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На Северном флоте испытали всплывающую спасательную камеру новейшей АПЛ ...

Лидеры стран АТЭС сфотографировались в традиционных китайских пиджаках

Ядовитый туман окутал Москву

Новости КТК

Новости КТК

Новости КТК

Examining the science of "Interstellar"

Islamic State: What happened to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ?


NASA Confirms Meteor Hit in Central Texas

WEBCAST: Americans Brace for Cold Weather

New Treatment May Regrow and Thicken Hair Without Surgery

Brown University Student Tests Positive for Date-Rape Drug

Mega rissa sulla metro di New York per un paio di scarpe

Chiavari: esondato il torrente Rupinaro, centro sott’acqua

Il bambino piange e il cane gli rassetta le coperte

Kazakh startup says no to dental drills

A Kazakh startup offers a way to painlessly treat caries, Tengrinews reports. The creators of the technology presented their development at an international commercialization forum in Astana.
The forum attracted 49 projects that received support under "Technology Commercialization" initiative in Kazakhstan. One of the startups present was LLP BIO Smart."We are developing recombinant proteins, peptides for the treatment of dental caries at an early stage. We all know that 90 percent of adults and children have some form of dental caries. The existing technologies currently used in the dental industry do not save and restore the destroyed tooth enamel and the tooth's integrity, becuase they mainly rely on drilling and filling," said the director of LLP BIO Smart Baurzhaan Aytuov. Aytuov said that his project utilized a recombinant peptide that naturally restored the complete structure of the enamel at an early stage. This is when the dentist determines the stage of carious white spots and demineralization.

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INC News, 10/11/2014

Kazakhstan not ready for electromobiles

Car owners in Kazakhstan are not yet ready to transition to electric cars. This is the opinion of Eduard Edokov, the head of the Independent Automobile Union of Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports.
"There are innovators and there are followers. The Europeans, for example, are the innovators. They are increasingly using new technologies. To them a car is a vehicle. To us (Kazakhstanis) – it is a measure of one’s wealth, an object we want to be proud of and show it off. Electromobile, if it is not a Tesla, more often than not is but a means of transportation, and is [a result of] a rational approach. In my view, there are still many factors in Kazakhstan that do not allow electromobiles to roll onto the Kazakh roads," Edokov said.
Another important point, impeding the development of sustainable transport in Kazakhstan is the lack of infrastructure. This, according to Edokov, is the task for the government to deal with.

"It is also necessary to cancel the import duty on electric and hybrid vehicles. We need mechanisms that would make drivers interested in buying such vehicles. (...) It will be necessary to resolve the issue with electric charging stations, the speed with which electric cars will be charged, the issue of their operation in low temperatures, the question of disposing batteries and so on," he said.

Inc News, 10/11/2014

Kazhakstan - Another victim of Kalachi sleeping dropsy hospitalized

A new case of sleeping dropsy was reported in Kalachi village of the Akmola region.
An elderly woman was taken to hospital on Sunday, the district sanitary and epidemiological service said.
The elderly woman is a grandmother of a four-year old boy who came to he see her on October 3 and unfortunately also caught sleeping sickness.

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INC News, 10/11/2014

Why we need to protect Kazakhstan’s wild apples

Apples tumble all over the earth, and I slide with them into a huge old tree, a gentle shower of new fruit fall. I lie back into this soft, dark earth and smell the heady scent of ripening fruit. This Eden is on the side of a mountain in Kazakhstan, where apples originally came from.
I’ve dragged the chef Ben Reade along with me. Ben is an intrepid flavour explorer, and he likes an adventure. He will do ludicrous things to taste something new, or in this case something very old. He also has two things I need for this trip: a very good palate, which is important for describing apple flavours, and he’s very tall – at almost 6ft 6in he can reach more apples than me. So here we are, two redheads – one tall, one small – off to find the original apple.
The wild apple grows along the slopes of the Tien Shan mountain range, which borders China and Kazakhstan. The trees are found just above the poplars and below the spruces. Once upon a time these forests ranged so far they stretched right down into the city of Almaty, once the capital of Kazakhstan and which, as any resident will proudly tell you, derives its name from the Kazakh Alma-Ata – the fatherland of the apple.
This is a country in love with its fruit. Apples are sold everywhere from roadsides to shops to train stations. I didn’t see a garden with fewer than three apple trees.
Most apples are domesticated, cultivars of Malus domestica; but look carefully and every now and then you’ll see something smaller, wilder: the native M. sieversii, the original wild apple. It is these we’ve come to find.
M. sierversii is the most likely ancestor of our domestic apple. DNA analysis shows that it closely resembles the apple in your fruit bowl or at the bottom of your garden. These apples vary in size, shape, colour and flavour – the whole spectrum of the domestic apple is here in these small, wily fruits. Some taste of russets, some of apricots, or raspberries, or sweet wines, or heady ciders; the odd one is bitter and tannic.
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INC News, 10/11/2014

Italy's Tenaris to invest $40M into tube plant in Kazakhstan

Un'altro contratto estero, lodevole, della societa' del gruppo Dalmine Renari, questa volta in Kazakhstan come emerge dalla stampa locale:

 Italy's Tenaris company plans to build a tube plant in Aktau and allot $40 million to this end. The news was announced by Yerlan Khairov, the chairman of the Investments Committee of the Kazakh Ministry for Investments and Development, at the Kazakhstani-Italian business forum in Astana on Monday. "One of Italian companies is keen to invest at least $40 million into the project that will be based in the Aktau special economic zone. The plant will initially create 100 new workplaces. It will export its products to neighboring countries and fully satisfy domestic demand," Mr. Khairov told journalists at the event. In his words, construction of the plant is set to begin in March 2015. Tenaris is the leading supplier of tubes and related services with its operations spanning the globe. "For many years the company had its office here in Kazakhstan and now it is ready to open the tube plant," said Italian Deputy Minister for Economic Development Carlo Calenda.

INC News, 10/11/2014-via Ak Zhaik

Mediterranean Cyclone on 07/11/2014

Una notizia nteressante pubblicata da ANSA AP

Facebook ha introdotto nuove impostazioni per consentire all'utente di personalizzare il flusso di news che gli vengono mostrate. Nel menu impostazioni, come ha spiegato in un post il product manager di Facebook Greg Marra, una nuova voce, 'Gestisci la sezione notizie', fa vedere una lista delle persone, pagine e gruppi principali visualizzati nell'ultima settimana. Da qui con un clic si può decidere di smettere di seguire qualcuno e, sempre con un clic, ripensarci in qualsiasi momento.
    Altra novità è quella che consente di non smettere di seguire qualcuno, ma semplicemente di vedere un numero inferiore di suoi post. Nel menu a tendina che compare cliccando sulla 'v' nell'angolo superiore destro di un post, una nuova opzione permette di decidere di 'vedere meno' contenuti pubblicati dal suo autore, sia esso una persona o una pagina.
    Obiettivo dei nuovi strumenti, introdotti sulle versioni desktop e mobile di Facebook, è ''dare maggiore controllo'' agli utenti su cosa vedono nel News Feed, ha spiegato Marra. ''Le persone voglio avere più controllo'', ha ribadito Adam Mosseri, direttore del product management della compagnia, in una recente intervista al Wall Street Journal, precisando che la maggiore personalizzazione è una delle richieste più frequenti sollevate dai focus group del social network.

INC News, 10/11/2014-via ANSA AP

Col paracadute a 100 anni Nonnina da record in Usa

LONDRA: Tower Bridge da brividi! Ora si passeggia sul vuoto!

Russian Military Encounters With West at Cold War Levels: Report

A near-collision between a passenger jet and a Russian spy plane was among dozens of "highly disturbing" recent encounters between Moscow and the West, according to a report by a think tank's published Monday. The study by the European Leadership Network comes days after NATO warned of a spike in Russian air activity over European airspace. The ELN said there have been almost 40 "sensitive incidents" — a return to Cold War levels — since political upheaval erupted in Ukraine eight months ago. "To perpetuate a volatile stand-off between a nuclear-armed state and a nuclear-armed alliance and its partners ... is risky at best," said a statement accompanying the report. "It could prove catastrophic at worst." Reacting to the report, British General Sir John McColl said: "The potential for error and escalation is clear, and extremely dangerous." NATO's former deputy supreme allied commander in Europe told the Guardian newspaper it was "more a matter of when rather than if." The ELN reported that a Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Boeing 737 was forced to take evasive action during takeoff after it came within about 100 yards of a Russian reconnaissance plane. The incident, which was confirmed to NBC News by the airline, happened while the jet carrying 132 people was en route from Copenhagen to Rome on March 3.

Snowstorm Hits Millions from Montana to Michigan

Boston Marathon Survivor Rebekah DiMartino To Have Leg Amputated

After 17 operations aimed at trying to save the left leg of Rebekah DiMartino, a mom severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombing more than 18 months ago, surgeons will remove the lower part of the limb on Monday in a procedure that she says will be a "new beginning" in her life. DiMartino was with her son, Noah, and then-boyfriend, Pete DiMartino, at the finish line of the city's iconic road race when the blasts went off on April 15, 2013. They were all wounded in the attack, but Rebekah's injuries were the most serious, with doctors opting to try and salvage her limb. She will join at least 16 other survivors of the attack who had amputations because of the blasts.

Why Do Religions Keep Fighting Over This Holy Site?

La Banca centrale russa vede economia in stagnazione nel 2015 per le sanzioni

Prevista crescita nulla il prossimo anno con una inflazione che a fine 2014 balzerà sopra l'8%. Putin: "Le azioni della banca centrale russa in risposta alle azioni degli speculatori ridurranno la volatilità del mercato valutario"

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INC News, 10/11/2014

TECHNOLOGY: WhatsApp, altro che doppia spunta blu Ecco perché è a rischio la privacy

Se la nuova doppia spunta blu di WhatsApp vi fa sentire osservati, allora è meglio che non leggiate oltre questo articolo. Il simboletto che attesta come un messaggio sia stato letto e "obbliga" a rispondere senza potersi giustificare con un innocente 'non l'ho visto', è nulla rispetto al rischio che tutte le nostre chat, mail e persino telefonate possano essere spiate con facilità.

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INC News, 10/11/2014

Clashes erupt in Berlin amid fall of the Wall and Kristallnacht anniversary

Limos & Lining: Putin, Obama arrive for APEC summit welcome dinner

Hawaii: Lava flow worsens scorching through roads

Russia to supply more gas to China

Soyuz returns to Earth after five months

Close-up footage: NASA Soyuz Space Capsule lands in Kazakhstan

Israeli man critically wounded in knife attack in Tel Aviv

Netherlands remembers victims of downed MH17

British Officials Warned Against Sex With Russian Honeytraps

Top British defense officials have been warned not to fall under the spells of beautiful young women while working in Russia and China, The Sunday Times reported.
Citing a leaked copy of a set of instructions issued by the British Defense Ministry on avoiding "honeytraps" — espionage operations where officials are seduced by foreign agents and then blackmailed with compromising information — the paper reported that Russia's Federal Security Service is known for its penchant for preying on "marital infidelity or sexual activity the target may wish to hide" to leverage information from foreign officials.
"Sexual involvement should be avoided," the instructions reportedly warn, as should "any activity which can possibly be construed as illegal."
The Chinese intelligence services are also said to use blackmail against foreign officials, according to the report, which says they have a "voracious appetite" for political, military, commercial, scientific and technological information from foreigners.
INC News, 10/11/2014

The Winners and Losers of a Weak Russian Ruble

A slump in the ruble has made Russian exports more competitive and punished importing companies but, combined with Western sanctions, the weaker currency has complicated life for dozens of the companies which should benefit. Those companies which took out foreign currency loans are now struggling to refinance the debt, unable to access Western capital markets because of U.S. and EU sanctions over the Ukraine crisis, while those which have relied on domestic production are sitting comfortable.
Here is a factbox outlining which sectors are winning or losing from a weaker ruble, which has lost a third of its value against the dollar since the beginning of the year.
INC News, 10/11/2014

Mother Survives 45 Minutes With No Pulse

A woman has survived for 45 minutes without a pulse after complications from a cesarean section, it has been revealed. A team of doctors spent three hours trying to bring Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro back to life after she suffered a rare amniotic fluid embolism after the birth of her child. Doctors were preparing to pronounce the 40-year-old's death and had even called her mother, husband and sister into the operating room and told them there was nothing more they could do. But then her heart started beating again. Thomas Chakurda, spokesman for Boca Raton Hospital, said: "She essentially spontaneously resuscitated when we were about to call the time of death."
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INC News, 10/11/2014

Explosion At Nigeria School Assembly Kills 48

A suicide bomber has struck at a school in northeast Nigeria, killing 48 students, the AP news agency has reported. The attacker - disguised in a school uniform - reportedly detonated explosives as about 2,000 students were gathered for Monday morning's weekly assembly at the Government Technical Science College in Potiskum, Yobe state. The number of dead was put at 48 by survivors and a morgue attendant speaking to AP.

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INC News, 10/11/2014

ENGLAND: School Bus Overturns In Crash: 26 In Hospital

More than 20 people have been taken to hospital - including a woman in intensive care - after a school bus "gave way" on a grass verge and rolled down an embankment. Almost 50 people had to be treated by ambulance crews after the crash on Holme Lacy Road in Hereford shortly after 8.20am. The driver and 25 passengers - most of them young children - were taken to Hereford County Hospital with cuts and bruises. Some are thought to have suffered possible fractures. A doctor who has been treating some of the victims taken to the hospital, Dr Malcolm Russell, told Sky News it was a "distressing scene".
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INC News, 10/11/2014

Volo Copenaghen-Roma rischiò lo scontro con un caccia russo

Un aereo passeggeri della compagnia scandinava Sas ha rischiato, lo scorso marzo, la collisione in volo con un caccia russo sui cieli della Svezia. E' quanto emerge da un rapporto dell'European Leadership Network secondo cui lo scontro è stato evitato solo grazie alla buona visibilità e all'abilità del pilota. Negli ultimi mesi si sono rischiati almeno 40 incidenti fra la Russia e l'Occidente.

INC News, 10/11/2014-via ANSA AP



Allerta Maltempo in Toscana e Liguria

Sta peggiorando la situazione del maltempo in Toscana, mentre la Liguria resta in allerta. A Marina di Carrara, dove si prevede un'ondata di piena del fiume Carrione, è scattato alle 12 un ordine di evacuazione dei locali al piano terra, e a Fucecchio, vicino Firenze, un fulmine ha colpito un centro per ragazzi autistici, ferendo tre sanitari.A Pisa allagata la Facoltà di Ingegneria. A Genova, paura per le piene dei torrenti nella notte. Le scuole resteranno chiuse anche domani.

INC News, 10/11/2014-via ANSA AP

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