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People Text And Drive Despite Knowing Dangers | NBC News

Новости КТК

Новости КТК

Atterrissage d'urgence sur un vol intérieur canadien

Chocolats belges : le client est roi - economy

The $2.6 Million Watch You Have to Interview to Buy

Infanta Cristina imputada por delito fiscal y otras noticias - BBC Mundo

¿Cuál es el origen del sexo? - BBC Mundo

Christopher Nolan on 'Interstellar' Movie's 'Emotional Journey'

Video Footage Captures a Skydive From 13,000 feet

Mom, Boyfriend Beat Boy, 3, to Death Inside Chester County Home

Watch Hospital Patient Attack Nurses

Scientists Develop Alternative To Antibiotics

Scientists have developed a highly effective alternative to antibiotics which can destroy bacteria in seconds. The drug, called Staphefekt, is based on a naturally-occurring enzyme that side-steps the defence mechanisms that superbugs have evolved to fight off traditional antibiotics. It is already available in Holland and Germany as a cream to treat skin infections such as acne, but researchers hope to develop a tablet form of the drug within five years to treat serious infections.
Mark Offerhaus, chief executive of Dutch firm Micreos, told Sky News that bacteria are unlikely to evolve resistance to the treatment.
INC News, 07/11/2014

Dark Web Swoop Shuts Down 400 Websites

Britain's National Crime Agency has arrested six people as part of a major crackdown on the hidden "dark web". Those held include the suspected administrators of the online drug market place Silk Road 2.0 - which sprung up after the original was shut down - as well as illegal drug vendors on the dark web. The European Cybercrime Centre - using intelligence developed by US counterparts - also took down the technical infrastructure that is key to the hosting of the illegal market places.
As a result, more than 400 dark websites disappeared from the web. The dark web consists of websites and content which is not indexed by standard searched engines, but can be accessed with relative ease using special software.
see in: Cyber crime
INC News, 07/11/2014

Russia's Central Bank Steps In to Steady Ruble

The ruble recovered on Friday, paring heavy losses as investors anticipated possible action by the Central Bank to halt a slide that could destabilize Russia's financial system. With the ruble appearing to be in free-fall in morning trade, some analysts said the country was already in the grip of a currency crisis. It fell over 3 percent against both the dollar and the euro following similar falls on Thursday, but talk of an emergency Central Bank meeting saw it recoup its losses in the afternoon. The Central Bank said late on Friday it was willing to increase its forex interventions to defend the ruble "at any moment" and to deploy other instruments in its policy arsenal to support the currency. The bank said that while several fundamental factors had driven the ruble lower in recent months, it didn't regard a further fall in the ruble as necessary to achieve balance of payments equilibrium.  Prior to the Central Bank statement, traders said speculators who had opened long dollar positions were closing them in case the Central Bank took extraordinary measures to support the currency. Rising prices for Brent crude oil also provided some relief for the ruble.
see and Russia
INC News, 07/11/2014

Il marito di Elena Ceste aggredisce la troupe di Porta a Porta

Apre la clinica della morte a 70 chilometri da Milano

Scegliere di morire a Paradiso, 70 km da Milano, piccolo municipio attaccato a Lugano, dove sta per aprire una clinica che praticherà il suicidio assistito. Si tratta della prima struttura sanitaria di questo genere che nasce nel Canton Ticino. La notizia è stata confermata dal presidente di Exit Italia, Emilio Coveri: «La struttura, che avrà sede in via delle Scuole 15, a Paradiso, non è un infopoint, ma un luogo dove le persone potranno recarsi per ricorrere all’eutanasia. Ci sono alcuni dettagli da definire, ne parleremo con le persone coinvolte nel progetto». 

Per continuare a leggere vedi:Clinica della morte

INC News, 07/11/2014

Giardiniere 33enne muore al lavoro «Ucciso da una pianta velenosa»

Nathan Greenaway, 33 anni, è caduto a terra all’improvviso mentre stava lavorando come giardiniere nel parco del miliardario britannico Christopher Ogilvie Thompson. Portato all’ospedale è morto dopo cinque giorni di agonia. Nonostante le analisi sul suo corpo i medici non sono riuscita a capire cosa lo abbia ucciso. L’incidente è accaduto il 7 settembre scorso ma adesso emergono nuovi particolari e un’ipotesi su cosa potrebbe aver ucciso il 33enne: una pianta velenosa. 

vedi articolo in:Ucciso dall'Aconito

INC News, 07/11/2014

Giovani islamici contro l’Isis con la parodia dell’iPhone

Cardiff: il «cannibale di Argoed» ucciso dal taser della polizia

La polizia lo ha sorpreso in un albergo mentre mangiava il corpo della sua vittima. Matthew Williams, 34 anni, non ha retto alla scarica del taser usato dagli agenti per immobilizzarlo. L'ultimo rifugio del cannibale era in un hotel nel villaggio di Argoed, a pochi chilometri da Cardiff, in Galles. La polizia ha fatto irruzione nella stanza dove l'uomo era barricato e lo ha trovato - così hanno riferito le forze dell'ordine - intento a mangiare i bulbi oculari di una ragazza di 22 anni, morta poi per le profonde ferite alle testa.

Berlino: un Muro fantasma ricorda i 25 anni dalla caduta di quello vero

Si fa ingoiare da un anaconda in tv, ira degli animalisti

Discovery Channel travolta dalle polemiche negli Stati Uniti a causa del programma "Eaten Alive" - mangiato vivo - che andrà in onda il prossimo 7 dicembre. Nella trasmissione un giovane di 26 anni, Paul Rosolie, si farà ingoiare vivo - protetto da un costume-corazza da lui disegnato - in Amazzonia da un gigantesco anaconda di 10 metri . Impresa che non va giù agli animalisti dell'organizzazione Peta (Peolple for Ethical Treatment of Animals) che chiedono alla rete tv di non mandare in onda il programma

UK weather: Get ready for ten days of heavy rain and 50mph gales

Areas of Britain are at risk from severe flooding as high winds and heavy rain sweep in from the Atlantic. Forecasters said people across Britain should prepare for as many as ten days of miserable weather, with gales as strong as 50mph in some places.
The Environment Agency called for “immediate action” by householders after issuing flood warnings in the southwest and northeast of England.
Residents of the North-west, Midlands and Wales were also told that flooding was possible in their areas and that they should “be prepared”.
59 flood alerts and warnings are currently in force around the UK by the Agency and the other bodies that monitor flooding in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Four inches of rain fell in Scotland and Northern Ireland overnight, with more set to fall today. Flooding and a landslip shut the A77 in Scotland, with flooding also reported in County Down.

INC News, 07/11/2014

Mother and boyfriend ‘laughed as they tortured three-year-old son to death’

A couple had sex and ate pizza as they tortured a three-year-old child to death, American prosecutors have alleged. Jillian Tait, who is the boy’s mother, and her boyfriend Gary Fellenbaum are accused of murdering the child over a period of three days through a process of physical torture.
Mr Fellenbaum is alleged to have repeatedly struck Scotty McMillan with a whip while hanging him upside down by his feet, as well as taping him to a chair and beating him with objects including a frying pan.
The couple live in a mobile home in Chester County, Pennsylvania, which they share with Mr Fellenbaum’s estranged wife.
The country’s district attorney Thomas Hogan described how nurses at the emergency room at the hospital where the child was brought “wept” when they saw his battered body.
“Let me tell you about an American Horror story,” he began his remarks while announcing charges for the case. “Little Scotty McMillan is dead.”
“He was punched in the face and in the stomach, he was scourged with a homemade whip, he was lashed with a metal rod, he was tied to a chair and beaten, he was tied upside down by his feet and beaten, his head was smashed through a wall and at the end of that he had bruises on top of bruises all over his body.”

see article in: Baby torture to death

INC News, 07/11/2014

Eleanor de Freitas: DPP to investigate case of alleged rape victim who killed herself after being charged with making false accusation

Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, has said she will personally investigate a case after a woman who was charged with making a false rape accusation killed herself three days before she was due to stand trial. Eleanor de Freitas, a student who suffered from bipolar, killed herself shortly before her trial was scheduled to begin at Southwark Crown Court.
Ms de Freitas left notes for her family explaining her fear of giving evidence in court as a motive for taking her life, The Guardian reports.
The 23-year-old said she was allegedly drugged and raped by a male associate late in 2012. She did not report the rape for some time after the event and she was told by police they could not proceed further because there was not a realistic chance of conviction. 
However, the CPS decided to prosecute Ms De Freitas for allegedly fabricating the rape claims, after the man she accused of attacking her had reportedly  spent £200,000 on pursing bringing a private prosecution against her. The CPS took over the private prosecution.

See article in:Eleanor de Freitas

INC News, 07/11/2014

Live like a caveman with a paleo lifestyle

La police arrête une musulmane "sauvage", agressée par une sioniste "civ...

What Is a Work Week?

Remains of Missing Fox Movie Executive Found

National Guard Chopper Crash Kills 2 Pilots

Cannibal Death Victim Named By Police

A woman murdered in a South Wales village - in what unconfirmed reports described as a cannibalistic attack - has been named by police. Sources say 22-year-old Cerys Marie Yemm was pronounced dead at a bed and breakfast in Argoed, in the Valleys, after being found with substantial facial injuries. Police fired a 50,000-volt Taser at Matthew Williams in an effort to stop his attack, before the 34-year-old man was restrained and arrested. He later died in custody. Gwent Police said they were not looking for any other suspects in the murder investigation.
read the story in: http://news.scannibal in uk
INC News, 07/11/2014

La infanta Cristina, imputada por fraude pero no por blanqueo

La Audiencia de Palma considera que hay suficientes indicios de la cooperación de la hermana del Rey en dos delitos fiscales en los ejercicios 2007 y 2008. Sólo el pseudosindicato Manos Limpias mantiene la acusación contra ella. "A la Infanta no le debe hacer ninguna ilusión que sus tesis hayan sido solo estimadas en parte", dice su abogado, Miquel Roca

INC News, 07/11/2014-via El Pais

A rare glimpse inside the International Space Station

Oblivious pedestrian causes China coach crash


A Spanish High Court said it would uphold charges of tax fraud 
against Cristina de Borbon, sister of King Felipe VI, rejecting 
an appeal against the charges

Francia: pugnala ragazzo,fermata starlette

Nabilla, star dei reality show francesi e svizzeri, è stata posta in stato di fermo, sospettata di aver pugnalato il suo fidanzato. La giovane donna, di 22 anni, pretende che il suo compagno, Thomas Vergara, 27 anni, sia stato ferito da ignoti. Notizia non confermata dai primi elementi delle indagini. Nabilla è stata fermata per ''tentato omicidio''.

INC News, 07/11/2014 - via ANSA AP

Bambina torturata e uccisa in Pakistan

Una bambina di sette anni è stata uccisa e buttata in una discarica dopo essere stata torturata a Quetta, nella provincia pachistana nord occidentale del Baluchistan. Lo riferisce the Express Tribune.

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INC News, 07/11/2014