Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Moscow Police Squash Opposition Protest Over Navalny Verdict

More than a thousand people gathered on Moscow's Manezh Square on Tuesday in a show of support for convicted opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his brother Oleg, but the turnout fell short of the 18,000 people who had signed up on social media and riot police quickly suppressed those who did brave the bitter cold. 
At least 132 people had been detained two hours into the protest, according to OVD-Info, an independent website that monitors detentions at opposition rallies. Among those detained was Navalny himself, who violated his house arrest to attend the unsanctioned rally. Earlier in the day, a Moscow court had issued its verdict in the embezzlement case against the brothers after bumping up the initial hearing date from Jan. 15 to Dec. 30. The court sentenced Navalny and his brother to three and a half years each, though the anti-corruption fighter got off with a suspended sentence while Oleg was taken into custody and hit with prison time. After the decision, Navalny denounced the Russian authorities for, in his view, targeting his brother to punish him. 
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INC News, 30/12/2014

Slovenia: more than 50 vehicle involved in a traffic accident - no comment

Romania is trapped by snow - no comment

Snow in Munich causes delays

'Armed People' On Board Ship Off Corfu

Crowds rally to protest Navalny verdict

'The emotions just repeat'

Raw: Floods Leave Over 30 Dead in Philippines

New Surveillance Video Found in Missing Pittsburgh Nurse Case

Germany: At least four dead in deadly bus crash

Illegal immigrants "hidden in hold" onboard burning Greek ferry

UK Ebola patient Pauline Cafferkey arrives in London for treatment

Families of Air Asia QZ8501 passengers react to discovery of body

Robbery fail: ATM catastrophically explodes in thief’s face, Australia

Stunning images of northern lights captured on tape, Norway

ITALIA - Milano, il 22enne sfregiato con l'acido da un operatore di Borsa e una bocconiana

Lui operatore di Borsa, lei studentessa della Bocconi, È il profilo dei due giovani arrestati per avere sfregiato con l'acidoil 22enne P.B. in via Giulio Carcano a Milano. Il giudice Lorella Trovato, del tribunale di Milano, ha convalidato per entrambi l'arresto in carcere. La ragazza è accusata di avere materialmente gettato il liquido. Il giovane di avere successivamente tentato di colpire con un martello la vittima, ricoverato per ustioni con una prognosi di 60 giorni.

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INC News, 30/12/2014 - via Repubblica

KAZAKHSTAN - Turn on headlights while driving as of January 7 – new traffic rules

New Traffic regulations published in the republican press, will come into force in 7 days. New traffic regulations have been approved by the resolution # 1196 of the RoK Government on November 13, 2014.
On December 27, new traffic regulations have been published officially, and as of January 7, the drivers in Kazakhstan should follow the new rules. To recall, a lot of amendments have been introduced into the Traffic rules after the adoption of law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On road traffic”, including rather disputable changes that caused many complaints of the public. In particular, mandatory registration of the power of attorney for a vehicle is mentioned in traffic regulations for several times, though it was promised that this legislative norm would be cancelled as of January 1.  
Also the new rules retained the ban to park “on roads and streets of settlements, except the places that are specially allocated for this purpose and designated by the corresponding road signs”, was even protested by the republican prosecutors. Item 19 of new traffic regulations obliging the drivers to turn on dimmed headlights, fog lights or navigation lights on all roads without exception during daylight hours will become one of the main innovations. Earlier this requirement extended only to cars driving on highways outside the settlement zones. Also, the rules became stricter on driving the kids under 12 years of age without special chairs.
INC News, 30/12/2014 - via Ak Zhaik

Russia's Financial Crisis Hits Dubai Airport

Growth in passenger traffic through Dubai International Airport, one of the world's busiest, slowed in November because of the geopolitical and economic instability hitting Russia, the airport's operator said on Tuesday.
Dubai is a popular tourist destination for Russians and a convenient place for them to park some of their savings abroad. Western economic sanctions against Moscow since the pro-Russian uprising in Ukraine, and the slide of the Russian ruble, appear to have reduced Russian visitors in recent months. Passenger traffic related to Russia and other countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States plunged 18.2 percent from a year earlier in November, Dubai Airports said. This cut growth in total passenger traffic through Dubai International, which rose 4.3 percent to 5.6 million people in November, slowing from 5.7 percent growth in October.
INC News, 30/12/2014 - via MT

25 Russians Injured in Bus Wreck in Thailand

At least 27 people were injured Tuesday when a bus carrying Russian tourists overturned in Thailand's southern province of Phuket, a news report said. According to preliminary information, the injured included two Thai citizens and 25 Russians, all of whom have been hospitalized, the head of the consular section of the Russian embassy in Thailand, Vladimir Sosnov, told TASS on Tuesday.
The accident occurred when a tour bus skidded off the road and overturned, the report said.
INC News, 30/12/2014


Vessel with 700 migrants off Greece sends SOS, warns guns aboard.

A ship off the Greek island of Corfu has sent a distress signal as armed people are suspected to be on board, Greek state TV reported. The vessel is reportedly carrying 700 migrants.
“Illegal immigrants” were reportedly connected with the situation.
The Italian coastguard notified the Greek authorities. A Sikorsky helicopter of the Greek Navy was sent to the spot.

Ferry stricken by blaze fully evacuated, 10 dead

Terror threat fears remove iconic Queen's Guards from sentry posts

Французская таможня пресекла контрабанду 170 детенышей редких черепах

Коррида в Мексике чуть не превратилась в трагедию

Wind Storm, Possible Tornado, Hit South Georgia

Vladimir Putin, Our Despot of the Year

Братьям Навальным вынесли приговор - BBC Russian

2014 жыл Алып шаһардың экономикалық көрсеткіштерімен есте қалды

Елімізде 2015 жылы жаңа қылмыстық кодекс өз күшіне енеді

Bahrain court gives police killers death sentences

Number of Italy ferry fire victims rises amid fears more may be missing

Shopping centre fire kills 13 in Pakistan

GRAPHIC: Alleged Air Asia body spotted off Indonesia coast

Putin critic likely to receive 10 year sentence for fraud

​RUSSIA - Gazprom becomes 100% owner of abandoned South Stream gas pipeline

Gazprom has bought out the shares of South Stream Transport BV, a company that was in charge of the construction of the cancelled gas pipeline marine section.
Italy’s Eni, Wintershall of Germany, and France’s EDF have decided to withdraw from the South Stream project. They have sold their shares to Gazprom, which already owned 50 percent of South Stream Transport BV."Due to the fact that it’s difficult to predict receiving permission for South Stream, and calculate the economic consequences of delaying its construction for an indefinite period, the participants decided to close the project," said Wintershall’s spokesperson commenting on the decision to sell the stake.
INC News, 30/12/2014 - via RT

BREAKING NEWS - UPDATING OVER AIR ASIA -AirAsia plane wreckage found, bodies being recovered

Over 40 bodies have been recovered from the missing AirAsia flight, the Indonesian Navy said. Objects resembling parts of the plane, as well as what was thought to be the plane’s outline underwater, were seen in the search area.

INC News, 30/12/2014

Indonesia, aereo scomparso: l'avvistamento del primo corpo

Nelle immagini della tv indonesiana l'avvistamento e il recupero del corpo di una delle vittime dell'aereo della AirAsia scomparso domenica con 162 persone a bordo. Con il passare dei minuti sono stati avvistati altri cadaveri

Confirmed: debris spotted in Java Sea from missing Air Asia passenger jet

Londra, il carrello è guasto: pilota “eroe” evita il disastro

Un «problema tecnico» al carrello ha costretto un Boeing 747 della Virgin Atlantic, diretto a Las Vegas, a fare ritorno a Gatwick dove è atterrato senza conseguenze dopo aver compiuto una manovra «non standard». Il velivolo, che aveva lasciato Gatwick nella mattinata, ha volato per ore sul sud dell’Inghilterra per cercare di consumare quanto più carburante possibile prima di compiere l’atterraggio d’emergenza. I mezzi di soccorso sono stati schierati sulla pista per ogni eventualità. Tutti in salvo le centinaia di passeggeri a bordo. La compagnia ha confermato che l’aereo è atterrato senza problemi, «la nostra priorità è prenderci cura dei nostri passeggeri ed equipaggio». Il capitano, grazie alla sua manovra “straordinaria” , è stato subito definito dalla stampa britannica come un eroe. A bordo erano presenti circa 450 passeggeri.

MALESIA - Aereo malese, avvistate vittime del Air Asia 8501

Sono state individuate delle vittime vicino al luogo dove è scomparso l’aereo di Air Asia 8501, volo decollato da Surabaya e diretto a Singapore con 162 persone a bordo. Lo hanno detto funzionari indonesiani a una televisione locale.   
Scendendo da un elicottero a Pangkalan Bun i funzionari hanno riferito di aver visto diversi corpi galleggiare nelle acque vicino al luogo nel quale è stato visto per l’ultima volta il velivolo. I corpi sono stati portati su una nave della marina militare indonesiana.   
In precedenza le autorità indonesiane avevano dato la conferma ufficiale sull’avvistamento di detriti appartenenti all’aereo. Tra i resti avvistati vi sono un giubbotto salvagente e un seggiolino. 

ITALIA - Traghetto, 10 i morti. Ma è mistero sui dispersi

C’è un mistero che cresce insieme al numero dei morti - per il momento arrivato a dieci - e al dolore per il naufragio del Norman Atlantic nell’Adriatico tra la Grecia e l’Albania: quante erano effettivamente le persone a bordo del traghetto? La conta ufficiale parla di 437 passeggeri ma c’è chi racconta di 38 dispersi. Si tratterebbe di autorevoli fonti greche che avrebbero confermato al settimanale online To Vima la presenza a bordo di altre persone non censite e che ora risulterebbero disperse.  
INC News, 30/12/2014- via La Stampa

Молодые британцы обеспокоены защитой данных в интернете больше, чем вопр...

Самолёт Virgin Atlantic совершил аварийную посадку в Лондоне

В ВКО в заносы попало около 30 автомобилей и несколько автобусов

В Атырау печатали фальшивые купюры номиналом в две и десять тысяч тенге

Shots fired at LAPD officers

Raw: Dramatic Video of Sinking Turkish Ship

Desperate search continues for missing AirAsia flight 8501

Sad end for hippo that jumped from back of truck in Taiwan

Second suspected arson attack on mosque in Sweden

Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli soldiers for throwing rocks

Monsoons, mystery and missiles make 2014 a deadly year for air travel

Lithuania losing its litas to adopt the euro currency