Thursday, July 10, 2014

News from Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan set to issue e-visas for foreigners

July 10, 19:00
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan is to introduce a new type of visa - electronic one for foreigners due to enter the country, according to first deputy Foreign Minister Rapil Zhoshybayev, reports.
"We have carefully analyzed the experience of our neighbors who already introduced that type of visa. We've learnt how the e-visas are processed and how this innovative system works," Zhoshybayev said.

In his words, applicants will no longer have to go to Kazakh diplomatic missions, but will have possibility to apply online and get their visas at Kazakhstani border.

Zhoshybayev said the ministry is currently in talks with various companies to get the visa management information system installed.

Almaty, 10/07/2014-INC News

L'ancien aéroport d'Athènes, futur pôle touristique mondial, mais quand ...

La tempête tropicale Neoguri file vers le centre et l'est du Japon

NSA's muslim targets: Rights groups demand details

Massive hailstorm surprises Spanish province - no comment

UN Secretary-General Urges Mideast Ceasefire

Songwriters Share Their First Song

Спецслужбы США безосновательно следили за известными американскими мусул...

Брифинг официального представителя МИД РФ

Alemania exige la salida de Berlín del jefe del servicio de espionaje estadounidense

Todo el mundo tabloide dar protagonismo a la noticia de que Angela Merkel pide la expulsión del jefe de la Inteligencia estadounidense. Esto es lo que surgió en una conferencia celebrada por la canciller alemana recientemente.
USA Espionaje 

Rotterdam, 10/07/2014-INC News

USA: ancora sparatorie in famiglia

Strage in USA
Aumentano in tutta l'America i delitti contro la famiglia o elementi di essa, e soprattutto aumentano i morti a seguito dell'uso di armi da fuoco regolarmente detenute con porto d'armi. Ma saranno mai sicuri davvero i portatori di armi americani? Oppure il ricordo dei films di John Wayne rimangono sempre presenti nel loro "Mezzogiorno di Fuoco"?
Famiglia distrutta a Houston
Rotterdam, 10/07/2014-INC News

Emergency phone and internet data laws to be passed

Are we sure that when we say to our lover "babe, tonight I'll be in your bed" really no one listen? No one pass the info? Since thebeginning of the birthing of its life, internet was always suspected of spying. But who can say that this happendsonly today? AT the era of telephones with the numerical disk, Police listened always in random all telephone conversatiojns, and not only in Britaign, but all over the world.
internet investigation
Rotterdam, 10/07/2014-INC News

Germany Expels Top US Spy Amid Espionage Row

It seems to catch a film of Walt Disney of the years '60, where Mickey Mouse was in troble for spy story of Americans and  "another special Country". It was not enough the story of USA spionage of Edward Snowden, or the pronblematic interference of Intelligence in the global social media, now Angela Merkel attack Obama asking the espulsion from Germany of US Intelligence Official in Berlin. Once she was Margaret Thatcher to be called Iron Lady, now Angela Merkel?
Spy story in Berlin

Rotterdam, 10/07/2014-INC News

Striking Workers Accuse Ministers Of 'Hypocrisy'