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Программа ВРЕМЯ в 21.00 (01.06.2016) 01 июня 2016 «1 канал»

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TG La7 - Edizione delle ore 20.00 del 01/06/2016

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Cologne 2.0? 26 women complain sexual assault at German music festival

There are major concerns in Germany after numerous women complained they've been sexually harassed by a group of migrants. The attacks took place at a German music festival.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©RTNews

RUSSIA - Moscow lab close to developing 3D-printed thyroid gland for humans

A Russian 3D bioprinting laboratory in Moscow could be on the verge of creating a human thyroid gland, with scientists from '3D Bioprinting Solutions' saying, Wednesday, that a breakthrough using the latest technology is not far away.

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GERMANY - Sanctions can't stop progress as Russian tech companies hit Ber...

Russian companies exhibited their innovations at ILA Air Show 2016 in Berlin, Wednesday, with Western sanctions against Moscow allegedly causing little concern for Russo-German scientific cooperation. 

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RUSSIA - Putin visits Moscow maternity ward on Intl. Children's Day

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KAZAKHSTAN - Привет из-за колючей проволоки: мамы-сидельцы поздравили детей

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KAZAKHSTAN - Парламент против Нацбанка – противостояние продолжается

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CALIFORNIA - Sparatoria all'Università UCLA di Los Angeles. Confermati due morti

Almeno due persone sono morte nel corso di una sparatoria all'Università UCLA di Los Angeles. La conferma arriva dall'amministrazione dello stesso campus e dalla polizia, che in un primo momento si era limitata a parlare di "vittime", senza specificare se si trattasse di persone decedute o rimaste solo ferite. Citando sempre le forze dell'ordine, il giornale dell'Università sostiene che siano entrambe persone di sesso maschile.

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METEO - Inondazioni interessano Germania e Francia

Un maggio cosí piovoso non si vedeva da anni in Francia, soprattutto in alcune zone. Tra queste anche Parigi dove la Senna è uscita dagli argini e ha superato il livello dei 4,32 metri. Un picco ulteriore delle precipitazioni è previsto per il prossimo weekend. Ventitrè dipartimenti della metà settentrionale del Paese, martedí, erano ancora in stato di allerta arancione a causa delle forti piogge e del rischio allagamenti. Mercoledí ne restano ancora due.

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ECONOMY - Il Brasile rimane in recessione - economy

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EGYPTAIR - Captati dei segnali, Parigi conferma "vengono da scatola nera"

Una nave idrografica francese ha captato il segnale di una delle scatole nere dell'aereo EgyptAir inabissatosi nel Mediterraneo il 19 maggio. La conferma arriva dalla Bea, l'ufficio francese d'inchiesta sui disastri aerei. 
L'Airbus A320 volava da Parigi al Cairo con 66 persone a bordo e si ritiene che le scatole nere siano finite sui fondali del Mediterraneo a circa 3.000 metri di profondità, a metà strada tra le coste egiziane di Alessandria e l'isola greca di Creta.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©euronews

FERROVIE - Inaugurato il tunnel del San Gottardo, "cantiere del secolo"

"È il cantiere del secolo", il tunnel ferroviario più lungo del mondo: e non mancano di sottolinearlo i capi di Stato e di governo francese, tedesco e italiano che insieme agli svizzeri hanno inaugurato il tunnel del San Gottardo. 57 km e 100 metri, attraverso i quali potranno transitare a regime fino a 260 treni merci e 65 convogli passeggeri al giorno, con punte di velocità superiori ai 200 km all'ora. 

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FERROVIE - Tunnel del San Gottardo, la storia

Questa è la detonazione che inaugura l'inizio dei lavori di un'opera monumentale: la perforazione del massiccio roccioso del San Gottardo, nel cuore delle Alpi svizzere per costruire un tunnel. 
Per lo scavo sono state utilizzate quattro Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) chiamate in gergo macchine «talpa». Sono Gabi 1 e 2, Heidi e Sissi, e ognuna di loro pesa 3mila tonnellate. 

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'Nederland overspoeld door cocaïne'

Er worden steeds meer grote partijen cocaïne in beslag genomen in Nederland. Volgens verslaggever Mick van Wely worden drugsimporteurs steeds zelfverzekerder en proberen ze steeds grotere partijen tegelijk in te voeren.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©DeTelegraaf

RAILWAY - Dit is de langste tunnel ter wereld

In Zwitserland is de langste tunnel ter wereld vandaag feestelijk geopend. De Gotthard-Basistunnel is 57 kilometer lang en gaat dwars door de Alpen.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©DeTelegraaf

FLORIDA - Gigantic gator spotted on golf course

A group of golfers happened across a massive alligator on a golf course in Palmetto, Florida.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©CNN

CBN NewsWatch: June 1, 2016

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CANADA - Returning to Fort McMurray

Wildrose leader and Fort McMurray MLA, Brian Jean, lost his own home in the fire talks about how he & residents are dealing with the return.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©CBC News

SEXUAL ABUSES - ‘He took videos of me naked’

A man is facing multiple life sentences for numerous sex crimes against Malaysian children. Richard Huckle, 30, from Ashford in Kent, admitted to a string of offenses against children aged between six months and 12 years, from 2006 to 2014.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©BBC News

CULTURE - Palestinians create seed library to preserve farming heritage

A project to preserve rare heritage crops is launching this month in the occupied West Bank. 
Vivian Sansour has been on a mission, to track down threatened heirloom crops, in an effort to retain 
produce under threat from modernization and politics.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

CULTURE - Collectors flock to New York World Stamp Show

A once-in-a-decade event is aiming to show that stamp collecting can still survive in the age of fast technology.
The World Stamp Show in New York draws enthusiasts from around the globe.
Some are prepared to spend serious money on rare items. 

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

EGYPT AIR 804 - French ship picks up 'EgyptAir black box signals'

French investigators say they have picked up signals, possibly originating from the black box of the EgyptAir plane that crashed last month. The Airbus A320 was flying from Paris to Cairo when it crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. 66 passengers and crew were on board. 

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©AlJAzeera

RAILWAY - Swiss rail tunnel breaks records

For centuries the Swiss Alps have been a major transport barrier for anyone wanting to travel or move freight from Italy into the north of Switzerland and on to northern and western Europe. But now after decades of planning and construction the Gothard base tunnel is finished; twin rail tunnels running 57.09 km beneath the Alps. It is the longest rail tunnel in the world, beating both Japan's Seikan tunnel and the Channel Tunnel between England and France in terms of length. It's also the deepest, and at points it has 2300 meters of rock above it. 

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©AlJazeera

ZIKA - US Woman With Zika Virus Has Baby Born with Microcephaly

The woman gave birth to the baby at the Donna A. Sanzari Women's Hospital in Hackensack, New Jersey today, according to Hackensack University Medical Center.

INC News, 011/06/2016 - source: ©abcNews

STORY - Hidden WWII Love Letters Found in Pensacola Home

A couple discovered the decades-old letters in a home that was built in the 1970's.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©abcNews

RAILWAYS - World's Longest and Deepest Train Tunnel Unveiled

Named after the Roman Catholic patron saint of traveling merchants, St. Gotthard, the Gotthard Base Tunnel will connect northern and southern Europe, and shorten travel time for many rail routes in Europe.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©abcNews

AMERICA - UCLA Shooting | At Least 2 Shot on Campus

The LAPD has reported that there were two confirmed victims following a possible shooting incident on UCLA's campus today. The status of the victims is not known and the school remains on lockdown. It is unclear if a suspect is at large.The investigation into the shooting is focused on the school's Boelter Hall, which is part of their engineering school. A team from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is responding to the scene in addition to the LAPD.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©ABC News

«Мисс Турция» получила срок за оскорбление президента

К 14 месяцам тюрьмы условно за оскорбление президента страны приговорена бывшая «Мисс Турция» Мерве Бююксарач. Два года назад в своём блоге она процитировала несколько фраз из сатирического стихотворения, посвящённого громкому коррупционному скандалу. Реджеп Эрдоган тогда занимал пост премьера. Несмотря на то, что девушка не была автором стихов и была далеко не единственной, кто их цитировал, суд счёл её вину доказанной.

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Вирус Зика: ВОЗ призывает к длительному воздержанию

Восемь недель полового воздержания рекомендует Всемирная Организация Здравоохранения людям, вернувшимся из стран, где отмечен вирус Зика. Или как минимум — с использованием средств контрацепции. И это только в том случае, если никаких симптомов лихорадки не обнаружено. Если же признаки заражения есть, ограничений рекомендуют придерживаться минимум полгода. 

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ECONOMY - Синдзо Абэ перенёс введение непопулярного налога на 2019 г.

Премьер-министр Японии Синдзо Абэ официально объявил о переносе повышения налога с продаж до 10% с нынешних 8 на октябрь 2019 года. Этот налог является основным источником доходов для японского бюджета. Но его введение могло бы иметь негативные последствия для потребительской активности, основного двигателя роста для стагнирующей японской экономики. Повышение налога с 5 до 8% в 2014 г. привело к временному экономическому спаду.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©euronews

Полиция США взялась расследовать убийство гориллы

В США полиция приступает к расследованию дела о происшествии в зоопарке Цинцинатти — в минувшую субботу его сотрудникам пришлось застрелить гориллу, в вольер которой упал ребёнок. 
Полицейские не исключают, в принципе, что могут выдвинуть и уголовные обвинения. 
Защитники природы называют решение убить обезьяну неоправданным. Кроме этого, они обвиняют администрацию зоопарка в пренебрежении мерами безопасности.

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В Швейцарии открывается самый длинный в мире Готардский базисный тоннель

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©euronews

TURCHIA - Condannata ex-Miss Turchia per insulti a Erdogan

Continua il giro di vite nella Turchia di Recep Tayyip Erdogan contro dissidenti ed opposizione. Merve Buyuksarac, Miss Turchia nel 2006, è stata condannata a 1 anno e 2 mesi di prigione per aver insultato il Capo dello Stato. La sua colpa: aver postato sul conto Instagram una poesia offensiva per Erdogan quando era ancora Premier. Il processo a suo carico era stato avviato nel 2014. La pena nei confronti della donna, 27 anni, è stata al momento sospesa.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©euronews

COSTA CONCORDIA - Confermati 16 anni di carcere per Schettino

Confermati 16 anni di reclusione dalla Corte d'Appello di Firenze per Francesco Schettino.
Il comandante della Costa Concordia, naufragata all'isola del Giglio il 13 gennaio 2012, è considerato responsabile della morte di 32 tra passeggeri e membri dell'equipaggio che si trovavano a bordo della nave da crociera.
Pena accessoria rispetto a quanto stabilito dal tribunale di Grosseto, il divieto totale di praticare ogni professione marittima per 5 anni.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©euronews

ZIKA VIRUS - Minimo 2 mesi di sesso protetto dopo rientro dal Brasile

Da un minimo di 2 mesi a un massimo di 6 di relazioni sessuali protette dopo un rientro dal Brasile o da altre aree dell'America Latina in cui sia diffuso il virus. 
Sono le nuove raccomandazioni dell'Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità (Oms) nel quadro della lotta contro il virus Zika veicolato dalla zanzara e per evitare casi di macrocefalia nei bambini.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©euronews

ANIMAL PLANET - Uccisione Gorilla Harambe, polizia Cincinnati apre inchiesta

La polizia dell'Ohio avvia un'inchiesta per chiarire circostanze ed eventuali responsabilità per l'uccisione di Harambe, raro esemplare di Gorilla di pianura occidentale. L'esemplare è stato abbattuto dopo che un bambino di 3 anni era accidentalmente caduto nella gabbia del primate allo zoo di Cincinnati. La sola conseguenza per il bimbo è stato un grosso spavento, oltre a qualche lieve escoriazione riportata nella caduta all'interno della recinzione.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©euronews

TRASPORTI - Oggi inaugurazione in Svizzera del tunnel ferroviario più lungo del mondo

Inaugurazione oggi in Svizzera della *Galleria del San Gottardo*. Con i suoi 57,1 km sarà il tunnel ferroviario più lungo del mondo. Ci sono voluti 17 anni di lavori e un investimento pari a 11 miliardi di euro. Oggi l'opera dimostra l'ormai definitiva scelta della Svizzera nel privilegiare il trasporto su rotaia rispetto a quello su gomma, anche per le merci. 

INC News 01/06/2016 - source: ©euronews

MEDIA - The world's longest train tunnel inaugurated

The world's longest train tunnel will be inaugurated on Wednesday.
When fully operational, the Gotthard Base tunnel will slice 45 minutes off the journey between Zurich and Lugano.
It will also form a crucial link on the Rhine-Alp corridor from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp through Germany to Genoa. *The world's longest tunnel*

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©euronews

CHINA - How not to do DIY...Man gets head stuck in washing machine

Firefighters in east China were called to the aid of a man whose DIY attempt to fix his washing machine had gone badly wrong.The man had put his head inside the machine's drum in order to repair it, but found that his head became stuck.Firefighters quickly freed the man after half an hour.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©euronews

KOREA - Zo zag u Kim Jong-un nog nooit

Weinig mensen zullen blij worden van raketten, maar de Noord-Koreaanse leider Kim Jong-un krijgt een glimlach van oor tot oor als hij militaire oefeningen mag bekijken. De staatstelevisie lanceerde deze opmerkelijke beelden.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©DeTelegraaf

NEDERLAANDS - Sexy zusjes luiden juni in

Boerendochters Mariëlle en Yvonne zijn de missen van juni. De Drentse meiden werden tot hun eigen verrassing geselecteerd voor de bekende boerinnenkalender. In agrarisch Nederland is de kalender intussen uitgegroeid tot de Pirelli-kalender voor de boeren.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©DeTelegraaf

OTTAWA - Bus driver defends Muslim woman under verbal attack

Ottawa bus driver Alain Charette is standing up against hatred when a Muslim woman was verbally attacked by a fellow passenger.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©CTV News

MEDIA - Why aren't more women playing eSports?

Kristie Lu Stout speaks to Lydia Picknell about the challenges women face in eSports, and the threats she's received as a coach

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©CNN

SLAVERY - New study says global slavery up 30%

Kristie Lu Stout breaks down the 2016 Global Slavery Index with Matthew Friedman of the Mekong Club, a non-profit organization that fights slavery.

INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©CNN


French vessel detected signals presumed to come from EgyptAir MS804 black boxes 

A French ship has detected signals deep under the Mediterranean Sea, believed to be from the black boxes of EgyptAir Flight MS804. The plane crashed last month, killing all 66 passengers and crew on board.
Citing a statement from Egypt's investigation committee, the Civil Aviation Ministry said the signals were received from the French vessel 'Laplace.'  
The investigation committee, said in a statement that the search for the black boxes is intensifying ahead of the expected arrival of a separate vessel from the Mauritius-based Deep Ocean Search, which will aim to retrieve the devices. That ship is expected to arrive within a week.
Locator pings emitted by flight data and cockpit voice recorders, known as black boxes, can be detected from deep underwater.
The Airbus A320 crashed on May 19, around 170 kilometers (105 miles) from the Egyptian coast in the Mediterranean sea. The plane had taken off from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. 
INC News, 01/06/2016 - source: ©RTNews

KAZAKHSTAN - Карта «педофилов» в открытом доступе: за и против

Казахстанские эксперты разошлись во мнении о целесообразности публикации электронной карты «педофилов». Прокуратура уже выложила в Сеть данные десятков человек, осужденных по обвинению в сексуальном насилии в отношении несовершеннолетних.
Спустя пару дней после того, как генеральная прокуратура Казахстана опубликовала карту «педофилов», разразился скандал. Житель Алматы Кенжебек Исламов, видеосюжет о котором 25 мая показал «31 канал», заявил, что прокуратура «по ошибке» включила его в базу данных «педофилов». Исламов признаёт, что 25 лет назад действительно был судим, но не по делу «о педофилии». Он сказал, что требует официальных извинений от генеральной прокуратуры, заявив о намерении подать в суд. Как сообщает «31 канал», в генеральной прокуратуре заявили, что Исламов привлекался по статье «Групповое изнасилование». Жертва была несовершеннолетней, и поэтому Исламов и попал в карту «педофилов».
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Программа ВРЕМЯ в 21.00 (31.05.2016) 31 мая 2016 «1 канал»

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