Monday, November 18, 2013

the video of Russian air crash in Kazan


Tatarsan Airlines communicated the name of one passenger, UK woman: her name is Donna Bull. The total people dead in the crash are estimated in 50, civilian and crew members. (see article)

Prevenction or action after?

Yesterday all weather forecast websites predicted these arrivals. We hope that all civilians were informed properly and evacuated in time...Civilian Protection Forces must be always attentive to what to do in case of preventative calamity arrival, to prevent any kind of damages, about things and human life. I remember about Philippines Hurricane: all people in the world read the news of that arrival, but no single station took attention at the possible disaster with a lot of humans lost. We have waited the arrival, the crash and then the commentary....Are we sure that should be like this?

Atyrau, 18/11/2013-Mikhail Lermontov

US dollars to be swept out of Russia


After years and years a good news, about protection of our children. We hope that the action decided by Google be not a single one but the beginning of a big reaction, worldwide, to permit the stopping of the pedoporno's activity. The protection of child and woman should be the first action of a single individual in the world and not an abuse continued.

Atyrau, 18/11/2013-Mikhail Lermontov

Tragedy in Kazan: Plane explodes on landing. 50 dead

Are we sure, nowadays, about capacity, ability, fitness of certain pilots of certain Air Carriers? More often than before we continue to consult that air crash is due to human error. We ask, in the name of all passengers already passed in disasters like this one, if the controls of aircrafts are really deep and accurate, and if the fitness of pilots is real or superficial. I was on board of one flight Air Astana, and I experienced a landing repeated three times, in weather condition perfect. I do not complain, I only ask...

Tragedy in Kazan: Plane explodes on landing. 50 dead - English

Atyrau, 18/11/2013-Mikhail Lermontov

Tina Turner sings goodbye to the US of A