Thursday, November 21, 2013

Great Malala!

Finally someone has rewarded a young woman who had the strength and courage to react to violence in a highly shameful. To her great respect for life and her participation in the strugle of human rights in the world, the editorial board supports the prize awarded to this young Pakistani.

Atyrau,21/11/2013-Mikhail Lermontov

New mall in Atyrau: new business or new prices?

The renewal of shops Atyrau continues tirelessly, sign of well-being or a time when the money starts to run (though not quite in the right direction).
After some new bars and restaurant, was opened today in the mall Ardager the great bazaar of the appliance, telephony and broadcasting. With a nice presentation based on a show created by a singer and four traditional dancers, has finally opened its doors within the large supermarket Ramstor, which is connected with a passage that allows visitors to have access to both local in comfortable manner also if with trolleys.
We will now verify if the prices of the items remain on national standards or, as often happened, Atyrau raises prices because oil city.

Atyrau, 21/11/2013-Mikhail Lermontov-copyright of the article and reproduction of pictures not permitted

A new way for GB web?

If no one had yet figured out, Britain has always been a nation that intends to enforce at any cost their ideologies imposing it to other countries as if their ideology was unique in the whole world: you have to write with the left hand and not as the individual believes spontaneous, driving the car with the right place and not to the left and travels to the left and not to the right and so on.
Now it's up to the Internet! It is approaching the end use of the domain". " and is increasingly using   ". com"  as  all industrialized countries of the world. Although if you're making an argument whether or not it do this step (many are opposed by conservatives who are good), in the City many users have already started using a suffix to post your own. Change domain would cost about £ 3 per year for a single location.

Atyrau, 21/11/2013-Mikhail Lermontov

French police detain man in connection with Paris shootings

Monkey man - No comment

Извержение вулкана Синабунг в Индонезии

Graphic: Army men drown in Bolivia trying to save captain's car

First snow of winter causes travel disruption in France and Spain