Monday, December 15, 2014

Seduta nera in Borsa, bruciati 200 miliardi. Si aggrava il crollo del rublo

Rublo e petrolio spaventano i mercati e mandano l'indice europeo Stoxx 600 a picco, ai minimi da fine ottobre. I listini del Vecchio Continente registrano una della loro peggiori performance bruciando quasi 200 miliardi di euro di capitalizzazione. E' questo il prezzo virtuale pagato in una seduta nervosa che soffre per i timori per la crisi in Russia.
L'Euro Stoxx 600 ha perso oggi il 2,19 per cento in particolare, segnalano i gestori che operano sul mercato, dopo che i dati macro hanno mostrato un declino nella produzione per l'area di New York e il prezzo del petrolio ha ripreso la discesa. In chiusura dei mercati europei il cambio tra l'euro e il biglietto verde quota a 1,2460 mentre prosegue e si aggrava il crollo del rublo, che fa registrare un altro record negativo nei confronti dell'euro e del dollaro. La moneta europea è arrivata a essere scambiata a 78,48 rubli, mentre la valuta americana a 63,03. Il petrolio Wti è invece di nuovo in calo del 2% a 56,5 dollari al barile.
INC News, 15/12/2014 - Via ANSA AP

#SydneySiege: The Internet Reacts

В Китае бегун пробежал от одной станции метро до другой быстрее поезда

РФ планирует создать национальную космическую станцию

Double barrel: Ruble plunges to 5-year low

Из-за падения курса рубля страдают жители казахстанского Байконура

Suspect on the loose in Pennsylvania shooting spree

Uber Needs to Be More Sensitive: Peter Himler

Ruble Weakens Beyond 60 vs. Dollar for First Time

FedEx Has Busiest Day in History

Raw: Protesters Block Oakland Police Headquarter

Holiday Horror! FedEx Crash Litters NJ Roadway

EU war of words with Turkey over arrest of opposition journalists

Belgium hostage drama thought to be drug related

Sydney siege: Who is Man Haron Monis?

Alleged members of French Islamist gang arrested in dawn raids.

Ostaggi in cioccolateria Sydney, ucciso sequestratore durante blitz della polizia. Morta un altra persona

Sydney Hostage Checked By Armed Police


Heavily armored police units have stormed Lindt Café in Sydney after a day-long hostage standoff. Gun fire and stun grenades were heard at the scene. At least five hostages were seen fleeing from the building just before the police operation kicked off.
Witnesses have reported the sound of automatic gunfire at the scene, with police deploying flash bangs before storming the premises. Paramedics wearing bulletproof vests were seen entering Lindt Cafe, where over 40 people were taken hostage on Monday.


A gunman suspected of killing at least five people at three separate locations in Pennsylvania's Montgomery County has barricaded himself inside a home in Souderton. A SWAT team is on the scene.
The first shooting was reported at 3:55 a.m. Monday in Lower Salford Township, about 45 minutes northwest of Philadelphia. Police found a woman shot to death at the location, WPVI reported.
Half an hour later, at 4:25 a.m., police were called to a shooting in Lansdale, where they discovered two more people who had been shot and killed.
Two more people were discovered shot to death in Souderton.
Sources told the ABC affiliate that all the victims had been shot at close range. The gunman is believed to be a military veteran, police say.

Sydney cafe: Australians say to Muslims "I'll ride with you"

WEBCAST: Hostages Flee Sydney Cafe


Sydney gunman identified as local resident Man Monis (RT report)

Sheik Man Haron Monis, an Islamic ‘spiritual healer’ who is facing charges of sexual assault and being an accessory to murder, has been identified as the man who has taken civilians hostage in a Sydney café, according to local media citing police sources.

Sydney hostage drama: Local Australians' reactions

Gunman takes hostages inside a Sydney cafe

Belgium gripped by travel chaos as strike takes hold

A national strike has brought much of Belgium to a standstill, with airports, train stations and local transport services being shut down as the country’s main trade unions protest government austerity. All flights have been grounded, with air traffic controllers joining the strike. Protesters are voicing their anger at measures that include tax hikes, the freezing of public sector pay and the raising of the retirement age. Taking to the streets of the country’s capital many demonstrators blocked key roads. One protester noted the growing demands being placed on people in an age of austerity:  “There are young and older workers, they were all told that they need to work until the age of 65 and now they need to work 2 years more.” The disruption resulting from the nationwide demonstration has also left sections of the public disgruntled, as one bystander told euronews: “I think they have shown their dissatisfaction enough times. Its time to get back to normal life now.” Unions held another mass demonstration just last month. Then they managed to assemble around 100,000 people in Brussels to oppose austerity. But the government has shown little sign of meeting their demands.
INC News, 15/12/2014-via Euronews

OCEANIA-SIDNEY - Gunman holds hostages in Sydney cafe

A gunman is holding a number of hostages in a cafe in Sydney. Police have surrounded the premises in Martin Place close to the city’s central business district. It’s not known exactly how many people are being held at the moment. The incident started early Monday morning when witnesses say they saw a man with a bag walk into the Lindt chocolate shop and cafe. The company said about 10 employees and around 30 customers were in the cafe at the time. Nearby offices and other buildings were cleared by police as soon as the situation became apparent. About six hours after the start of the siege three people were seen running from the premises with two more following around an hour later. It is not clear if they escaped or they were released at this stage. At one point a black flag was held up to a window on which was written Arabic script. Police are said to have identified the suspected gunman but asked media outlets not to publish his identity.
NSW deputy police commissioner, Catherine Burn said: “I won’t clarify any operation tactics at the moment. It is really important to remember that this is ongoing, that we still have people who are being held. We still have a person that we are dealing with. So as soon as we are able to provide that information.”
INC News, 15/12/2014-Via Reuter,Euronews

Sydney siege: Five hostages run from cafe


Monday, December 15

07:35 GMT:
Police authorities are currently with the escaped hostages, Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn told journalists.
"We have been working through our negotiations to try to make sure that the people inside are cared for, that they have what they need, so that they don't become ill or injured, so we will continue to do that,”she added.

BREAKING NEWS - - Situation of hostages in Sidney - News Stream by RT


Islamist militants take hostages in Sydney cafe, display black jihadist flag.A police operation is underway at a café in the Australian city of Sydney, where hostages are being held by unknown attackers and a black jihadist flag can be seen. It comes amid Australia’s backing of the US-led operation against the Islamic State.