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Программа ВРЕМЯ в 21.00 (11.07.2016) 11 июля 2016 «1 канал»

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ITALIA - TG La7 - Edizione delle ore 20.00 del 11/07/2016

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Emotionele uitvaart Spaanse stierenvechter

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Euro2016, Portogallo sul tetto d'Europa in trionfo a Lisbona

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Regno Unito si apre la sfida nei Labour, Angela Eagle sfida Jeremy Corbyn

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Crisi Brexit: David Cameron si dimette questo mercoledì

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Il fattorino robot - science

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Deutsche Bank a Ue, necessario fondo da 150 miliardi per ricapitalizzare le banche

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E-commerce: Walmart sfida Amazon sulle promozioni - economy

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Cina: crescita in lieve calo nel secondo trimestre, la più bassa dal 2009

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Regno Unito: Andrea Leadsom rinuncia, Theresa May verso leadership Tory

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Giappone, Abe centra l'obiettivo: maggioranza di 2/3 alla Camera Alta

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Solar Impulse, penultima tappa. L'aereo solare decolla da Siviglia verso il Cairo

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A migliaia dalla Colombia al Venezuela per fare la spesa

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Portogallo campione d'Europa. Ancora scontri tra polizia e tifosi

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Usa, "Black Lives Matter", si estende la protesta

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Officer injured after shots fired at Michigan courthouse

A police officer was shot in the left arm and finger after shots were fired at the Berrien County Courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan, according to local news outlets. Up to two civilians may also have been struck.
There is heavy police presence at the courthouse, according to Berrien County police dispatch.
The courthouse has been evacuated, WSJM reported.
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Salvando el patrimonio inmaterial de la Humanidad - futuris

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Un responsable del Deutsche Bank urge a destinar 150.000 millones de eur...

El economista jefe del Deutsche Bank urge a un plan de recapitalización bancario europeo de 150.000 millones de euros, por la debilidad del sector. En una entrevista al diario alemán 'Die Welt', David Folkerts-Landau manifestó inevitable este plan. Para el responsable económico de la entidad germana, las crisis repetidas y la política de tipos negativos del Banco Central Europeo hace difícil para estas entidades niveles suficientes de rentabilidad. 

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China se ralentizó al 6,6 por ciento en el segundo trimestre

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Andrea Leadsom abandona la carrera para liderar el Partido Conservador

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Shinzo Abe más fuerte para reformar la Constitución y dinamizar la economica de Japón...

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Penúltima etapa para Solar Impulse 2, de Sevilla rumbo a El Cairo

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Miles de venezolanos se abastecen en Colombia en la primera apertura masiva de un paso

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Estados Unidos viva su cuarta noche de protestas contra la violencia policial

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Los secretos del pueblo filisteo, a la luz en Israel

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Руслан Осташко: Пятиминутка здравого смысла о расстреле полицейских в Да...

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Вокруг базы данных воспитанников детдомов разразился скандал

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Немецкие депутаты призывают вывести немецких военных с базы Инджирлик в ...

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Black Dallas police officers: We need to act

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Түйнеме дерті Павлодар облысында да тіркелді

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Дэвид Кэмерон покинет пост премьера Великобритании 13 июля; его сменит Т...

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Павлодарда балық қырылып жатыр

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Whopping $4 billion payout for UFC owners, and other MoneyWatch headlines

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David Cameron announces impending resignation

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Navy plane falls off aircraft carrier during landing

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В Сарыозеке солдаты до смерти избили новобранца, передавшего приказ кома...

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Top 5 phones with the best battery life

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Мать-кукушку, которая выбросила младенца, выпустили под залог

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Россия и Китай приостановили закуп казахстанского мяса

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Житель Алматинской области умер после укола от кашля

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Ottawa lemonade sisters back in business

Eliza Andrews, 7, and her sister Adela, 5, are selling lemonade again after their stand was shut down last week for failing to have a permit.

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Кэмерон уйдет в отставку с поста премьера Британии 13 июля

Читайте далее... 

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Justin Trudeau visits Auschwitz with Holocaust survivor

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Португальский мальчик утешает плачущего болельщика сборной Франции

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Главный экономист Deutsche Bank: банки ЕС больны - economy

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Португалия – Франция 1 0 Гол Франции обзор матча |

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UK - Andrea Leadsom quits the Conservative leader race

Andrea Leadsom has pulled out of the two-way contest to become the next Conservative Party leader and UK prime minister. A source close to the energy minister said "the abuse has been too great".
Mrs Leadsom was up against Home Secretary Theresa May in the race to succeed David Cameron as prime minister. She apologised to Mrs May on Monday after suggesting being a mother made her a better candidate for the job.

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Reports of active shooter & hostage situation at Stuttgart law firm

Police say the suspect has barricaded himself inside a building, possible hostage crisis.

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Казахстан в международных организациях

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Венесуэльцы едут за лекарствами и едой в Колумбию

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Raw: Protesters Arrested in Baton Rouge

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US Women Gymnasts Look to Repeat in Rio

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Thousands of Venezuelans pour into Colombia to buy food

An estimated 35,000 Venezuelans have crossed the border into Colombia to buy food and medicine they can no longer get at home. Venezuela is struggling with a political and economic crisis. Under increasing pressure, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro opened the border, but only for 12 hours.

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India’s big cities fail to scrap waste problem

A new report on the state of waste management in India has painted a grim picture about rubbish in the country’s larger cities. This first comprehensive study of its kind in more than a decade, says while some smaller cities are managing and recycling their waste, many of the larger cities, including the capital, are not.

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FOOTBALL - Portugal fans celebrate Euro 2016 football triumph

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RATES TABLE1 US Dollar Rates table

Top 10Jul 11, 2016 09:40 UTC
US Dollar1.00 USDinv. 1.00 USD
British Pound0.7758401.288925
Indian Rupee67.1622260.014889
Australian Dollar1.3260190.754137
Canadian Dollar1.3085670.764195
Singapore Dollar1.3491890.741186
Swiss Franc0.9855641.014648
Malaysian Ringgit3.9812240.251179
Japanese Yen102.1683860.009788
Chinese Yuan Renminbi6.6884420.149512

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UK - British demand for sex change procedures booming

Britons seeking gender reassignment treatments have surged in number over the last decade. Referrals to all 14 of the UK’s gender identity clinics (GICs) have seen a rise, with several reporting upticks of 700 percent.
According to figures obtained by the Guardian through the Freedom of Information Act, London’s Charing Cross Clinic, Britain’s oldest and largest adult center, has seen referrals nearly quadruple in the last decade, from 498 in 2006-07 to 1,892 in 2015-16.
England’s only center for children and adolescents, the Tavistock Clinic, reported a 50 percent increase in referrals each year since 2010-11 and an unprecedented spike of 100 percent, from 697 to 1,398 referrals in the last year.
A Nottingham clinic experienced a 28-fold increase in referrals in eight years, up from 30 in 2008 to 850 in 2015.
“It obviously can’t continue like that forever because we’d be treating everyone in the country, but there isn’t any sign of that leveling off,”James Barrett, consultant psychiatrist at the Charing Cross Clinic, told the paper.
Dr. Leighton Seal, a consultant endocrinologist at the Charing Cross Clinic, attributes the rising figures to increased acceptance.
INC News,  11/07/2016 - source: ©RTNews

'Gorgeous, legendary': Black woman in flowing dress facing police in Baton Rouge wows social media

A picture of an unarmed young black woman in a long dress, standing calmly in front of two police officers in full riot gear who arrest her during a Black Lives Matter protest has awed social media. Users called the image “legendary” and “symbolic.”
The powerful photo was taken by Reuters photographer Jonathan Bachman during the Black Lives Matter rally in the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. People had gathered to protest police brutality following the shooting of African-American Alton Sterling.
The picture was reportedly shot near police headquarters – the woman in floating dress stands right in front of two police officers in full gear. She looks calm and peaceful confronting the men who are approaching to arrest her.
INC News, 11/07/2016 - source: ©RTNews

ИРАНСКИЙ ХАЛК - Саджад Гариби (Sportfaza)

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