Wednesday, April 2, 2014

NATO suspends cooperation with Russia. Russia is evolving into separate land from the rest of the world, invading Ukraine.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is no longer believes in Russsian President Vladimir Putin's words. Because he took a word to pull out military troops from Ukraine, doubted iron lady. 

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen  confirmed that Russia did not remove their troops from Ukrainian border.
Ukraine and United States have accused Russia for thousands of armed troops taking place in the southeastern part of Ukraine which became home for Russian ethnics.
Ukrainian Parliament met one key demand from Moscow to disarm the self-defense that  sprung up around the country during the political crisis.
Ukraine also says that joining to NATO was not a priority, but sure was to satisfy Russia. 
Japan also criticizes actions of Russia over the crisis in Ukraine. 
Only China is pro Russia... So far Russia has a strong campaign and will be struggling with the rest of the world. And this is how their immune system works, if we all just rewind back to the history we see that Russia was always separate and isolated from Europe and America. We should not forget the territorial position of Russia. 

 Atyrau, 02-04-2014-INCNews 


News risk for people arrives from a very big earthquake with magnitude 8.2 at 99km from Iquique city, evenement of yesterday at 22:46 UTC, said the report from Chile press. And now the authorities are evacuating the region of Iquique, where they expect a Tsunami reaction with waves more of 2 meters.

Atyrau, 2/04/2014-INC News

new tsunami?