Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fashion 2014 in Milan

I observed through "Fashion TV"  fashion shows that were held in Milan, now decreed the world's fashion capital. I also took a look at the new "sacred monsters" of the Fashion creation, new "griffe" and new ideas of young people, to whom goes all my respect. But I have noticed a lack of imagination of good taste in clothes for men and women, it seemed that models wearied as walk-on in a movie and not wearing clothes for normal life. The "pret-a-porter was innovative but not so elegant, from my sensation; we will see in the "haute couture" what the new stylists decided for us. And in reality we have to follow them, they are the new painters of our modern epoca and if we want to be "a la page" we have to wear something that probably we do not want but we wish.
Sure, I can accept the plunging necklines and skirts thong, but maybe the designers have forgotten that the majority of women who then would want to wear these clothes, do not have in the reality measures so perfect, often the breasts are a 90 D cup! Can you imagine a woman size XXL wearing a skirt thong? Beautiful colors and fabulous tissues, of course, as remarkable effort in the creation of exclusive models, but let me tell you ... Coco Chanel or Dior or Valentino ..... ah, what kind of fantasy and magic colors in invention of clothes!

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Atyrau, 02-10-2013
Mikhail Lermontov

Pasta e Basta

13 hours yesterday. I put myself at the table and sink a fork in very jummy bucatini pasta with salmon, reading the news of the day. I thought that the news on the
marriage of two Barilla macaroni aired on television recently, it was a news item in its own right. But no. I read today in Reuter that Guido Barilla had to apologize to the audience-thinking about publishing of the subversive clip, on the homosexual couple's marriage and  represented by two macaroni and for what he said in an interview about his thinking on homosexuality  What a shame to read the bitter words of Guido. But what kind of excuse should they make as a family that has generated the dough in the world, and which has always supported philanthropically in all respects jobs and well-managed social situation somewhat uncomfortable as the Italian one, where child abuse and femicide are still despicable acts in first place in the ranking? What one should be ashamed even today, when to make advertising a piece of clothing you use the naked body of a woman who submits to the desires of a male "manager" (but is really known the definition of managers)? We are ashamed to say, to admit that families are no longer the same as in the past, we are ashamed of sexual freedom, we are ashamed to let people know that we are different ... Oh, my God, but still there are people like that, today, in the era of three thousand years, after 50 years of struggle for the total liberation of all? So why the struggle for liberation has been made ​​and accepted, even though we are ashamed to say that our son / daughter is gay? At the Barilla family goes all my support and solidarity: on their part was not committed any crime or against the company, nor even against the family. It always hurts the reality, it is true, but it's really welcome an industrial society that knows how to tell the truth in an elegant and painless.

From Atyrau, Mikhail Lermontov 02/10/2013