. They said the third suspect is now abroad and that her arrest was pending.
INC News, 16/01/2015 - via Ak Zhaik

RUSSIA - Moscow Police Detain 13 Protesters at Rally in Support of Navalny

Police have detained more than a dozen demonstrators who gathered in central Moscow to protest the recent sentencing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his brother, only to be met by a much larger force of Kremlin loyalists.
The face-off on Manezhnaya Ploshchad on Thursday appears to mark the first altercation, between the opposition demonstrators and members of a recently created pro-Kremlin movement whose leaders have pledged to quell street demonstrations of dissent.About 100 opposition protesters gathered on Manezhnaya Ploshchad on Thursday to support the Navalny brothers, the news site reported. The rally took place despite an Ekho Moskvy radio appeal by Alexei Navalny a day earlier to reschedule the protest in order to prepare for a major demonstration in February.
see article HERE
INC News, 16/01/2015 - via MoscowNews

RUSSIA - Instagram Map Shows Moscow's Metro as Passengers See It

Whenever you spot someone on the Moscow metro taking a photo with their mobile phone, chances are you have just witnessed a combination of two things that are widely popular in the Russian capital.
Transporting an unparalleled 9 million weekday commuters on its 12 lines, Moscow's metro boasts a number of stations that wouldn't look out of place as side wings of the Palace of Versailles. While Instagram doesn't publish official user figures per country, the sheer volume of photos with Russian-language captions suggests a significant number of the service's 300 million users is Russian. In fact, the country's most high-ranking user may be Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev himself.
Combining Russians' love for mobile photography and their pride in the metro system, the Moscow Times has put together a map that shows each station as documented by commuters on Instagram. Hover over one of the station names on the map below with your cursor to get a glimpse of each station's design. Explore how the architecture changes from classical to more modern as you move from the capital's center to its outskirts.
INC News, 16/01/2015 - via MoscowTimes

BELGIUM - Belgium on high alert after two die in police anti-terror raid

GERMANY - From rags to rich: ‘poor but sexy’ Berlin sheds its skin

Un interessante report su Berlino

FRANCIA - Charlie Hebdo: fermato complice Coulibaly

Tra le 12 persone fermate oggi nella banlieue di Parigi in relazione agli attentati terroristici della settimana scorsa c'è il principale complice di Amedy Coulibaly, quello che gli ha fornito "il più rilevante supporto logistico" e in particolare l'auto su cui viaggiava prima della sparatoria a Montrouge. Lo rivela iTelé. L'uomo, rivela ancora la rete all news, citando fonti vicine agli inquirenti, sarebbe stato individuato grazie a tracce di materiale genetico ritrovate nell'auto.
Diversi siti di media francesi sono fuori uso per quello che sembra un attacco informatico. La radio France Inter, il sito di informazioneMediapart, il sito 20minutes e anche Le Parisien - fra gli altri - sono irraggiungibili.

Leggi articolo QUI
INC News, 16/01/2015 - via ANSA AP

COSTARICA - Ruba la tv al plasma e la nasconde sotto la gonna

Le immagini di una telecamera di sorveglianza arrivano da un negozio di elettronica della città di Guapiles, in Costa Rica: documentano come una donna sia riuscita a rubare (in appena 13 secondi) una tv al plasma nascondendo la grossa scatola sotto la sua gonna. In questi giorni la polizia locale ha diffuso le immagini nella speranza di riuscire a rintracciare la donna.

CILE - La folle corsa in autostrada schivando tir e auto

ITALIA - Narcotraffico a Fiumicino: le immagini inedite della dama bianca di Berlusconi

Il 13 marzo 2014 Federica Gagliardi viene fermata con 25Kg di coca dentro al trolley, nell’aeroporto dove la criminalità organizzata usa anche le forze dell’ordine per fare i propri traffici

FRANCIA - Attacco hacker ai media francesi, a Parigi arrestato complice Coulibaly

Dodici fermi nella capitale francese di presunti fiancheggiatori jihadisti, mentre a Berlino è stato arrestato il leader di un gruppo che preparava un attentato in Siria

Le diverse polizie europee sono ancora una volta in azione contro il terrorismo islamico, dopo lo scontro di Bruxelles di giovedì in cui due terroristi sono rimasti uccisi e d un altro lievemente ferito
Ma la reazione del terrorismo non si è fatta attendere, questa volta sotto forma di un attacco informatico. Diversi siti di media francesi sono fuori uso per quello che sembra un attacco via web . La radio France Inter, il sito di informazione Mediapart, il sito 20minutes e anche Le Parisien - fra gli altri - sono irraggiungibili. I siti colpiti sono tutti ospitati dai server della stessa società di web hosting, Oxalide, che sulla sua pagina Twitter parla di un «incidente» che ha «toccato il cuore della rete», ma senza fornire ulteriori precisazioni.

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INC News, 16/01/2015 - via Corriere

L’arrivo di Greta e Vanessa a Ciampino

Sono arrivate alle 4 di venerdì mattina all'aeroporto romano di Ciampino, Greta Ramelli e Vanessa Marzullo, le giovani cooperanti rapite nel nord della Siria lo scorso luglio e liberate nella giornata di giovedì. Le due ragazze sono arrivate dalla Turchia dopo un volo di tre ore. Greta e Vanessa erano provate con il volto coperto dal cappuccio. Le cooperanti sono state accolte dal ministro degli Esteri Paolo Gentiloni e dal capo dell'unità di crisi della Farnesina Claudio Tafuri.