Wednesday, December 10, 2014

В Актюбинской области девочка спасла из пожара маленьких сестёр

В стране снизили цены на бензин

Moscow eye of Sauron closed after church kicks The Hobbit PR

Weather Bomb: How Big Are The Waves?

Storms batter both U.S. coasts

Car crashes into house roof

$14 million car found under a pile of magazines

"Weather bomb" causes blackouts and transport disruptions in UK

Mediterranean deadlier than ever as migration surges in 2014

New Scotland Yard sold to Abu Dhabi investors

Nobel Peace Prize presented to children's champions Malala and Satyarthi

DISTURBING CONTENT: Synagogue attacker shot dead by police, NY

RUSSIA - Ruble Slides Lower Ahead of Central Bank Meeting

The ruble extended losses on Wednesday afternoon as oil prices slid to a new five-year low after the OPEC oil producers' group cut its demand forecast for next year. At 6:50 p.m., the ruble was down around 1.1 percent against the dollar at 54.65 and down 1.6 percent against the euro at 67.92, hitting a new all-time low against the euro-zone currency. Global oil benchmark Brent was around 3 percent lower, below $65 a barrel, in late afternoon trading in Moscow.
"Oil is playing against the ruble, but on the other hand we are awaiting the Central Bank, which could unexpectedly 'give a thump on the head' with interventions," said Pyotr Neimyshev, a forex trader at bank Otkritie. Oil and gas account for two-thirds of Russia's exports, so oil price swings have an important impact on the country's balance of payments and therefore the currency.
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INC News, 10/12/2014

ITALIA - Gilberta Palleschi trovata morta in Ciociaria, muratore confessa e indica il luogo

E' in stato di fermo l'uomo che è stato interrogato dai carabinieri in relazione alla morte di Giloberta Palleschi, la professoressa il cui corpo è stato trovato oggi in Ciociaria a 40 giorni dalla sua scomparsa. L' uomo, un muratore originario di Sora, ha confessato. Sarebbe stato lui stesso ad indicare il luogo del ritrovamento del cadavere. Il cadavere della donna, che il giorno della scomparsa era uscita a fare jogging, è stato trovato in una cava a Campoli Appennino. Il cadavere era privo degli indumenti. Il luogo del ritrovamento dista circa 20 chilometri da dove fece perdere le sue tracce, ovvero in località San Martino a Broccostella. Gilberta Palleschi era un'insegnante di inglese e ricopriva un incarico nella sezione del Lazio dell'Unicef. 

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INC News, 10/12/2014 - via ANSA AP

ITALIA - Uxoricidio-suicidio a Rapallo

Stiamo facendo di ogni cosa per arginare la spirale del femminicidio, ma a nulla vale lo sforzo. Anche oggi un nuovo uxoricidio-suicidio, commesso da unuomo violento e conosciuto negli ambienti della  Polizia per tale. Ecco la notizia data da ANSA:

L'ha uccisa con quattro coltellate poi ha afferrato suo figlio, un anno appena, e con lui si è gettato dal quinto piano della palazzina dove viveva con sua moglie Gisella Mazzoni, il piccolo Francesco e due cani jack russel. Alessio Loddo si è ucciso mettendo fine anche alla vita di suo figlio dopo aver trucidato la donna che viveva con lui in via Lamarmora a Rapallo. Un omicidio-suicidio annunciato con un sms alla sorella, poco prima delle 17: la uccido poi uccido me stesso. L'ha fatto. I passanti hanno sentito il tonfo sul selciato, si sono dati la voce, è arrivata l'ambulanza. I corpi senza vita di Francesco e Alessio sono stati raccolti e portati via mentre arrivavano i carabinieri.

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INC News, 10/12/2014 - via ANSA AP

Italy expresses its support for Kazakhstan's international initiatives

ASTANA. KAZINFORM "Italy expresses its support for Kazakhstan's international initiatives," Deputy Foreign Minister of Italy Lapo Pistelli said at the meeting with 1st Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Rapil Zhoshybayev. 
As Mr Pistelli said, Kazakhstan is a key partner of Italy in the region and voiced the country's support for the international initiatives of Kazakhstan. 
In his turn, Zhoshybayev briefed on the new economic policy of Kazakhstan and efforts aimed at boosting the country's tourist industry. The sides debated realization of joint projects in the sphere of tourism, possibilities to launch direct flights between the two nations and promote the country's potential in Italy.
The parties agreed to sign a cooperation agreement between Astana EXPO 2017 National Company and Tourist Association of Italy within a forthcoming meeting of the intergovernmental commission next January.

INC News, 10/12/2014

Ecco Mars, l’altoparlante sospeso nell’aria

Per il «Terra Madre Day» Cristoforetti testimonial

Usa, il rapper Earl Hayes uccide la moglie. Il pugile Mayweather vede tutto in videochat

Il campione del mondo di boxe, Floyd Mayweather, sarebbe stato al in video chat con il suo amico rapper Earl Hayes prima che sparasse alla moglie Stephanie Moseley e poi si suicidasse. Lo ha rivela il sito di gossip statunitense, Tmz, dopo la tragedia avvenuta a Los Angeles.   
Secondo il portale i due sarebbero stati in contatto tramite FaceTime quando il ragazzo ha tirato fuori una pistola, ha sparato alla moglie e poi si è ucciso. Le fonti di Tmz hanno raccontato che il rapper Earl Hayes ha chiamato Floyd Mayweather lunedì mattina in preda alla rabbia, avendo scoperto che la moglie, Stephanie Moseley, lo aveva tradito.  

INC News, 10/12/2014 - via La Stampa

'Weather bomb' brings disruption to northern UK

High winds and huge waves are affecting north-western parts of the UK as bad weather hits power supplies and travel. The "weather bomb" has brought hundreds of lightning strikes, temporarily cutting power across the Western Isles, affecting 17,000 homes.The Met Office has warned parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland to "be prepared" as the rapidly developing storm threatens gusts of up to 80mph. Wind speeds are expected to peak on Wednesday afternoon and early evening. BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood said it would be a "wild" day from north Wales northwards, while it would be "blustery" further south.
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INC News, 10/12/2014 via BBC

African Doctor Stabbed in Stomach for Asking Russian Assaulter to Address Him by Name

An African doctor was stabbed in the stomach on the street in a town near Moscow for asking to be addressed by his name instead of a racial term, in one of many accounts of racially motivated violence against migrants in Russia, a rights activist said.
The eye surgeon from the war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo once fled his country for Russia in search of peace, but the level of racism has prompted him to seek refuge in a monastery, human rights activist Katya Bermant of Children's Hearts charitable foundation said Tuesday on her Facebook page.
The man, identified by his first name Francis, left DR Congo for Russia after militants came to his hospital and "gave orders to kill the wounded," Bermant said.
See art. in: Racism in Moscow?
INC News, 10/12/2014 - MoscowTimes

New rockets, astronauts and missions: ESA looks forward to next 50 years

FRANCE - Ice rink installed halfway up the Eiffel Tower

The American Century comes to an end as China becomes the world’s largest economy

There are just a few days to go before 2014 comes to an end, and this is also the year that America lost its over-140 year dominance as the world’s biggest economy, the title it took from Britain in 1872. China’s GDP, based on the IMF’s Purchasing Power Parity figures, surpassed America’s for the first time, and despite slowing growth there still managed to add 20% to GDP in the two years since 2012. It is a growth rate no other top 10 nation can match. Britain now holds last place in that club, and has been overtaken by Indonesia.China is now worth some 14.4 trillion euros a year, while the USA is worth a little over 14. It’s not much of a difference, but the trend is pointing clearly at a widening gap in coming years.
INC News, 10/12/2014

Rights situation in Russia improved, but problems remain

The presidential ombudsman for human rights strongly rejected allegations that the rights situation in the country has deteriorated, adding that improvements were obvious to see for anyone who worked in this field 15 or 20 years ago.
I will never agree that the situation has become worse,” Ella Pamfilova told the Interfax news agency in an interview dedicated to the International Day of Human Rights celebrated on Wednesday.
The official added that the issue of human rights is now raised mostly by representatives of the political opposition, who talk about political rights exercised through public rallies or polls.
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INC News, 10/12/2014-via RT

Christmas light thanking to a drone! (with good music)

Airline Delays Can Depend on First Flight Out

The NTSB Search to Find What Went Wrong in Deadly Airplane Crash

Instant Index: Brazen Bank Robbery Caught on Tape

Berlin vs Nazis: Mobile app tracks ultra-nationalist rallies in Germany

China successfully launches satellite jointly-developed with Brazil

Obama's anti-ISIS plans backfire on boosting Baghdad

Surprise Australian pledge helps UN climate change fund reach target

Record deaths in 2014 as migrants try to cross the Mediterranean

Russian oligarch Usmanov to return Watson's auctioned Nobel medal

Gulf states agree need for solidarity against ISIL

Greek government announces snap presidential vote

CIA torture report: Techniques ineffective and brutal

Italian singer-songwriter 'Pino' dies on stage