Monday, March 31, 2014

Eugeny Kiselyev: I am embarrassed to be Russian citizen

Moreover, he wants to receive Ukranian citizenship. Ex-director of Russian Independent Telechannel Eugeniy Kiselev compares the methods of Russian media-propaganda onto Ukraine with the work of Joseph Gebels's group. «It was the period in journalism when the journalists become the herald of reactionary and misanthropic ideas of a very civilized society», - said Mr Kiselyev to «Radio Svoboda» (Russia). He added that it has nothing to do with freedom of speech and free opinion. He is sure that American politicians, renewing the Constitution of America would contest with him and he is ready to dispute.

It's been observed by him during recent 10 years the progressive growth of the passive majority of Russian population who does not care for the future of their country and easily shrug on what is happening, with an excuse like «we were not told about our regime, and this is what we know». Russia is in the risk to be paid for what german third generation pays still today. 

Atyrau, 31/03/2014-INCNews