Friday, July 11, 2014

Владимир Путин возложил венок к памятнику советским воинам близ Гаваны

Putin kicks off Latin America trip by writing off 90% of Cuba's debt

Amazon demande la permission de tester ses drônes "coursiers" - economy

Costa Concordia underwater footage - BBC News

Spectacular artworks that get washed away - BBC News

Texas Shooting Suspect Collapses in Court

Kazakh Military Orchestra plays Gangnam Style at KADEX-2014.

Kazakhstani Military Band performs Gangnam Style

Central Military Band of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan once
again approached their performance in a creative way. The musicians
performed the recent world hit Gangnam Style, reports.

A few seconds after the military band began playing a similarly regular
tune, the onlookers recognized the sounds of the popular hit. Later
into the performance the military musicians started to dance, repeating
the iconic moves of Korean PSY.

The orchestra is already known on YouTube for its trendy and unexpected
interpretation of international hits. This performance took place as
part of the KADEX-2014 Exhibition in Astana.

Rotterdam, 11/07/2014-INC News

News from Kazakhstan

US citizen among 4 injured in elevator accident

July 11, 19:05 Four people, including a U.S. citizen, have been injured in an elevator fall at the Medical University in Karaganda in central Kazakhstan. The elevator fell three stories after its cable snapped, tengrinews reports citing newspaper
According to the newspaper, one of the persons injured was a 29-y.o. visitor from the United States. The others were the 69-y.o. pro-rector of the university Bekturganov Zakir and two employees of a company working on outsourced projects headquartered in the University building.

Two of the injured were taken to a hospital. The other two got medical treatment and did not need hospital care.
It is unclear why there were people in that elevator, since it is a freight elevator that is no supposed to be used to transport managerial personnel or visitors.
The police is investigating the accident.

11/07/2014 - INC News

To inform all our readers about the new closest moment of our Moon near Heart, have a look here

Rotterdam, 11/07/2014-INC News

Between tomorrow and Sunday the Supermoon will be visible!

Summer Supermoon
After an year our romantic Natural satellite called Moon will be visible 14% more than normal and 30% near more than usual due to perigeal orbit of it around  the Heart. NASA posted in media the news to permit to all people interested in snap pictures to prepare all equipments for tomorrow evening, depending of planet area.

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