Tuesday, June 16, 2015

В Астане обсудили судьбу заброшенных строек | Новости | КТК

В аэропорту Актау сгорел самолет авиакомпании «SCAT» | Новости | КТК

В ЕС предлагают заворачивать ложных беженцев

США: в городе Беркли обрушился балкон, погибли студенты

Египет: Мухаммеда Мурси и лидеров "Братьев-мусульман" ждет смертная казнь

Находка румынских водолазов

В Тунисе поезд столкнулся с грузовиком, есть погибшие

Air France добьется от пилотов производительности через суд - economy

В Германии мужчина умер от вируса МЕРС

Россия пополняет свой ядерный арсенал

Саудовская Аравия открывается иностранным инвесторам - economy

Egypt: death sentences upheld for Mursi and other Brotherhood leaders

Wrecks turn up diving for archeology in the Danube

Train and truck in fatal collision in El Fhas, Tunisia

Putin says Russia is to beef up its nuclear arsenal

Irish nationals killed in California balcony collapse

Man infected with MERS earlier this year dies in Germany

Crolla balcone a Berkeley, muoiono 5 studenti irlandesi

Processo di pace nelle Filippine, i separatisti islamici consegnano part...

Air France annuncia nuovi tagli e fa causa al sindacato piloti - economy

Mers: muore uomo di 65 anni in Germania, prima vittima in Europa nel 2015

Ci risiamo. Nuova malattia e nuovo allarme, nuove misure di sicurezza e
commercializzazione di vaccini di nuovo tipo. Ebola non deve aver insegnato 
nulla a nessuno, a quanto pare. Eppure esisono nel mondo 3-4 Centri pluri
specialistici ove poter accedere alle informazioni piú accurate e specialistiche,
al fine di arginare una possibile epidemia. Non deve essere ammissibile che 
un Nazione, nella quale si sta sviluppando una possibile epidemia, non sappia
arginare il pericolo o affrontare quello che comporta senza aver consultato gli
Organi Ufficiali del pianeta chiedendo istruzione. 

Qui di seguito indichiamo gli ultimi dati statistici e una raccomandazione per 
coloro che debbano recarsi in Medio Oriente

INC News, 16/06/2015 

Incediente ferroviario in Tunisia, 16 morti e 70 feriti

Raw: Dallas Officer Attempts to Stop Gunman

Lacking this kind of clips produced by someone and posted online at YouTube,

we have the temptation to ask why so often this happens or why only now?

And more, we ask if it is really positive to show to the world what police officers

are doing during the service.

INC News, 16/06/2015 - via YouTube

Mexico drug gangs use women to launder money

Morsi death sentence: Egyptian court upholds decision

Crisi greca, in Germania crolla la fiducia di analisti e investitori - e...

Ventimiglia, sgomberati i migranti fermi alla frontiera con la Francia

Continua nello Stato di New York la caccia all'uomo. Dei due evasi nessu...

Se non bastano corpi speciali o forze dell'esercito, puó significare che i due
evasi avessero giá programmato nei minimi dettagli quello che avrebbe dovuto
essere una volta usciti dalla prigione. Sono due criminali e condannati all'ergastolo,
dunque non hanno nulla da perdere e secondo noi, miseri mortali, loro sono dove
nessuno pensa che possano essere. Totó Reina ce lo insegnó!

INC News, 16/06/2015 - via Youtube

Proteste al porto di Seattle contro trivellazioni Shell nell'Artico

Inutile andare a riflettere come fare a fermare quella meraviglia di tecnologia 
che é una piattaforma di perforazione moderna. Non é la resistenza di pochi 
che puó fermare la richesta di molti, e tutti sappiamo che ci sono interessi, 
dietro queste operazioni colossali, di importanza sí strategica, ma anche 
economica.  Si dovrebbe pensare di piú su qualora il petrolio finisse che si 
potrebbe fare o pensare ancora di piú e elermente alla necessitá di acqua, che 
sta scarseggiando. Non ci si dovrebbe fermare a perforare per avere oro nero,
ma anche per ottenere oro trasparente, appunto l'acqua.

Mikhail Lermontov, per INC News, 16/06/2015 - via Youtube

A Calvi Risorta emerge tesoro della Camorra, la discarica abusiva più gr...

Mount Sinabung coughs out plumes of volcanic ash, Indonesia

Dramatic scences as stranded African migrants flee Italy police

Italian police today (Tuesday June 16) detained a handful of African migrants in the Italian city of Ventimiglia, near the French-Italian border.
Dozens of African migrants have been stranded for five days, after French police had blocked border crossings.
French police have been blocking the border with Italy for the last few days, and the French Interior Ministry said it had reinforced border controls over the last few weeks, due to the influx of migrants.

Killers still at large in USA despite ten days of a huge manhunt

If not enough special forces or army forces, may mean that the two
escapees had already planned to the last detail what should have been
be once released from prison. Two criminals and sentenced to life imprisonment,
So they have nothing to lose and in our opinion, mere mortals, they are where
nobody thinks that they can be. Totó Reina also taught him to!

INC News, 16/06/2015 - via Youtube

Activists surround Shell's Arctic drilling rig

Italy discovers biggest illegal waste dump in Europe

Van De Telegraaf -11:00 ‘Sekseloos paspoort waanzin’

Van De Telegraaf -10:00 - Verwoestende brand Alaska

How beachgoers helped save two shark attack victims

Source: Escapees planned to kill Joyce Mitchell's hu...

Hong Kong police bust suspected explosives ring

Philae wakes up

Mayflies attack!

London underground extension

Thousands flee Indonesia volcano - BBC News

Trade route closures crippling Jordanian farmers

Former Egypt president Morsi to recieve final ruling

Yemeni al-Qaeda leader confirmed dead in US strike

Tropical Storm Headed Towards Gulf


The first death from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome has been registered in Germany, according to the RIA Novosti news agency.
The information comes from Germany firm Niels-Stensen-Kliniken GmbH, which is a sponsor of a number of German clinics.
INC News, 16/06/2015 - via Twitter

SOUTH KOREA - S. Korea pledges $45.2 mln to fight MERS as death toll reaches 19

The government of South Korea has authorized the use of over $45 million in reserve funds to support the nation’s struggle with an outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which took three more lives on Tuesday.
The South Korean Cabinet has approved the use of 50.5 billion won (US$45.2 million), offered by the finance ministry, to purchase special materials and equipment, as well as boost medical staff, Yonhap news agency reported.

Read article HERE
INC News, 16/06/2015 - via RT

Al-Qaeda Yemen leader Wuhayshi killed in airstrike

The leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Sheikh Abu Basir Nasser al-Wuhayshi was killed in a missile strike from a US-operated drone, an Al-Qaeda spokesperson said in an online statement.
The airstrike took place Friday in in the southern Yemeni city of Al-Mukalla, the capital of Hadhramaut region. Two other members of al-Qaeda were killed along with al-Wahayshi, who worked as Osama bin Laden’s secretary before proclaiming himself AQAP’s leader in 2008. In 2013 the current leader of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, appointed al-Wuhayshi his deputy.
According to the United Nations, AQAP is responsible for attacks on the US embassy in Yemen, staging terrorist acts against counterterrorism officials and oil facilities, tourists and aid workers.
INC News, 16/06/2015 - via RT


MERS spreads to Europe as the first patient dies in Germany - Details will follow as soon as possible


Tunisia: 14 dead, 70 wounded in a train crash near El Fahes with the death toll expected to rise: transport minister said.

Cop caught on video allegedly tasering and choking a 13-year-old boy

A San Diego sheriff’s deputy was caught on video tasing and wrestling a 12-year-old boy in a parking lot. Witnesses say the cop tried to suppress the video, while the sheriff argued the boy had attacked the cop and the use of force was justified.
Activists from Filming Cops shared the video with the Free Thought Project on Sunday. The graphic footage, riddled with expletives, shows a boy being wrestled to the ground and shocked into submission with a Taser. The altercation took place on Saturday, in the parking lot frequented by skateboarders in the community of Fallbrook, north of San Diego, California. Witnesses who recorded the event told Filming Cops that the deputy punched the boy in the face before they began filming. They identified the boy as a 12-year old named Joshua. Afterwards, they said, the deputy approached them with a drawn Taser and demanded to see the recordings, erasing all but one.

Каждый сам за себя: Европа в растерянности, Шенген под угрозой

Латвийские шпроты заскучали по России

Автобус перевернулся после столкновения с грузовиком в Москве