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Программа СЕГОДНЯ в 19.00 (01.03.2016) 01 марта 2016 «НТВ»

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В Бразилии арестован один из топ-менеджеров Facebook - economy

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ЕС следит за спором между Apple и ФБР - economy

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Гаага: разрушение исторических памятников Тимбукту как военное преступление

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В Китае уволят 5-6 миллионов работников госпредприятий - economy

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Венгрия: дети и учителя требуют уменьшить нагрузку в школах

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Один из самых известных баскских сепаратистов вышел из тюрьмы

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Barclays уходит из Африки - economy

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Власти ФРГ пытаются запретить партию националистов

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Эль-Ниньо спровоцировал сильные наводнения в Перу

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Вирусо Зика и синдром Гийена-Барре: есть связь

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Умер актер Джордж Кеннеди, игравший в "Голом пистолете"

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Intelligence USA, bin Laden aveva milioni in Sudan per finanziare i terr...

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Giappone, sindaco Parigi promuove ritorno turisti

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Brasile, arrestato manager di Facebook per mancata collaborazione con po...

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Scontro Apple-Fbi nuoce agli accordi tra Usa e Ue su protezione dati - e...

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Mali, fondamentalista processato per distruzione mausolei

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Scuola in Ungheria: la 'pantera' indossa una camicia a scacchi

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Nucleare in Belgio, nuovi timori sullo stato dei reattori di Tihange e Doel

Lo stato di sicurezza del nucleare belga continua a preoccupare.Pochi giorni fa uno dei 3 reattori della centrale di Tihange, a pochi chilometri da Liegi è stato spento per permettere nuovi controlli. Crescono, infatti i timori di possibili incidenti, dopo diversi episodi di malfunzionamenti registrati negli ultimi mesi e la denuncia di crepe sui reattori lunghe anche fino a 18 centimetri. 

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Cina, 6 milioni di posti a rischio per sovraproduzione - economy

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Libero Arnaldo Otegi, leader secessionista basco incarcerato sei anni fa

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Barclays dà l'addio all'Africa ma crolla in borsa - economy

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Germania: Corte costituzionale valuta messa al bando partito neonazista

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Perù: esercito in campo contro le inondazioni provocate da El Nino

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Glencore chiude il 2015 in rosso ma riduce il debito - economy

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Zika provoca anche la sindrome di Guillan-Barré

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Bin Laden 'left $29 million to global jihad' - US authorities

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Paris mayor calls on Japanese to return to France following attacks

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Mali: 'Irreparable cultural damage' caused by Ahmad Al-Mahdi Al-Faqi - ICC

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Pupils and teachers join forces in Hungary to protest over state educati...

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German court meets to consider banning far-right NPD party

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1 March 2016 - euronews full afternoon bulletin

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PA AG: 2 Bishops Hid Sex Abuse Over 40 Years

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Madison School Shooting | 14-Year-Old In Custody

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Genomineerde deed greep in kassa-DeTelegraaf

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Trump-agent pakt fotograaf aan - DeTelegraaf

Een fotograaf van het Amerikaanse magazine Time is maandagavond hardhandig aangepakt door een agent van de Secret Service, die waakt over de veiligheid van Donald Trump, de koploper in de strijd om de Republikeinse nominatie.

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Mysterious fireball lights up night sky

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The Charm of Fort Lauderdale

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Astronaut's record-breaking year in space

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Bugatti Chiron takes super sports mantle

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CBN News Minute - March 1, 2016

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Ruling: Apple Cannot Be Forced to Unlock iPhone

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Radio-Canada journalist Raymond Saint-Pierre injured in Syria

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'Female Viagra' may have risks

A very interesting article has been posted in JAMA edition recently, about the use and risk of Viagra feminine. We suggest our readers have a look of the original article and what produced by colleagues of CBC News. As we mentioned in the beginning of Female Viagra Sagra, we are against the use of drug if not completely tested for the safety of human health, and in this situation producer ran too fast, without long testing the molecular, which can generate possible dysfunctions in the female body.

(comment of M.Lermontov x INC News)
Read article here CBCNews
Rea clinical article here JAMA

INC News, 01/03/2016 - source: ©CBC News

Homeless man tipped into a bin lorry compactor - BBC News

There's concern about the number of homeless people in the UK sleeping in bins. This CCTV footage captures a homeless man being tipped into a bin lorry's compactor. He had been sleeping rough in a commercial recycling bin at the time. The man was saved after the truck's driver saw the incident on his monitor. Jim Reed reports for the Victoria Derbyshire program on the homeless people in the UK city of Bristol finding shelter in bins.

INC News, 01/03/2016 - source: ©BBC News

Inside Europe's biggest emergency drill - BBC News

Finally, something serious for testing systems in place and not only that, but reactions of people involved in the emergency.  We hope that all governments are so clever to produce once per year an emergency drill like this one dome in London.

INC News, 01/03/2016 - source: ©BBC News

NC Woman Says She Saw Police Chase, Heard Shots

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Ice Man Climbeth: Teaching Generations to Climb


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Armani's Crush on Velvet

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India's Menstruation Man

INC News, 01/03/2016 - source: AlJazeera

Super Tuesday explainer

INC News, 01/03/2016 - source: AlJazeera

Venezuela's minimum wage fails to beat inflation

INC News, 01/03/2016 - source: AlJazeera

Syria's orphans still haunted by trauma

INC News, 01/03/2016 - source: AlJazeera

Refugees hope to find employment at Berlin job fair

INC News, 01/03/2016 - source: AlJazeera

Puppy Gets Braces | ABC News

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Trump's Secret Service Involved in Scuffle | ABC News

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Erin Andrews Takes the Stand in Her $75 Million Lawsuit Against Alleged ...

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RT Spanish, RT Arabic reporters shelled in Syria, fire comes from Turkey

RT Spanish correspondent Boris Kuznetsov, RT Arabic correspondent Hassan Nasr, RT cameraman Khaled Eldera and Ruptly cameraman Aleksandr Tikhomirov have come under fire in Syria close to the Turkish border while filming footage for a story.
The incident happened near the border town Kessab, Latakia province.
A total of eight shells were fired by forces, which the Syrian military believe were members of Al-Nusra Front terrorist group. The shells landed some 150 to 400 meters from the journalists.
Several journalists from Bulgaria, Canada and China - on a tour to see civilians returning to their homes after a truce came into force in the area - sustained minor injuries, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

INC News, 01/03/2016 - source: ©RTNews

Убийство казахстанских детей в США шокировало многих наших соотечествен...

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US gov’t can’t force Apple to unlock iPhone in drug case

The US Justice Department does not have the authority to force Apple to unlock an iPhone involved in a Brooklyn drug case and hand the data over to the FBI, a New York judge ruled Monday.
In this case, the FBI was applying the same 18th century legislation that it argues, must compel Apple to unlock the iPhone belonging to one of the shooters in the San Bernardino massacre.

INC News, 29/02/2016 - source: ©RTNews - Web - Twitter