Sunday, February 16, 2014

Battle in Turkish parliament

One opposition MP suffered a broken nose during the brawl and another broke some of his fingers in a tense 20 hour debate in Turkish parliament.

Current photo was taken from SkyNews official news site.
The situation is getting critical for the Turkish government, which now split into two oppositions. And the battle for control of the Higher Council of Judges and Prosecutors, which appoints senior members of the judiciary lies at the heart of feud between Prime Minister Tayyp Erdogan and influential Fethulah Gulen, US based official.

Photo taken from SkyNews
Current photo was taken from SkyNews official news site. 

Where is the limit of the power? May be in such primitive battles where the politician is observed in his physical preparation for future targets or better to say that no one politician can stay away from polemic discourse which afterwards have been followed by aggressive reflectors? Although real engine of power for government has always been the PEOPLE. 

Atyrau, 16/02/2014-Mira Kartbayeva for INCNews