Friday, January 3, 2014

C'era una volta...La Rai

Snowstorm wreaks havoc in US Midwest - no comment

Mexicans flock to ice rink during final days of festive season - no comment

USSR again?

This is not a nostalgic return to the old regime, but a real operation of a possible unification of all countries and regions of Russia, on the assumption that Ukraine is the mother of all the Russias. In this condition you can see plainly that the modern Russian nation wants to make the territory under its jurisdiction Ukrainian, Kazakh, Armenian and Uzbeki in order to create a unique nation on the U.S. model, as in the days of Theodore Roosevelt. In this case, futuristic-not the least, the political geography of tomorrow here in the article mentioned in 2025, would have only three great Geopolitical Entities: EUR-USA-USSR, which we consider unlikely, at least for that date so close!

Atyrau, 03/01/2014 - INC News

Weather diabolic all over!

If Europe continues unabated in the bad weather conditions that are battering the coast of England, and not only that, in the USA do not fare any better! Thousands of flights canceled for the conditions in which airports are finding themselves with intense snowfall for several hours is affecting many American States. Several deaths caused both by very low temperatures as well accidents that occurred during security operations in progress everywhere.
Atyrau, 03/01/2014
INC News

Oh, Sydney

As always, when we arrive at midnight at the end of a year, we think of the fireworks and especially those of Australia, which are considered the most famous in the world, for colors, shapes and light quality devised. So, also this year, does not disavow the beautiful Sydney, where the fireworks were held a few days ago. Enjoy in peace this 12-minutes of images very beautiful and imaginative, dreaming that maybe you too could be the next to that city in December 2014.
Atyrau, 03/1/2014
INC News