Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Disabili in marcia a Bruxelles per chiedere pari opportunità

Cina: bombe inviate per posta 7 morti nel Guangxi, c'è un sospetto

Medellin nello spazio - hi-tech

Distruzione di Timbukutu, all'Aia si apre uno storico processo

Si chiude il trimestre "horribilis" dei mercati finanziari globali - eco...

China blasts kill seven in Guangxi

Davis' Attorney Details Meeting with the Pope

Joaquin Expected To Become Major Hurricane

Raw: Tourists Brave Glass-Bottom Bridge

Test-Driving Google's Self-Driving Car

Supreme Court refuses to stay execution of Richard Glossip

The US Supreme Court refused to halt Richard Glossip's execution this afternoon. Glossip was convicted based on the testimony of one man and insists that he is innocent. Pope Francis pleaded for his clemency, but no avail.
Glossip was convicted of the 1997 murder of his boss, motel owner Barry Van Treese, although he was not the direct killer. Another man named Justin Sneed testified that Glossip had hired him to carry out the murder by bludgeoning Van Treese to death. He is currently serving a life sentence, and Glossip’s conviction is largely based on Sneed’s testimony.
The last stay of Glossip’s execution occurred only two weeks ago, hours before he was set to be killed. An appeals court stopped the process so that it could consider claims that new evidence showed Glossip to be innocent.

INC News, Almaty, Mira Kartbayeva - 30/09/2015 - via RT

Joaquin upgraded to Cat 1 hurricane as East Coast braces for more flooding

The East Coast is bracing for a weekend of potential flooding as Hurricane Joaquin bears down on the Bahamas. The storm was upgraded from a tropical storm Wednesday morning, and weather forecasters expect it to turn northwards towards the US.
Joaquin’s winds “have increased to near 75 mph (120 km/h) with higher gusts,”according to Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter reconnaissance aircraft measurements.
Hurricane Joaquin is intensifying slowly, as the wind shear drops. The storm’s 55-mile-wide eye remains open on the north side.
INC News, Almaty, Mira Kartbayeva - 30/09/2015- via RT 

На гонках французского кубка Porsche спорткар забрался на крышу своего с...

Cкандал из-за свадьбы сына высокопоставленного чиновника в МВД Казахстана

Подлодку "Александр Невский" встретили на Тихоокеанском флоте

Полицейские провели эксперимент, как усть-каменогорцы реагируют на наруш...

Ямайка требует от Кэмерона компенсаций за работорговлю во времена Британ...

На Китай обрушился мощный тайфун

Тайфун «Дуджуан», также известный как Дженни, обрушился на побережье провинции Фуцзянь в Китае. Наибольший урон стихия нанесла городскому округу Путянь. Власти эвакуировали более 4 тыс. человек.

Almaty, INC News 30/09/2015 - via RT

Усть-каменогорский поджигатель уничтожал машины из ревности

Строители трассы Западная Европа – Западный Китай жалуются на невыплату ...

Удары российских ВВС в Сирии. Заявления Москвы и Вашингтона

Инвалиды в ЕС требуют помощи и равноправия

Спутники из Медельина - hi-tech

Исламист Аль-Факи предстал перед международным судом за разрушение Тимбукту

Почему компания Shell уходит из Арктики - BBC Russian


The Russian Air Force has begun carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, the country’s Defense Ministry said.
Earlier, a US official told Reuters that Moscow gave Washington one-hour advanced notice of its operations. The bombing is taking place in western Syria, near the city Homs, the official added. 
A Pentagon official also told Russia’s RIA Novosti that urged the US to clear the skies for the operation.
INC News, 30/09/2015 - via RT

Kremlin doesn’t rule out Transaero bankruptcy, will help 10,000 employees

The deadline for the takeover of Transaero, Russia's second-biggest airline, by Aeroflot has elapsed, says Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. As another rescue plan is being considered, bankruptcy for the carrier is still a possibility, he added. "The main condition that the government should accept is that we do not have to save the company, but we have to take care of the people," said the minister. Shuvalov is referring to the more than 10,000 Transaero employees that may lose their jobs.
"Even if the situation doesn’t turn out good for the company, in any case, people will not be left without support. We will deal with it seriously,” said Shuvalov. He also said that the government, if necessary, will help Aeroflot to refund or exchange tickets sold by Transaero. "There should be no defrauded customers,” he added.

Almaty, INC NEWS, 30/09/2015 - via RT

Россия: Совет Федерации одобрил использование Вооруженных сил РФ в Сирии

Тайфун Дуцзюань обрушился на материковую часть Китая

Volkswagen отзывает с рынка 11 миллионов дизельных машин

Нефертити ищут в гробнице Тутанхамона

Ученые нашли воду на Марсе - BBC Russian

Si del parlamento all'impiego di truppe russe in Siria. Ma è escluso un ...

Il tifone Dujuan arriva in Cina, evacuate 320mila persone

Syria conflict: Russian parliament gives green light for use of military...

Typhoon Dujuan causes huge waves and distuction in Fujian

Maybe, baby: First 10 UK womb transplants get go-ahead

Womb transplants will take place for the first time in the UK next year as part of a trial after the program received authorization from a British university, giving 10 women the chance to carry their own children.
The procedure was given the go-ahead by Imperial College London following a similar and successful operation in Sweden last year.Experts estimate the first baby gestated in a transplanted womb could be born as soon as 2017/18.
Roughly one in 5,000 women is born without a womb in the UK. The procedure will be offered to those who suffer from the condition and other women who may have had their womb removed during cancer treatment. More than 100 women have been identified as potential recipients of a new womb.
The surgical team will be led by Dr Richard Smith, consultant gynecologist at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital. He has worked on the project for nearly 20 years.
Read the article HERE
INC News, Schiedam, 30/09/2015 - via RT


Massive blasts in Guangxi, China: At least 3 killed, 13 injured, police blame explosive parcels

At least three people were killed and 13 injured after parcels containing explosives caused massive explosions in several locations in Liuzhou, in China's north-central Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, CCTV reported.
A total of 13 explosions were heard across the city between 3.15pm and 5pm, local paper Nanguo Zao Bao quoted authorities as saying.

INC News, Schiedam, 30/09/2015 - via RT

Obama e Putin: strette di mano e braccio di ferro sulla Siria

Volkswagen: pronto un piano d'azione "esaustivo", i dettagli entro il 7 ...

Nicholas Reeves a Luxor alla ricerca della bella Nefertiti

Paul Walker: la figlia cita la Porsche in giudizio

Russia and US on Syria, who leads, who follows

UN aid agencies helping Syrian refugees to get 1.6 billion euros from G7...

Georgia Executes Woman Death-Row Inmate

Tesla's First SUV Is Finally Hitting The Road

Oklahoma Man Fights Death Sentence Day Before Execution Date

14 people shot in 15 hours in Chicago

Fourteen people were shot in Chicago over just 15 hours, as the week got off to a bloody start. The latest burst of violence follows two straight weekends where more than 50 people were shot. Chicago Mayor Emanuel said he was angry and “enough is enough.” Six people were killed and at least eight others injured in the 15-hour span between Monday night and Tuesday morning.
The first of the shootings occurred Monday evening, when a family on its way back from an outing was gunned down in New City’s Back of the Yards neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. A pregnant mother and grandmother were left dead, as were three others. An 11-month-old boy was wounded, police said, according to the Chicago Tribune.
Have a look of article HERE
INC News, Schiedam, 30/09/2015


Russian parliament unanimously approves use of troops in Syria

The upper chamber of the Russian parliament has unanimously given a formal consent to President Putin to use the nation’s military in Syria to fight terrorism at a request from the Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Consent was necessary for deployment of troops for foreign combat missions under the Russian constitution.
The request for use of force was sent by the president after considering the large number of citizens of Russia and neighboring countries, who went to join terrorist groups fighting in Syria, head of the presidential administration Sergey Ivanov told media. There are thousands of them, and Russia’s national security would be under threat, should they return home, he added.

INC News, Schiedam, 30/09/2015 - via RT