Monday, December 23, 2013

Inventor of AK-47 assault rifle Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94

Скончался создатель АК-47 Михаил Калашников

Ukraine, Donetsk region prefer stay close to Russia not EU

After a long term of the EU protests and clashes in the country the end is turning so obvious,  they want to be with Russia rather than the EU. And the decision has been made not only by government, but also by the majority.  On the other hand the nation in whole is not ready for the rapid changes. Because they have many things in common with Russia: culture, history, economics and eventually a lifestyle. We should understand that entering in the EU means to change its lifeway completely.

23/12/13, Almaty, - INC News

Eyebombing - новый бум в интернете

The Incredible reunion of two musicians! Carlos Santana found his ex Bandmate became homeless.

Carlos Santana found his ex Bandmate, drummer Marcus Malone after many years of being apart. More than 40 years ago Malone went to jail. After releasing from jail he could not find a constant job and became homeless.  This touching reunion of two legendary musicians has been arranged by the corresponded of TV channel KRONE4, who first noticed Marcuse Malone while doing the story about illegal dumping. 

23/12/13, Almaty - INC News