Friday, March 6, 2015

‘50 shades of black’: Accusations fly during UN Security Council session...

"Chappie", il robot - cinema

Usa, il mercato del lavoro accelera a febbraio - economy

Russia: lascia il carcere Alexei Navalni, blogger anti-Putin. La morte d...

Concerns over Ukraine in Estonia's Russian speaking community - reporter

ITALY - ‘It’s always been my problem’: Wiretaps reveal Berlusconi regrets his charm attracts women

Silvio Berlusconi, apparently, doesn’t like the power his charm has over women as they keep falling in love with the former Italian prime minister. It appears to be the 78-year-old politician’s Achilles heel, according to wiretaps made public. “This [Berlusconi’s charms] has always been my problem, women that fall in love. It’s something that has pursued me my whole life,” Berlusconi says in the wiretapped conversation, which has recently been published in the Italian press.
The transcripts of numerous conversations between the Italian ex-PM and Gianpaolo Tarantini, a businessman accused of procuring escort girls and starlets for Berlusconi notorious parties, covered the everyday life of the ‘Cavaliere’ back in 2008-2009, when Berlusconi was serving his third term as prime minister.
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INC News, 06/03/2015 - via RT

JAPAN - Radioactive water found in Fukushima, source unknown

The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has started an investigation of newly detected ditch water containing relatively high levels of radioactive contamination. Officials aren’t ruling out that polluted water spilled into the sea.
The contaminated water was found in a ditch in the upper part of a drainage channel at the complex. The ditch is close to the tanks containing highly contaminated substances. The specialists of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) which operates the plant discovered 1,900 becquerels of beta ray-emitting radioactive materials per liter in the samples taken on Tuesday. Still, radioactivity levels of water in a downstream portion of the drainage ditch showed about 100 becquerels, or even lower on March 3.
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INC News, 06/03/2015 - via RT

International Women’s Day marred by failure to close gender pay gap

Women’s income worldwide will lag behind men’s for another 70 years if the pay gap continues to shrink at its current snail pace, a report by the UN warns. In the UK, men still earn on average 19.1 percent more than women. Worldwide, women on average earn 77 percent of the amount earned by men. Women with children can expect to earn even less than childless women when they return to work, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO).
The pay gap has only improved by 3 percent in the past 20 years, the report reveals. The US passed its Equal Pay Act in 1963. The UK introduced similar legislation 45 years ago. In the UK, the overall gender pay gap is at its lowest point in history, but men still earn on average 19.1 per cent more than women, and female MPs make up less than a quarter of parliament.
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INC News, 06/03/2015 - via RT

ISIS Continues Desecration of Biblical Sites

High Court to Hear Gay Marriage Cases in April

Five Wounded in Jerusalem Vehicular Attack

Storm Strands Drivers, Leaves Thousands Powerless

New report argues that job quality is down as employment rises

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NASA | Mars' Ancient Ocean

Plane Crashes Off New York Runway

ФОТО: Танцы на празднике «Холи»

Фото/AFP/Noah Seelam/Индия, Хайдарабат, люди гуляют на празднике «Холи», также известным как фестиваль цветов  

Иван Марино: Я видел эйфорию крымчан на референдуме

Свидетельнице убийства Бориса Немцова угрожают

В Турции убит таджикский оппозиционер Умарали Кувватов

"Степан Бандера был сторонником террора"

В США застрявшую в щели собаку достали при помощи мыла

В Китае проходит праздник фонарей

Московская полиция задержала нелегальную партию черной икры стоимостью 3...

New FBI warning about American teens joining ISIS

BBC World News celebrates International Women's Day

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Syria: Civilians pay heavy price amid fierce fighting for Aleppo

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In Iraq l'ISIL perde terreno nella battaglia per Tikrit.

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