Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hidden talents: A young Italian clergy woman astonishes the jury in the contest «La Voce D'Italia».

The social nets lead her image became recognizable in the world and the video with her performance of the «NO ONE» bestseller from Alicia Keys collected  12 million clicks around the world.
25 years old Christina from Sicilia left the stage breathless and the jury astonishing, stunning.  According to the terms of the contest the jury unlike spectators were sitting backwards and could see no one candidate behind. But how they screamed and yield showing their surprise and admiration after returning.
Despite of her status she looked very confident and artistically excited. For the question: What makes her decide to sing?
- «I have a gift, and I am sharing it with you», - she answered in a clergy way. She also confessed that will be waiting a call from Papa Francisco.
On the backstage elder nuns were supporting Christina. She is fond of signing and likes to watch several song contests like «San-Remo», «X-Factor» but still poses the range in the «Voice of Italy» contest.

Source: Social Nets / YouTube

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ULTIMO VIDEO 2011 Japon Tsunami - this video also for us is new..

British PM has been criticized for saying the UK is a Christian country

London. British Prime Minister David Cameron was accused on Monday of sowing sectarianism and division after stressing in an Easter message that Britain was still a  «Christian country» - says the Daily Telegraph.
The criticism came in an open letter signed by 55 public figures, including the writers Philip Pullman and Terry Prachett and the Nobel Prizewinning scientists John Sulton and Harold Kruto.
Cameron, a member of the established Church of England, has been increasingly vocal about his beliefs recently and in an article published last week urged Christians to be «more evangelical» about their faith.
Commentators suggest he is trying to build bridges with the Church, which opposed government plans to introduce gay marriages, and following vocal criticism from many clergy about the impact of the government's austerity measures.
«I believe we should be more confident about our status as a Christian country, more ambitious about expanding the role of faith-based organizations, and, frankly, more evangelical about a faith that compels us to get out there and make a difference to people's lives»,- said conservative PM. 

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The Scariest Airplane Landings You've Ever Seen!

in memory of all passenger missed wth the flight MH370, have a look of this clip. Sorry for the music, but the contest is interesting a lot...


Turkish ferry makes high-speed final landing - no comment



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Immagini di repertorio-Albert Einstein

Da un archivio e' stato preso questo clip che ritrae il giovane Albert Einstein durante una lezione di religione rimasta storica nella sua vita. Vi invitiamo a vederlo, e' molto breve, ma lascia sbigottiti per il contenuto. Gia' in quegli anni il giovane Albert era divenuto un fenomeno da studiare.

Albert Einstein

Almaty, Mikhail Lermontov for INC News