Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ITALIA -Processo Ruby, confermata assoluzione per Berlusconi

Si chiude il processo Ruby. La sesta sezione penale della Corte di Cassazione ha confermato l’assoluzione, che diventa definitiva, di Silvio Berlusconi nel processo Ruby. L’ex premier era imputato di concussione per induzione e prostituzione minorile. Condannato in primo grado a 7 anni, era stato assolto in appello.

INC News, 10/03/2015 - Via Corriere

NIGERIA - Ragazzina si fa saltare in aria in un mercato: almeno 34 morti

Una adolescente si è fatta saltare in aria in un affollato mercato nella città di Maiduguri, nel nord-est della Nigeria sotto attacco dei terroristi islamici di Boko Haram, uccidendo decine di persone. Lo affermano testimoni, che riferiscono di aver contato almeno 34 corpi in terra e molti feriti.

INC News, 10/03/2015 - via Corriere

AMERICA - Children’s Tylenol maker to plead guilty for knowingly selling tainted drugs

The maker of Children’s Tylenol agreed to plead guilty to a federal criminal charge of owingly selling adulterated bottles of its painkillers for children and infants. The drugs were recalled in 2010 because they contained metal particles.
Johnson & Johnson subsidiary McNeil Consumer Healthcare ‒ which makes Infants' and Children's Tylenol and Children's Motrin ‒ agreed to pay $25 million to resolve the case, the Associated Press reported, citing court documents. The deal came at a plea hearing Tuesday afternoon.

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INC News, 10/03/2015 - via RT

BREAKING NEWS COLOMBIA - BREAKING NEWS COLOMBIA - Evacuations as 6.6 earthquake shakes Colombia capital

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake has hit the Colombian capital of Bogota, prompting mass evacuations from the city’s buildings. Strong and prolonged tremors sparked panic and a social media storm. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake was centered about nine miles (14 kilometers) north of Aratoca, which is about 175 miles (280 kilometers) north of Bogota. The epicenter was reportedly 91 miles (147 kilometers) deep. The USGS revised the earthquake’s magnitude to 6.2.
INC News, 10/03/2015 - via Web

Senza il conducente: le auto al salone di Ginevra - hi-tech

Moscow 'completely' ends actions under CFE arms treaty

Queen of Pop's leaked new album 'Rebel Heart' now out in full - le mag

Miracle Survivors Tell of Boko Haram's Unspeakable 'Evil'

CBN NewsWatch: March 10, 2015

RAW: Train derails near Gogama, Ont.

Flying a drone through Crossrail tunnels - BBC News

Tourists Face Charges for Vandalizing Colosseum

Kidnapper on Loose After Foiled Child Abduction

Представительницам нетипичных для женщин профессий хочется комплиментов

Myanmar police crack down on student protesters

Tunisia fears violence spillover from Libya

Afghan artist goes into hiding after protest

Video shows Argentina helicopter collision as France mourns sports stars

Russia 'completely ending' activities under Conventional Armed Forces in Europe treaty

Moscow has announced it is "completely" ending activities under the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE). Russia’s participation in the treaty was first halted in 2007."The Russian Federation has taken the decision to halt its participation in meetings of the [consulting group] from March 11, 2015. Therefore, Russia is ending its actions in the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, announced in 2007, completely," a statement from the Foreign Ministry said.
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INC News, 10/03/2015 - via RT

ISIS executes four men for homosexuality, blasphemy

Islamic State (IS) militants have publicly beheaded two men for alleged homosexuality and one more accusing him of blasphemy in northern Iraq, according to photos published on social media Tuesday.
The images show an alleged public execution of four men in in Nineveh province in northern Iraq – a territory which has been under control of IS extremists since June 2014. The images, which RT will not publish for ethical reasons, do not show the actual beheading. RT could not verify their authenticity. The photos show blindfolded men kneeling in a town square with a crowd of people gathered around them.

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INC News, 10/03/2015 - via RT

Firefighters Save Baby From Burning Home

FRANCIA - Facebook censura, la Francia risponde - Facebook makes censure and France responses

(Impossibile postare qui la riproduzione del famoso quadro - Impossible to post here the reproduction of the famous picture)

La Corte di Parigi ha detto sì alla causa intentata da un insegnante contro il social network. Motivo? Il suo account era stato bloccato per aver pubblicato "L'origine del mondo" di Gustave Courbet. Ora potrà iniziare il processo. Per la libertà di condivisione.
The Paris Court said yes to the lawsuit filed by a teacher against the social network. Reason? His account was blocked for publishing "The Origin of the World" by Gustave Courbet. Now will begin the process. For the freedom to share.

INC News, 10/03/2015 - via Espresso

French protesters use chainsaw, battering ram to hack through govt offic...

Social Media Jihad: ISIS supporters create new network

U.S envoy leaves hospital in Seoul

La NATO mostra i muscoli nel Baltico, mentre la tregua in Ucraina sembra...

È morto San Simon, cocreatore dei Simpsons

Grecia, fanno discutere proposte governo Tsipras per lotta all'evasione

Paesi Bassi. Scandalo riciclaggio, si dimette Ministro Giustizia

Argentina. Dal reality show alla tragedia: 10 morti in incidente elicottero

Il giorno di Apple Watch, Cook: "lo aspettavo da quando avevo cinque anni"

Solar Impuls, seconda tappa: dall'Oman all'India. Piccard ai comandi

C'è anche una gendarme tra gli arrestati per gli attentati di gennaio a ...

Passenger Name Record: la "schedatura" dei passeggeri Ue che fa discuter...

Keep an eye on you: the EU's controversial plans to track air passengers...

Scorn greets Greek plan to use undercover amateur tax sleuths to lead fi...

Ivory Coast's former first lady handed 20-year jail term

NEDERLANDS - Vermist gezin uit Doorwerth blijkt 'op vakantie'

Het gezin met vijf jonge kinderen uit Doorwerth dat sinds zondag vermist was en gisteren is gevonden in Duitsland, is 'op vakantie'. De politie startte zondag een massale zoektocht naar het gezin, dat zijn huis achterliet als een ravage. Het is onduidelijk waarom de politie de zaak zo hoog opnam. De Nederlandse en Duitse politie zagen gisteravond na een gesprek met de ouders geen aanleiding om de familie tegen te houden.

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INC News, 10/03/2015 - via AD

The Netherlands - Dutch drug money scandal prompts ministers’ resignations

The Netherlands’ justice minister and his deputy have resigned over a massive payout to a convicted drug dealer. The ministry was revealed to have misled the parliament on the details of the deal.
While the decision on paying 4.7 million guilders (€2.1 million) to a famous drug trafficker, known as Cees H., was made by the Dutch prosecution in 2001, the exact details of the deal were only made public on Monday. 
The payout to the drug lord was made after the prosecution failed to prove that his confiscated assets had been acquired illegally. The deal was kept secret from both the public and tax authorities.

INC News, 10/03/2015 - via RT

NEDERLANDS - Politiek drama treft Rutte in het hart

Het plotselinge vertrek van het crimefightersduo Opstelten/Teeven voelt voor de VVD als een amputatie zonder verdoving. Niemand weet of het bloeden nog te stelpen is voor de verkiezingen op 18 maart. Premier Mark Rutte heeft heel wat uit te leggen. ,,Ivo behoort tot de beste mensen die we hebben. Hij zit er bovenop. Full focus. Dag en nacht."
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INC News, 10/03/2015 - via AD

NEDERLANDS - 'Geen crisis bij de VVD, wel bijzonder pijnlijk'

Het is geen crisis bij de VVD, zo klinkt het vandaag uit de mond van menig VVD-Kamerlid. De VVD'ers druppelden de ochtend na het aftreden van de VVD-bewindslieden Ivo Opstelten en Fred Teeven binnen voor het wekelijks overleg met de fractie. Enkele dagen voor Teeven en Opstelten hun ontslag indienden, stapte ook VVD-Kamerlid Mark Verheijen al op na gedoe over declaraties.
INC News, 10/03/2015 - via AD

Two Dutch ministers quit over drug compensation scandal

Is there a Chechnyan connection behind critic's death?

Apple Watch: Will anyone want one?

French Olympians Among 10 Dead in Chopper Crash

Cellphone Video: Amtrak Train Hits Truck

Apple Watch Price Unveiled: From $349 to $10,000

Emergency Nap Kit

55 Injured In Amtrak Train Crash

Ukraine: Poroshenko confirms 'significant' heavy weapon pullback by pro-...

EGYPT - Kuwaiti preacher calls for demolition of Egypt’s Sphinx, pyramids

An Islamist preacher from Kuwait has called to destroy Egypt's Sphinx and pyramids, stating it is time for Muslims to erase the pharaohs' heritage. The alleged call comes as jihadists ramp up their attacks against historic sites.  Although the ancient monuments are not religious – but rather cultural and historic sites – they should still be "destroyed" by Muslims, putting an end to the worship of images, preacher Ibrahim Al Kandari said, according to Al-Watan daily.
INC News, 10/03/2015 - via RT


At least 10 people died as two helicopters crashed in a remote area in northwestern Argentina during the filming of a documentary. A French TV crew perished in the accident, according to media reports quoting officials.