Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blood samples will keep us alive?

DNA control must not be limited to Muslims only...

According to Russian statistics 143,347,059 residents were recorded as of 1 January 2013. Following the original news feed "SkyNews" that has reported 2.9M only Dagestan muslims we must not forget other nationalities in Russia: Tatar muslims, Chechnya muslims, Bashkortastan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Ingushetia, Karachaevo-Cherkessk? Defenately they are muslims. Do you feel the passive discrimination in such distinctive measures, or this is only my crazy imagination? And I am no way defending the radical missioners or terrorists, oh no. I am just trying to defend the rights of the decent muslim people who are, in my opinion, suspected only for their religious distinguishing. Just recently we have witnessed the mall attack in Kenia, and we have watched where the wind blows. Up to the last moment none of us would believe that the terror was organized by an English woman and Americans. So we should stop thinking if there is a limit for terror and insurgency, should not we? Should we permit women entering the bus with chador, or nikab and paranja after the bus explosion in Volgograd, Russia?DNA tests shall in no way committed by exception to muslims. How we can be sure who is behind that black cover: a woman or man, oriental or orthodox? We need to identify first who is this person. In case of strange reaction or aggression we must  eliminate him  / her immediately from the community to prevent dramatic circumstances. And Russia is not an exception to take measures after the accident or incident happened. All post-soviet countries holding the identical security system. Perhaps, this is an issue to change the guardian tactics from compacting to prevent or eliminate...

Atyrau, 08 November,2013-Mira Kartbayeva. 

How can these men see in face their children, after??

Turchia, video choc: polizia - Video - Corriere TV

This is one of the thousand clips against USA Policemen...

Video choc dagli Usa: poliziotto uccide cane in strada - Video - Corriere TV

Atyrau, 07/11/2013-Mikhail Lermontov