Sunday, March 16, 2014

MH 370 - The mistery

We have to be more thoughtful and careful, talking about the case MH370, since several days literally disappeared into thin air. I say we need to be more reflective because everything does not seem very clear and most likely we're not doing everything possible to clarify the true causes of the disaster.History tells us that this really easy is not the first case of mysterious disappearance of an airplane , but the question is whether there really is an anomaly among the vanished past and the present.Why is this observation? çause in the past did not exist for some super technological existing systems today , and therefore it is logical to think that in the past could be very real disappearance "mysterious" of an aircraft in flight. Often it was found the carcass or materials found after many years and thousands of miles of distance from the point of disappearance.Today it is not as in the past , and there are sophisticated tracking systems: you can shoot an atom,  shoot a rubber bullet into a tree causing it to penetrate such is the power and speed, you can recognize the color of the hair of a mustache of a man photographing them from 35 thousand feet, there are highly specialized systems in the search for an object that leave us amazed. Yet it would seem that these systems do not work right with this flight.The initial denials, then admissions of transactions that have not led to any results, they are only allowed to
raise doubts. Now it requires effort on the part of international multiscientific team of 25 countries . Yet in the early days everyone knew that the aircraft had disappeared from radar 45 minutes after takeoff, then after an hour, then after 4 hours and now it is said that the aircraft was visible on satellite screens up to seven hours after shutdown transponders on board. Who or because they have been turned off the transponders on board probably will not know anything, or at least not until the arrest of the person or persons who have done it .But these news leave us even more dismayed : why the ministries of the armed forces of the countries most technologically advanced not have meant any connection with interscientific committee at the time with the aim of researching this aircraft vanished and they only do it now, after more than a week? It seems that everyone had known that the aircraft was still flying over the blind spot radar. So the Military Intelligence of the various countries involved in the research, they turned a deaf ear trying to hide their technological secrets that would have to discover where he was flying 370 and where this was going.
Now we try with all possible forces to figure out where it is directed and tell us that there are two possibilities: either toward or Kazakhstan to India. Objectively, the two air corridors seem to be one the opposite of the other, how can this be possible?And then, if we talk of hijacking, which may be the reason if for no one has been claimed? Why not assume a collective suicide of the two pilots or the only commander? If it was a hijacking, for sure at this time the aircraft should be in a particular place, and in this case at least one of the passengers, probably in secret, may have been trying to call with the phone, though this is a little bit impossible considering the time that has elapsed from the batteries of the mobile phone . But the battery charge must be taken into account much , because after 30 days of waiting, the black box can not download the recorded data.Too many days have passed and too little time remains to find life in the passengers and to find a record of what has happened. All that remains is to wait .