Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Детоубийца из Нижнего тщательно спланировал свое преступление

Каракурты атакуют - теперь уже жителей Уральска

Ермегияеву не позволили покинуть свои апартаменты

Запад США: пожары охватывают новые территории

В Осло боялись теракта в кампусе

Десятки пострадавших в автокатастрофе в Хабаровском крае

Оползень убил трех человек в Италии

Папа Римский - за смягчение позиции церкви по разводам

Свидетель 04 08 15 рус


Hatchet-wielding ’Mad Max’ shooter killed in Nashville theater

A SWAT team responded to an active shooter situation at the Carmike Hickory 8 theater in the 900 block of Bell Road in Antioch, a suburb southeast of Nashville, Tennessee. Officials say the attacker had a gun and a hatchet. The movie was reportedly 'Mad Max'.
It is unclear whether the  suspected shooter was killed by a police officer who helped evacuate the theater, or by the SWAT team that responded to the emergency. His dead body was found inside the theater after the SWAT secured the building.


Plane debris discovered on Reunion Island belongs to flight MH370 

Malaysian premier Najib Razak has confirmed that plane debris found on Reunion Island belongs to flight MH370 which went missing last year.
The PM has also stated that his government is working to discover the truth about what happened to the flight.
"The international team of experts have conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris found on Reunion Island is indeed from MH370," he said in a televised statement, as cited by Reuters.

Van De Telegraaf - Enorme brand teistert Tilburg

Van De Telegraaf - Dubai bouwt langste skipiste

Van De Telegraaf´Ik vrees dat ik van afzien hou’

Iran nuclear deal: Obama and Netanyahu make competing appeals to US Jews

Greece: Anti-austerity protesters denounce 'ever-closer' bailout deal

Boat carrying hundreds of migrants capsizes in Mediterranean

Papa Francesco apre ai divorziati che si risposano

Allarme ONU per le alluvioni in Myanmar: "A rischio la produzione di riso"

Barcone si rovescia al largo della Libia. Si temono centinaia di vittime

Regno Unito, rallentamento dei servizi sotto la lente della banca centra...

Atene verso un accordo con i creditori. La sinistra torna in piazza

Obama lancia la campagna per fare approvare l'accordo sul nucleare iraniano

Тюремный стартап: заключенные учатся программировать - BBC Russian

MH370, inizia oggi in Francia l'analisi del pezzo d'ala ritrovato

Si allarga inchiesta su presunta pedofilia ex-Premier britannico Heath

Retromarcia India su censura siti porno. Governo: solo se pornografia in...

Missing MH370: analysis of wing part due to begin in France

Man run over by his own car during road rage incident

Hemet Police Department released dramatic footage on August 3 showing the moment a 53-year-old man was run over by his own car, which was stolen during a road-rage incident in Hemet, California, on July 31. 

INC News, 05/08/2015 - via Euronews

Зачем американцы сбросили ядерные бомбы на Японию?

Investigation widens into abuse allegations against former British prime...

Жизнь в Афинах: демонстрации, забастовки, обещания правительства

Two trains derailed amid floods in India

Запад США: пожары охватывают новые территории

Ядерное соглашение с Ираном: дебаты не утихают

School officer sued for handcuffing a disabled child

В Москве встретили победителей и участников специальной Олимпиады

Вашингтон не получал одобрения конгресса или Совбеза ООН на удары по арм...

Fifth graphic Planned Parenthood video released

Christopher Hyndman found dead

ФОТО: Туманный покров

Photo/AFP/Kirill Kudryavtsev/Густой туман покрывает деревья и кустарники неподалеку от деревни Капустино, на окраине Москвы 

Raw: India Train Derailment Kills Dozens

Dozens of people are reported dead after two trains derailed over a bridge in Central India. The trains were crossing a track that was heavily flooded by monsoon rains.

INC News, 05/08/2015 - via AP

3 Dead in Possible 'Ritualistic Killing' in Fla.

A triple homicide in Florida is being investigated as a possible ritualistic killing connected to the recent blue moon, a sheriff said Tuesday. Three bodies were found in a Pensacola home on Friday. 

INC News, 05/08/2015 - via AP

Raw: Chinese Officials Crack Down On Crosses

Authorities in parts of China are believed to be under a two-month deadline to remove crosses from the spires, vaults, roofs and wall arches of the 4,000 or so churches that dot the landscape.

INC News, 05/08/2015 - via AP

Desert Manhunt for Suspect after a String of Violent Crimes in California

At least 27 dead after two trains derail in India

Ivory Coast begins compensating victims of political crisis

How beautiful is our Planet

The MSG-4 weather satellite has started beaming down pictures of earth from its geostationary orbit, with the first image released on Tuesday showing Africa and Europe. Detailed images from satellites, which are placed in a stationary orbit over a single spot, are used to monitor the evolution of weather systems. A series of pictures can be combined into a time-lapse animation.
The fourth Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) is the final satellite in the European weather monitoring constellation. It was launched last month and handed over from the European Space Agency to the meteorological service EUMETSAT on July 26 after it was moved into its final orbit.

INC News, 05/08/2015 - via RT

London Underground workers strike over 24 hour tube, ‘gaping holes in staffing’

Members of four rail unions will begin 24 hours of strike action from Wednesday night, with all London Underground stations expected to close, as workers reject Transport for London’s (TFL) pay offer for the proposed 24 hour tube service.
Attacking the night tube project, Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union general secretary Mick Cash said: “Londoners need to be aware that the night tube was rushed and botched from the off.” 
According to Cash, that is why “five weeks before it starts staff are striking because they will not accept that their work-life balance should be wrecked to plug the gaping holes in staffing capacity that should have been dealt with from day one.
Read article HERE
INC News, 05/08/2015 - via RT

Два грузовика взорвались после ДТП

12 dead, more than 60 injured in bus crash near Khabarovsk in Russia's Far East

A head-on collision involving two buses on a major highway in the Khabarovsk region in Russia’s Far East left at least 12 people killed and 60 others reportedly injured.Three people are in a serious condition, according to the police. The buses collided some 125km from Khabarovsk, the police said. One of the vehicles turned over. The Emergencies Ministry sent helicopters to take those needing urgent treatment to hospital. INC News, 05/08/2015 - via RT

Russia submits 1.2 million sq km Arctic claim to UN

Russia has filed an application to expand the boundaries of its continental shelf in the Arctic. Moscow made a similar claim in 2002, but the UN turned it down for lack of scientific support.
“The Russian application covers an underwater space covering an area of about 1.2 million sq km at a distance of over 350 nautical miles from the coast. To justify Russia’s bid for expansion, Russian experts used extensive scientific data collected during many years of Arctic research,” said a statement from a Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday.
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INC News, 05/08/2015 - via RT

Наталья Поклонская займется безопасностью

Россию ждет дефицит бензина?

Россияне просят Путина не уничтожать продукты

70 лет атомной бомбардировки: Хиросима вспоминает

Islamic State sex slave price list authentic, $165 for a child

Apriamo la nostra giornata di lavoro con questo articolo dei colleghi di RT. Il solo pensare che  esista, oggi anni 3000, una situazione simile, fa solo stare male. Un pensiero ed un momento di
riflessione passi anche in voi che ci leggete e vedete ció che accade da quando un gruppo scellerato ha deciso di cancellare dal pianeta ogni
forma di progresso in nome di una cosa che é relagata solo a loro e che nulla ha a che vedere con la religione musulmana.


After circulating for almost a year, the UN has finally confirmed the authenticity of the Islamic State Sex Price list being offered to their fighters and other men trying to purchase sex slaves as young as one for $165.
Originally published online in November, the UN got hold of the actual hard copy in April, but was reluctant to confirm its authenticity. Now Zainab Bangura, the UN's Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sexual Violence in Conflict, said the sex menu choices are real.


INC News, 05/08/2015 - via RT

Начинается анализ флаперона "Боинга" с Реюньона

Расследование обвинений британского экс-премьера в педофилии ширится

20 лет операции "Буря": хорваты празднуют победу, сербы поминают жертв

Активист: Правила ЕС неизбежно разорят французских фермеров

В Индии провели ритуал разбивания кокосов о головы

Сергей Лавров и Джон Керри проведут в Малайзии переговоры по Украине


Armed suspect threatens to bomb Lakebay Marina in Washington

The Lakebay Marina in Washington state has been evacuated after a man reportedly fired a shotgun into the air and threatened to set off bombs he claims to have in his boat, according to local news reports.
The marina is about an hour’s drive from Seattle, Washington.