Monday, March 10, 2014

«Mysterious missing of MH-370 aircraft with 239 passengers on board»

 -We are equally puzzled about the vanishing Malaysian aircraft MH-370», - said Gen.Director of Civil Aviation of Malaysia in the press-conference today. Vietnamese authorities have not officially confirmed the debris found in Gulf Thailand to appear the objects of missing Boeing-777, – stated Mr Azaharudin Abdul Rahman.
It turns to be a poor passport control or even no control at the check-in-desk of Kuala-Lumpur Airport due to that fact that one Italian 

Luigi Moraldi 37 years old and another Austrian Christian Kozel 30 years old never were on board, however their passports were checked in.
According this it emerges that the Malaysian Immigration Police has omitted the face identification, otherwise it sounds weird that two oriental passengers have passed with European passports.
Since the FBI has joined the investigation two more passengers reportedly may have false passports.

Interpol is now concerned about how to improve the passport control at check-in-desk.
We have been reported by a passenger's relative that mobile was on during his phone calls. He suggested to  to use a settle-lite technology to locate the aircraftThere are many hypothetical evidences around the missing airplane MH-370 but the final information is targeted by local authorities of Malaysia and several security agencies from USA, Chinese humanitarian help is included in the investigation.

Due to limited access to updated information for Chinese passengers' relatives the anger and resentment is growing at the Kuala-Lumpur airport. Some of the American media sources have been reporting on suspect of Chinese terroristic attach over the aircraft. But all these hypothetical theories may have no connection with what had happened to the plane in the reality. The investigation is still ongoing and the Malaysia's authorities keep saying that the aircraft with 239 passengers have vanished mystically. The issue is under investigation...

Gathered from several news sources: SkyNews, CNBC, 24KZ-News 


Flight Mike Hotel 370, Kilo Lima aircontrol calling, do you copy?

More continuing investigations of the Boing 777 series 200 and more one of us asks questions about what has happened and is happening. A plane powerful, versatile and safe, belonging to one airline certified several times as one of the top three airlines in the world, disappears from radar screens in the airspace along the stretch between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. We lose track of it, no one knows where it is probably neither felt nor what might have happened two hours after takeoff from the base. 239 passengers and crew on board, the crew also certified as highly professional. But airplane safe, secure company and crew company certificated are sufficient to unravel many questions about what is happening.
Media journalists wrote the aircraft has been repaired a few months ago due to problems in the structure of one of wins, but all was recovered without problems and the repairing was approved by different International Entities.
Media informed people that were on board passengers of 14 nationalities, and since the beginning of this mysterious vanishing, they start with the presence of one Italian passenger and one Austrian. Only in that moment it seemed that Interpol logged the possibility of terroristic attack.
Hours go by, better to say three days of no news about the flight 370; news, because real fact, there is none, if an exception is given to Italian mysteriously disappeared, whereas no had never climbed on board and he has confirmed in front the cameras of half world.
Then the news of yesterday that the flight 370 probably could have gone back, and in making the operation of reversing the route, disappeared from radar screens.

At this stage we become seriously worried about what is happening and in natural form, we start to elaborate a series of questions not rivaled by none at the moment:

1) At the moment of disappearance, from which radar screens the aircraft disappeared? KL or Beinjing? Who was the first to recognize the lost of contact with the Bicon of 370?
2) Two hours after the taking off it vanished in the air space of China territorial water: exists casually a part of this air space where could be possible that the magnetic system of an aircraft could be in damage or silence space where impossible to have contacts?
3) How possible, in case of real crash in the Chinese waters, that no one Navy survey has found zero wrecks?
4) If we consider the aircraft immersed into the China Sea, how possible that some of parents of passengers trying to contact them using mobile phones, they hear the ring of the equipment?
5) How possible an aircraft so modern as that one 777 has only one transponder to lance the signal of the position? And how possible it has not on board a second automatic system to activate "May day" signal in case of primary system damage?
6) 24Kz news reported that CNN mentioned about a conversation between one passenger and his brother onshore from the aircraft in flight: if it true this fact can be the origin of a disturbance in the system at the level to create the missing of it?
7) No one is reporting that Authorities are searching also onshore or not, and this is of vital importance, do not lose time and possibilities
8) Someone probably still forget the flight Alitalia to Ustica, where 109 passengers were killed in mysterious action never certified. We are in a moment very delicate of international Political States, and all could be possible
9) Why not suspect that a terroristic action has been done by mysterious agents with the scope of deviation of international attention over the Ukraine-Russian facts?

Atyrau, 10/03/2014 - INC News