Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What is happening to the human brain?

We remain on topic crimes, and we can see that the media quote yet another crime committed by a young person in respect of the parent. Here we are in America, where it would seem that the most vicious criminal are kids. Considering that the highest number of cases of schizophrenia is in America, it could be a new form of crime that would arise at a young age and instead of the real disease often mystified at diagnosis

Atyrau, 14/01/2014INC News

Italian Cannibal

We did our considerations, a time ago, about the crimes of this type, and we felt immune, such as Italian, from similar crimes. Now, however, with the arrest and admissions of what he has done, it is no longer so: the author of the crime of the chess board in Ireland is an Italian, and he admitted that he had fed on  one part of the body after killing the opponent. Cases of cannibalism, in the last 30 years, have become more and more frequent, maybe the man wants to go back to the stone age...

Atyrau, 14/01/2014-INC News