Monday, March 2, 2015

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At least 9 wounded in blast near Cairo court building

Electric hydrofoiling watercraft delivers eco-friendly thrills

Анна Дурицкая отвергает версию убийства из ревности

Anna Duritskaya, compagna di Nemtsov:"Non ho visto nulla"

Dashcam near miss: Policeman leaps out the path of speeding truck

USA: Los Angeles police shoot homeless man dead

ISIS releases Assyrian Christian hostages

Thousands March in Memory of Slain Putin Rival

Hearing after 39 years of silence - BBC News

Islamic State: 'Jihadi John' was a loner says defector - BBC News

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - BBC News

Raw: Suspect Arrested in Killing of US Blogger

Woman Rescued From Ariz. Cave

Senegalese migrants flee Libya violence

S Africa sex workers call for legalisation of prostitution

Boris Nemtsov Was Killed in High-Security Area

RUSSIA - Nemzov, la fidanzata: “Non ho visto i killer”

Anna Duritskaya, la giovane modella ucraina che si trovata in compagnia del compagno Boris Nemtsov, l’oppositore ucciso venerdì scorso vicino al Cremlino, ha riferito di aver fornito la sua testimonianza e di non capire perché gli investigatori non le consentano di ripartire per l’Ucraina. La Duritskaya ha raccontato che gli investigatori la trattengono per motivi di sicurezza. Domani, ha aggiunto, non sarà in grado di partecipare ai funerali del compagno: «Non posso uscire, probabilmente non andrò».   
«Ora ho lo status di testimone. Ho dato tutte le possibili testimonianze e non capisco perché sono ancora nel territorio della Federazione russa», ha spiegato in una intervista alla tv indipendente Dozhd, sostenendo di voler rimpatriare per vedere la madre malata. 

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INC News, 02/03/2015 - via La Stampa

NEDERLANDS - Turkse onderzoeksjournalist opgepakt

De Turkse autoriteiten hebben de bekende Turkse onderzoeksjournalist Mehmet Baransu opgepakt. De journalist van de kritische krant Taraf wordt ervan beschuldigd een criminele organisatie te hebben opgericht, meldde het Turkse persbureau DHA maandag.

INC News, 02/03/2015 - via Volskskrant

DENMARK - Danish teen taken from father over ISIS-joining fears

A 15-year-old Danish boy has been taken into care after fears he would become radicalized and his Muslim father would send him to Syria. The boy had begun to attend the Grimhoej mosque, which has become infamous for not denouncing the Islamic State.
The boy, who has not been named, was taken away from his father in September according to a report that was released on Sunday. However, Danish authorities began to become concerned about the teen almost exactly two years ago.
INC News, 02/03/2015 - via RT News

AMERICA - Los Angeles, poliziotto spara e uccide senzatetto

Sta già alimentando nuove tensioni con la polizia americana il video pubblicato su Facebook che mostra almeno sei agenti del dipartimento di Los Angeles tentare di neutralizzare con la forza un senzatetto, che colpiscono ripetutamente dopo aver avuto un alterco in strada. Poi si sente almeno un agente sparare 5 colpi di pistola che hanno ucciso l’uomo nel quartiere centrale di Skid Row.

america - Sole woman on Georgia's death row to be executed on Monday

The only woman on Georgia’s death row is set to be executed on Monday.
Kelly Renee Gissendaner, 46, is set to die at 7pm at the state prison in Jackson after the execution was delayed last week, because of bad weather. Gissendaner was convicted of murder in the February 1997 stabbing death of her husband. Prosecutors said she plotted his death with her boyfriend, Gregory Owen. Owen pleaded guilty and is serving a life sentence. If Gissendaner’s execution happens, she will be the first woman executed in Georgia since 1945 and only the 16th woman put to death nationwide since the supreme court in 1976 allowed the death penalty to resume. She was originally set to be executed last Wednesday, but the Department of Corrections postponed her execution because of projected winter weather conditions.
INC News, 02/03/2015 - via The Guardian


Woningen Geldermalsen geëvacueerd wegens gaslek

In het centrum van Geldermalsen zijn 30 bewoners van een appartementencomplex geëvacueerd vanwege een gaslek. Ze zijn ondergebracht in een gebouw van het Rode Kruis.

KAZAKHSTAN - Sleepy Hollow reborn: Kazakhstan villagers report new cases of mysterious disorder

New cases of the inexplicable disorder, dubbed “Sleepy Hollow,” have appeared in Kalachi, the village in Kazakhstan where every tenth villager, including children, has mysteriously fallen asleep in broad daylight, some unable to wake up for days on end.
"The ninth wave of the disease has started,” Amanbek Kalzhanov, head of the administration of Esil district, told Interfax. “Yesterday two people – a man and a woman – became sick. Since the outbreak of the disease 120 people have fallen ill." 
According to Kalzhanov, the overall situation in Kalachi, a village in northern Kazakhstan, is under control. The local hospital is fully operational, along with a school, attended by about 40 students. 

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INC News, 02/03/2015 - via RT News

Russian retail food price freeze, as inflation surges

Russia’s top supermarket chains are to freeze prices on basic foodstuffs for two months, soaking up the costs as food is expected to eat up half of Russians’ incomes this year. The retailers plan to freeze prices on 20 socially important items in an attempt to stabilize the food market, the Association of Retail Stores (AKORT) said on its website last week.
“The supermarket chains are certain that their actions will help stabilize the situation on the food market, in the interests of the population”, the Association said. Retailers want to show their socially responsibility as food prices rise following the ruble’s plunge of over 40 percent to the dollar and the food import bans.
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INC News 02/03/2015 - via RT News

Russia could change food embargo

Russia may loosen its embargo on food from some EU countries such as Greece by allowing agricultural products to be processed within the country, said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.
His comments come after the Greek government asked Russia to lift sanctions on supplies of “key agricultural production” such as peaches, strawberries and oranges that are being left to rot due to a lack of a market.
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INC News, 02/03/2015 - via RT


Lavrov: Nemtsov killing a 'filthy' crime, will be investigated with utmost vigor

It is blasphemous to use tragedies like the murder of Boris Nemtsov in an attempt to substitute the investigation and suggest politicized interpretations, Russia’s FM said, adding: “This filthy crime will be investigated with the utmost rigor of the law.”
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the murder culprits will not be able to escape justice.
“President Putin made all necessary orders immediately, and they will be very closely monitored,” Lavrov said.
INC News, via RT

Panic at a nightclub after two are shot

Model may be key witness in slaying of Putin critic

Brazil's president inaugurates new Rio road tunnel

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Moscow offers reward for information about Nemtsov killer

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Следователи восстановили маршрут Немцова в день убийства

Snow Disrupts NYC-Area Travel

Raw: Israel's Netanyahu Arrives in Washington

Mourners Call Murder 'Turning Point' for Russia

3 Missing UK Girls Seen Boarding Bus to Syria

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Bad Car-ma

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