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News very important from Kazakhstan!

We give our compliments to the Country considered as the last Eldorado, to receive from UNESCO such important award. We need to invite milions and milions tourists to joint territories of Kazakhstan, a land full of natural history.

Rotterdam, 15/07/2014-Mikhail Lermontov

 8 Silk Road monuments in Kazakhstan added to UNESCO World Heritage List

July 15, 10:51 UNESCO has added eight settlements of the Great Silk Road located at the territory of Kazakhstan onto its World Heritage List, tengrinews reports. 

The decision to enter the section of the Great Silk Road onto the List was taken at the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO that took place in Qatar’s Doha. It is called the Routes Network of Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor and is a 5,000 kilometer section of the Silk Road that took shape between the 2nd century BC and the 1st century AD. It stretches from Chang’an/Luoyang, China’s capital during the Han and Tang Dynasties, to the Zhetysu region in Central Asia. It was used until the 16th century AD.

There are 33 objects of the Silk Road in the list altogether. These include trading settlements, tombs and religious buildings, Buddhist cave temples, fortifications, ancient paths, posthouses, capital cities, palace complexes of various empires and Khan kingdoms, passes, beacon towers and sections of The Great Wall.

8 of these are located in Kazakhstan: settlements Aktobe, Kostobe, Kulan, Kajalyk, Talgar, Ornek, Akyrtas and Karamergen.
The idea of including the Silk Road in the UNESCO World Heritage List originated back in 2005. Now, scientists and academics are working to include other monuments of the Great Silk Road in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ornek Settlement. © O. Belyalov/Archaeological Expertise Scientific- Research Organization
Karamergen Settlement. © O. Belyalov/Archaeological Expertise Scientific- Research Organization

Aktobe Settlement. © O. Belyalov/Archaeological Expertise Scientific- Research Organization
 The Great Silk Road played a major role in the development of economic and cultural relations of the peoples of Asia Minor, Central Asia, the Caucasus and China. It served as a corridor for technological, cultural and religious exchange  For more information see: http://en.tengrinews.kz/environment/8-Silk-Road-monuments-in-Kazakhstan-added-to-UNESCO-World-Heritage-List-254517/? Use of the Tengrinews English materials must be accompanied by a hyperlink to en.Tengrinews.kz

Kayalyk Settlement. © O. Belyalov/Archaeological Expertise Scientific- Research Organization

la iniciativa francesa de crear una plataforma europea específica para combatir la hepatitis C.

Finalmente una iniziativa positiva, ma siamo certi che essa sia economicamente così costosa, la produzione? Non scordiamoci del famoso scandalo, mai stato scandalo, del prezzo del Voltarene negli anni 90. Ma se la produzione e la sperimentazione hanno davvero dato esiti oltre il limite di sicureza, bene venga lo spendere una cifra, ma  abbordabile, per salvare la vita umana, il cui costo gli Americani hanno stabilito che sia di 3,5 milioni di dollari.

Наконец позитивная инициатива, но мы уверены, что это экономически так дорого производство? Давайте не будем забывать знаменитый скандал (скандал никогда не было) о цене Voltarene в 90-е годы. Но если производство и испытания действительно дали результатов за пределом безопасности, это также потратить сумму, но доступным, чтобы спасти человеческую жизнь, стоимость которого американцы установили, что 3,5 млн долларов.

 Finally a positive initiative, but are we certain that it is economically so expensive the production? Let us not forget the famous scandal (scandal never was)about the price of Voltarene in the 90s. But if the production and testing have really given outcomes beyond the limit of safety, it is as well spend an amount, but affordable, to save human life, the cost of which Americans have established that be 3.5 million dollars.
Hepatitis C
Rotterdam,15/07/2014-INC News

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Almaty, 16/07/2014-INCNews

Авария в московском метро: почти 20 погибших, около 100 пострадавших

Terrible derailment inside the tube of Moskow Metro

Metro Moskow

A terrible derailment of a metro train in Moscow has created dozens of deaths and injuries (16 dead and 160 injured).

Страшная крушения поезда метро в Москве создал десятки погибших и раненых (16 погибших и 160 раненых).

 Un terribile deragliamento di un treno della metropolitana di Mosca ha creato decine di morti e feriti (16 dead and 160 injured).

Rotterdam, 15/07/2014-INC News

Спасатели продолжают работать в зоне ЧП в московском метро

Russia: Moscow Metro carriage derails, up to 16 dead

Rotterdam, 15/07/2014-INC News

BREAKING NEWS Russian Train Derailment 16 dead in Moscow Metro Crash Tho...

Rotterdam, 15/07/2014-INC News

RUSSIA Moscow Metro Train Derails | Moscow Subway Train Derailment | Mos...

Rotterdam, 15/07/2014-INC News

Naked cyclists bike for their rights - no comment

Underwater Concert In Florida - no comment

Британские спецслужбы смогут хранить личные данные интернет-пользователей

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Raw: Hailstorm Hits Siberian Sunbathers

Пресс-конференция Владимира Путина и Дилмы Роуссефф

Lettere dal cuore, tra "Uccelli di Rovo" e realta' quotidiana

Giusto si parlava poco fa della Chiesa di Gran Bretagna ed ecco che spuntano lettere di donne che confessano il loro amore per un prete. Il grandissimo problema del celibato dei preti che Papa Francesco ha deciso di approfondire, riveste un aspetto quanto mai profondo ed estremamente delicato. La problematica della pedofilia e dei preti-padre, e'ancora oggi dibattino serio tra le mura del Vaticano e noi siamo dell'avviso che non si stia facendo abbastanza per combattere questa piaga millenaria.

 Uccelli di rovo
Rotterdam, 15/07/2014-INC News