Thursday, August 13, 2015

Спасатели и коммунальщики откачивают Владивосток после тропического ливня

Империя обмана: в Москве судят псевдоцелителей из "Мерлиона"

Проверка социального жилья на Урале: народные контролеры в шоке

Шпроты "За Родину" заменят польских собратьев

Москва-река загорелась от шашлыка: МЧС назвало причину ЧП в Марьине

Заначка в Кадашах: клад эпохи Медного бунта ждал археологов 400 лет

Лучший следователь УМВД Брянской области попался на взятке

Обидчикам сестры Натальи Водяновой грозит пять лет тюрьмы

Смертельное ДТП с водовозом и автобусом произошло в Алматы

Въехавшую в детский сад женщину осудили на 2,5 года колонии-поселения

Швеция сняла с Ассанжа два из четырех обвинений

В мировом сообществе нет единства по вопросу о борьбе с «Исламским госуд...

Аукционный дом Bonhams проведет торги роскошных ретро-автомобилей ценой ...

Десятки человек погибли, сотни пострадали в результате взрыва на северо-...

Западно-Казахстанскую область пугают веерными отключениями света

Кыргызстан в ЕАЭС – плюсы и минусы

Женщину-водителя, по вине которой в детском саду погиб ребенок, осудили

Родственники сожженной учительницы утверждают, что убийцу покрывает родс...

"Аль-Каида" присягает на верность новому лидеру талибов

Плюс пять: Россия расширила географию продуктового эмбарго - economy

День экологического долга

Китай: девальвация под контролем! - economy

Ирак: "химическая атака" против курдов

Лодки с новой группой нелегалов причалили к Косу

В Португалии борются с лесными пожарами

Десятки погибших в результате взрывов в Тяньцзине

У Джимми Картера обнаружен рак

В Колорадо объявили ЧП из-за жёлтой реки

Мощный взрыв в Багдаде

В Москве появилась улица Высоцкого - BBC Russian

Свидетель 13 08 15 рус

Cina: terza svaluzione yuan, per Banca centrale non è azione prolungata ...

Iraq: attacco chimico sui curdi

Nuovi sbarchi a Kos, governo greco rilascia 1000 documenti di viaggio pr...

Cina, sale a 44 il numero delle vittime della duplice esplosione di Tianjin

Colorado. Acque tornano nella norma dopo sversamento rifiuti minerari

Jimmy Carter annuncia: ho il cancro, mi sottoporrò a cure necessarie

Iraq, camion bomba a Baghdad uccide almeno 60 persone

Ucraina: crescendo di violenza nell'Est, tregua a rischio e scambio d'ac...

Trattative Svezia-Ecuador allo scadere delle accuse contro Julian Assange

Cina. Esplode deposito a Tianjin, oltre 40 morti e centinaia di feriti

More migrants arrive on Greek island of Kos

Groundhog with head stuck in can rescued by police

Police in the US state of Pennsylvania have released video showing officers rescuing a groundhog whose head was stuck in a can. The video, filmed on a police body camera at Lehigh University in the city of Bethlehem, shows one officer trying unsuccessfully to take the can off the groundhog's head. Eventually, the other officer uses a long-armed grabber to hold the can while his partner gently pulls out the animal. The groundhog quickly fled after it was freed from the can.

INC News, 13/08/2015 - via Euronews

Black 'shade balls' are released in reservoirs to save drinking water, US

A video showing multitudes of shade balls being dumped into a Los Angeles reservoir has gone viral after Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that the citywide initiative, which is intended to save 300 million gallons of water annually, had been completed. Shade balls protect water quality by “preventing sunlight-triggered chemical reactions, deterring birds and other wildlife, and protecting water from rain and wind-blown dust.”

INC News, 13/08/2015 - via Euronews

Wat kan Jumbo-bomber met bitcoins?

‘Chinese media zwijgen over ramp’

Pas op! Vanavond gaat het spoken

‘Politie, doe je werk!’

Rel rond oorlogsvliegtuig

How executions go wrong

Accused fentanyl dealer issues warning to potential users

A Saskatoon man charged with selling fentanyl is warning potential users to stay away from the potentially deadly drug, which he quickly became addicted to.
He's on remand now in a Saskatchewan jail, awaiting trial on trafficking charges. The accused dealer, whom we'll call Max, spoke to CBC News on the condition his identity not be revealed, because he fears for his safety behind bars.
INC News, 13/08/2015 - via CBC News

Взрывы в Китае: съемка с дрона - BBC Russian

Съемка с дрона демонстрирует масштаб разрушений после двух мощных взрывов на севере Китая. Взрывы произошли в портовой части города Тяньцзинь на складе, на котором хранились "опасные и химические продукты".

INC News, 13/08/2015 - via BBC Russia

China explosions: Inside Tianjin blast zone - BBC News

No Bail for Couple Accused of Trying to Join IS

Nigerian start-up eyes green business with new biofuel

Indian ministers accused in scandal over child labour laws

ISIL claims deadly truck bombing at Baghdad market

On The Ground: China industrial zone blast in Tianjin

Modern slavery on rise in Britain, migrants fleeing conflict vulnerable

Ruthless exploitation of migrants by rogue firms is on the rise in Britain due to increasing demand for cheap produce, economic instability abroad and continued unrest in the war-ravaged nations.
Antislavery commissioner Kevin Hyland, who has witnessed the grievous exploitation in multiple sectors, said cases of modern slavery in Britain are “extremely shocking.”
Speaking on Thursday, the ex-Scotland Yard detective said modern slavery commonly occurs in food-producing, hospitality and construction sectors across the state.
“We’re having to get society engaged to understand this — that this is happening in the 21st century of the United Kingdom,”he told the Financial Times.
Read article HERE

INC News, 13/08/2015 - via RT


Two blasts shook the northeastern Chinese city of Tianjin late on Wednesday. Some 700 people have been injured, 71 critically, and 50 are dead, according to the latest report by Xinhua news agency. A total of 12 firefighters have been confirmed dead, according to Chinese state television. Authorities have lost contact with 36 other firefighters, Xinhua reported. INC News, 13/08/2015 - via RT

RUSSIA - Outrage as autistic sister of Russian supermodel and activist Natalia Vodianova kicked out of cafe

A public outcry has been raised after Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova’s autistic younger sister was kicked out of a cafe in Nizhny Novgorod. The manager, who ordered her out to avoid “scaring off customers,” now faces criminal charges.
According to a Facebook post by Natalia Vodianova on Wednesday, her 27-year-old sister, Oksana Vodianova, who suffers from Kanner’s syndrome and cerebral palsy, entered the cafe in her hometown of Nizhny Novgorod with her nurse.
Instead of a hot chocolate, ordered by the nurse for Oksana, the cafe’s manager came out and demanded that Oksana leave immediately. “Get out, will you,” Natalia Vodianova reported the manager as saying. “You’re scaring off all our customers. Go and get some treatment, cure your child. And then come to a public place.”
The nurse tried to explain that Oksana is a person with special needs, that she just needed to sit awhile and would quietly leave, but the manager called security to force the two women to leave. A security guard threatened to “call the Nuthouse, call an ambulance” and even lock them in the cellar.
According to Natalia Vodianova’s Facebook account, there was only one other customer in the cafe at the time, and he asked that the two women be left in peace.

We invite our readers to have a look of the original article of RT (click HERE), where they can read the full story of an action of pure incivility and against person in difficulty. It will appreciate your comments, in this reading.
INC News, 13/08/2015 - via RT

Shocking aftermath of blasts in busy Chinese port of Tianjin

The aftermath of two blasts that rocked China’s port city of Tianjin looks like a scene from a movie about a zombie apocalypse, nuclear war or even alien attack. Photos captured rows of burned-out cars, totally destroyed properties and injured people. At least 44 people have been killed and up to 520 injured, 60 of them seriously, after two explosions took place in the northeastern Chinese city of Tianjin late Wednesday, state media reported. The explosions were caused by a shipment of explosives in a key industrial zone in Binhai New Area.

Please, have a look of the pictures and video HERE

INC News, 13/08/2015 - via RT

Microchip welfare-receivers to stop cash flow to ISIS, Finnish politician suggests

Finns wishing to receive welfare in other countries should have identification microchips implanted so that the money does not go to Islamic State fighters, a politician from a nationalistic Finnish party suggested.
Benefit tourism is being debated in the Nordic country with one of the world’s most comprehensive welfare systems after suspicion arisen that Finnish citizens recruited by the terrorist group Islamic State to fight in Iraq and Syria may be still receiving benefits from the Finnish government.
One Finnish politician suggested implanting all benefit-receivers leaving Finland with ID microchips as a solution to prevent abuse of the national social security system.

INC News, 13/08/2015 - via RT

United Russia will not use Putin’s image in next elections

Russia’s ruling parliamentary party, which has always based its policies on supporting Vladimir Putin, will not ask the president to allow them use his image in the 2016 elections campaign, a business daily reports.Kommersant newspaper quoted unnamed sources in United Russia as saying that its presidium has already chosen five people who will top the party’s lists in the forthcoming primaries, and the president was not among them. The sources did not disclose the names of these politicians. They also said that most of the places in the lists would be reserved for regional party leaders, as this would make the primaries “democratic to the maximum.”
United Russia officials also told Kommersant that the party did not want to involve Putin in its election campaign in order to protect the president from possible damage to his political rating, because it was difficult to forecast how many voters would lend their support to the party this time around.
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INC News, 13/08/2015 - via RT








Russia extends food embargo to 5 countries: Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, Liechtenstein & Ukraine

The food embargo will affect Ukraine only if it signs the economic part of its association with the EU, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said.