Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Pakistani fashion

I always thought that every fashion show is a chapter in itself, I have also always believed that we just gave rein to the creativity of the designers of every nation and religion. If I look at this innovative fashion show made ​​in Pakistan, I think I perceive a single innovation in design for women but not for men, still tied to the ancestral Orthodox prejudices . What is your thought?
Atyrau, 01/12/2013-Mikhail Lermontov


Protesters urge Croatia to reject anti-gay marriage referendum

Italy: Animal rights activists protest in Milan

Rival demos clash in Austria

Far-right Golden Dawn party protests in Athens

Hollywood star Paul Walker dies in car crash

First female bishop in UK and Ireland

Railway incident in USA

A few months away from the serious mistake of the train driver that led to the derailment of a TGV in Spain, a new scary incident took place in New York today, where, according to data reported by CNN, 4 people have died and 65 injured there would be . Will be to assess whether the incident took place to accidental causes or human error.

Atyrau, 01/12/2013-Mikhail Lermontov

Eastern in rebellion?

I do not know your idea, but do not you think that the Eastern world is in rebellion? Everywhere strikes, struggles for civil rights trampled, assaults to the Government, the dead and wounded everywhere. Yet it is a part of the planet that is as old as ours and should be able to go out alone from his story that seems stagnated at 200 years ago.

Atyrau, 01/12/2013-Mikhail Lermontov

Pole Dance in Olympic Games?

I always thought pole dancing was really a form of exercise, rather than a dance that stimulate sex. The movement and exercises that girls are screwed around the bar could not go unnoticed in the eyes of certain people, and so now there is also the league's Pole Dance, which, like belly dancing, it also includes the male. I have often seen the belly dancer made ​​by men, but the pole still really do not.

Atyrau, 01/12/2013-Mikhail Lermontov