Monday, November 24, 2014

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*INC* News Commentary
Netherlands - Kazakhstan

Pubblicita' innovativa, un modo nuovo di presentare un prodotto - Innovative advertising, a new way of presenting a product

Rotterdam joue son atout Cleantech - target

USA : le patron de la Défense démissionne

В Москве загорелся машиностроительный завод

Британский журналист Грэм Филлипс снял момент своего ранения под Донецком

UK facing biggest threat since 9/11: May

Top 10: Facts About The Netherlands

Исчезнувший полгода назад сотрудник актюбинского военкомата нашелся

Communiquer avec son portable grâce aux gestes - hi-tech

The business of drones

U.S. Navy's drone killing laser

LaGuardia Airport Offers Travelers Frustrating Skies

Watch Terrafugia’s Flying Car Take-Off

Спасение рядового рубля - BBC Russian

Can Russia and the West reconcile?

Bolivia: el teleférico que unió dos mundos - BBC Mundo

Sydney Mother Dumps Newborn in Drain

Security stepped up as Strasbourg braced for papal visit.

Femen lay bare their naked opposition to papal visit

Cape Verde: Volcano erupts on 'Fire Island'

Video: Raging flood waters rip through Southern Morocco

Afghanistan: 50 dead after suicide attack during volleyball match

Italy's first female astronaut delivers espresso to ISS

ITALIA - Ebola, primo italiano contagiato: è un medico di Emergency

Primo caso di Ebola per un cittadino italiano: è un medico di Emergency risultato positivo al virus in Sierra Leone. Giungerà stanotte in Italia e verrà ricoverato all'Istituto Spallanzani di Roma. Sono state immediatamente attivate l’Unità di crisi della Farnesina e l’Aeronautica Militare per le conseguenti attività operative ed il trasferimento del paziente presso l’Istituto Nazionale per le malattie infettive Lazzaro Spallanzani.

INC News, 24/11/2014 - Via Twitter e ANSA AP

Truck torn apart by two trains at rail crossing in Kazakhstan

Can Toyota's Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle Go the Distance?

How to Gut a Super Jumbo A380 in Two Minutes

Cleveland police face inquiry after 12-year-old boy fatally shot

Hitch with a hatch delays crew's arrival on ISS

Missouri town waits anxiously for decision on police shooting of teenager

Five reported dead in China quake

Belgium: Pakistani family may have to leave country over police mix-up

Putin denies he wants to create a new Iron Curtain

Tunisia votes: "We're looking for someone to save the country"

Earthquake measuring 5.6 strikes Romania

Portugal ex-PM Socrates spends second-night in custody

Ukraine famine anniversary takes on special meaning

Outbreak of the plague in Madagascar kills 40