Thursday, March 3, 2016

Программа ВРЕМЯ в 21.00 (03.03.2016) 03 марта 2016 «1 канал»

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В Уральске ищут 25-летнего парня

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Рабочим шпального завода в Актобе уже год не платят

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В Актобе 8-летнего мальчика затоптали во время учений

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Директор зоопарка Алматы: Барсов не съели и на охоту не продали

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Eurozona, rallenta l'attività economica. Gli analisti: troppe incertezze...

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Brasile, crollo del Pil nel 2015: -3,8%. Record d'inflazione nel G20 - e...

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Al salone dell'auto di Ginevra, tra supercar, SUV "eco-friendly" e proto...

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Pistorius: l'Alta Corte Costituzionale respinge il ricorso, ora rischia ...

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Nuove proteste contro sgombero della giungla di Calais: in 9 con bocca c...

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Uccisi in Libia due degli ostaggi italiani

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L'internet delle cose - hi-tech

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Pilota ucraina a processo annuncia nuovo sciopero della fame e della sete

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Dati personali e posizione dominante, Facebook sotto accusa in Germania ...

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Fusione Repubblica-Stampa, FCA uscirà da RCS - economy

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Turchia: a Istanbul spari contro una stazione di polizia, uccise le due ...

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Oscar Pistorius loses appeal against murder conviction

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Demolition and evictions at Calais camp enter fourth day despite protests

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Turkey: Police grenade backfires in officers' faces

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Ukrainian pilot on trial in Russia starts dry hunger strike

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Turkey: Police grenade backfires in officers' faces

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Inside TTC Transit control

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Woods ziet toverslag 11-jarige - DeTelegraaf

Het is misschien te mooi om waar te zijn, maar Tiger Woods kreeg een fraai lesje golf van een 11-jarig talentje. Taylor Crozier sloeg bij de opening van een golfbaan, die de voormalige nummer één van de wereld nota bene zelf had ontworpen, een hole-in-one.

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Langer oranje: zinnig of zinloos? - DeTelegraaf

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'We stonden úren naast explosief' - DeTelegraaf

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Washington refuses to reveal details of cooperation with Dutch investigators over MH-17

The US State Department declined to answer questions about what information Washington may have shared with the Dutch authorities in the MH-17 probe. Dutch parliamentarians have criticized the absence of evidence the US said it had about the incident. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 on board, most of them citizens of the Netherlands. The Dutch Safety Board released a report into the incident last October, concluding the plane was shot down by a surface-fired anti-aircraft missile. However, recently revealed government correspondence admitted the investigators had no raw radar data, useful footage or satellite images of the missile launch.
Among the questions raised by Dutch MPs was an issue concerning raw radar data and satellite imagery that the United States claimed to have in its possession and which it called strong evidence.
When asked about this data, State Department spokesman John Kirby referred reporters to the Dutch government, insisting only that the US was “working together” with the investigators.

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Automobilist zoekt ruzie met trucker - DeTelegraaf

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Bende rooft wapenzaak leeg-DeTelegraaf

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Dit weten we over brokstuk MH370-DeTelegraaf

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Poll: Americans want hearing for next justice

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CBN News Minute - March 3, 2016

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Mosquito-Eating Fish the Answer to Stopping the Zika Virus?

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Ottawa unwanted delivery mystery

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China faces massive layoffs

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An unlikely friendship between a boy and a false killer whale (extended ...

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Сделают ли санкции жизнь в КНДР еще хуже?

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Схватка продавщицы и вооруженного грабителя

В американском штате Джорджия молодой человек пытался ограбить магазин, наставив оружие на продавщицу. Женщина, однако, не растерялась. Происшествие было снято на камеру наблюдения, установленную над прилавком, и показано в программе CBS .

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"Победители" - Айя Медани: "Я чувствовала, что избрана Богом"

Чемпионка по современному пятиборью из Египта Айя Медани – самая молодая спортсменка, выступавшая в современном пятиборье на Олимпийских играх. Когда Медани принимала участие в своей первой Олимпиаде – в Афинах в 2004 году – ей было всего 14 лет. Затем были Олимпийские игры в Пекине и Лондоне. 
Медани – победительница многих международных соревнований. Сейчас спортсменка, пользующаяся огромным уважением соотечественников, хочет изменить отношение к спорту у себя на родине – чтобы ему уделяли больше внимания, особенно женскому спорту.

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Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney called on his party to disavow its frontrunner Donald Trump in a scorching rebuke of the candidate – from the way Trump is running his campaign to his business, political and personal history.
Speaking at the Hinckley Institute at the University of Utah, the former Massachusetts governor said that America’s prospects for a safe future are "greatly diminished" if Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee for president.
His is not the temperament of a stable, thoughtful leader. His imagination must not be married to real power,” Romney said, branding Trump “a phony, a fraud” whose “promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.”
“Mitt Romney is trying to wake up the Republican Party and he did it with the most scathing autopsy we’ve heard [of Trump] to date,” RT’s Ed Schultz said.
The 2012 GOP presidential candidate urged his party to vote for any of Trump's rivals for the nomination.
"The only serious policy proposals that deal with the broad range of national challenges we confront today, come from Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich," Romney said. "One of these men should be our nominee."

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ShowBiz Minute: Hoffman, Madonna, Messing

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Murder Suspect Escapes Mississippi Jail

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Lockheed Martin Creates Acoustic Test on Orion

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Bangladesh's indigenous languages risk dying out

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Can consumers jump-start China's sagging economy?

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Disappointed Iraqi refugees return home from Europe

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Chinese border town feels pinch of N Korea sanctions

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Hulk Hogan Sues Gawker Over Sex Tape

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Сирия полностью обесточена. Причины неизвестны

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3 Black Students Face Charges After Alleged Racial Bus Fight

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Police Officer CAUGHT Slapping, Kicking Student

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Libia: uccisi due dei quattro italiani rapiti. "Usati come scudi umani dall'Isis"

Infausta notizia, quella comunicata da ANSA pochi minuti fa: Fausto Piano e Salvatore Failla, due dei quattro tecnici italiani della Bonatti rapiti a luglio dello scorso anno in Libia, sono stati uccisi nel corso di un combattimento tra le forze di sicurezza libiche e un pulmino dell'ISIS sul quale viaggiavano i due italiani.
La notizia é stata data dalla Farnesina, dalla quale si attendono ulteriori notizie in merito.

Questo é parte dell'articolo di ANSA:

Due italiani sequestrati in Libia lo scorso luglio sono stati uccisi.
La Farnesina ha spiegato che si tratta di due dei quattro italiani, dipendenti della società di costruzioni 'Bonatti', rapiti nel luglio 2015, e precisamente di Fausto Piano e Salvatore Failla.
I due italiani prigionieri dell'Isis sarebbero stati uccisi durante un trasferimento, alla periferia di Sabrata. Il convoglio sul quale si trovavano, secondo quanto si è appreso in ambienti giudiziari, sarebbe stato attaccato dalle forze di sicurezza libiche e tutti i passeggeri sono morti. Le salme sarebbero state recuperate poi dai miliziani.
Salvatore Failla e Fausto Piano, sequestrati nel luglio 2015 e uccisi in Libia, secondo quanto si apprende da ambienti giudiziari, erano stati separati dagli altri due dipendenti della Bonatti sequestrati, Filippo Calcagno e Gino Pollicardo. Dopo il sequestro dei quattro italiani la procura di Roma aprì un fascicolo per sequestro di persona con finalità di terrorismo.
INC News, 03/03/2016 - source: ©ANSA AP

Why the Major Abortion Case in Front of US Supreme Court Matters

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На выборы в Казахстане уже аккредитовано 287 наблюдателей и журналистов ...

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Глава Нацбанка рассказал, как хранить свои сбережения

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«Форбс» журналы биылғы миллиардерлердің тізімін жариялады

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Turkish military helicopter shot down by Kurds in North Iraq - reports

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В Госдепе не знают, почему Амстердам не получил документов США о крушени...

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South Korea: North Korea fires short-range projectiles

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Possible MH370 debris going to Malaysia for examination

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Supreme Court Justices dvivided on Texas abortion law

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