Thursday, December 4, 2014

Знаменитые бомжи Еремины опять вернулись на улицу

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Putin Promises Controlled Freedom in Face of Western Containment

President Vladimir Putin told the nation on Thursday that Russia's ongoing clash with the West — which he compared to Hitler — was inevitable and will only make the country stronger by mobilizing its economy and society around common goals and traditional moral values. In his annual address at the Kremlin Palace, Putin combined his trademark ultraconservative stance against the West with the promise of an unexpectedly broad liberalization in the economy while retaining control of it from the top. Speaking in front of 1,100 members of the country's elite in the ornate Georgiyevsky Hall, Putin addressed his keynote speech to the Russian population at large, praising people's patriotism and resilience in the "decisive moments of history."
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INC News, 04/12/2014-via Moscow Time

President Vladimir Putin warns of tough times

Be prepared for hard times. That was one message for Russians from President Vladimir Putin in his state-of-the nation address to parliament. He urged self-reliance with the nation gripped in an economic chill. Figures from the Federal Statistics Service in Moscow show inflation accelerated more than economists predicted reaching the fastest pace since June 2011. Consumer prices surged 9.1 percent from a year earlier in November compared with 8.3 percent in October. The president announced a range of measures including what one commentator referred to as a remarkable call for a one off amnesty.
“I propose a full amnesty for capitals returning to Russia. It means that if a person legalizes his capital and property in Russia he will get firm guarantees that he will not be pursued or asked about the source of revenue, he will not be brought to justice or face taxation issues. Let us do it now but only once,” Putin told parliament.
INC New, 4/12/2014

NYPD Cops wake up a sleeping homeless man before BEATING him half to DEA...



The Orion spacecraft is still to blast off for its first test flight from Cape Canaveral - this time on Friday. NASA's replacement for the retired Shuttle, the Orion may one day take humans to an asteroid or even Mars.
The next possible window for a launch is at 7:05 am ET Friday. Thursday first saw strong gusts of wind and then a drain valve failed to close.
If everything goes fine, on Friday the spacecraft will lift off aboard a Delta IV heavy rocket to orbit the earth twice before splashing down in the Pacific. The flight, which is to test Orion's performance, will be unmanned. However, the the spacecraft will be loaded with 1,000 sensors to record and measure all aspects of the flight.
INC News, 04/12/2014

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