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ENGLAND - Pegida’s first march in London marked by clashes

Two UK teens held under suspicion of ‘terrorism’

Two teenagers from North West England have been arrested on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism following two separate raids, police report.
A 14-year-old boy from Blackburn and a 16-year-old girl from Manchester have been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation, according to Greater Manchester Police. They have been bailed until May 28.
Police said the boy was arrested on "suspicion of preparing for an act of terrorism” and the girl “on suspicion of engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism,” Reuters reported.
INC News, 06/04/2015 - via RT

RAW: Chemical plant explodes in Fujian, East China

NETHERLANDS - Anti-Islam group PEGIDA invites far-right figure Geert Wilders to rally

Twitter blocked in Turkey after prosecutor hostage photo goes viral

Foreigners Who Want to Live in Russia to Face Questions About Crimea, Stalin

Foreigners seeking work permits or residency in Russia may soon have to answer questions about Crimea's “joining” of the country and the rule of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, according to a draft immigration test published by Russian media on Monday. The new test, which still must be approved by the Education and Science Ministry, is expected to be introduced by July 1. The test will replace a less complicated exam that all foreigners seeking work in Russia have been obligated to take since the start of this year, Izvestia reported Monday, citing Anzhela Dolzhinkova, the provost for foreign student affairs at Peoples' Friendship University in Moscow. Like the current test, the new version would include questions on Russian language, law and history, but the minimum vocabulary requirement for those seeking residency would increase to 1,250 words from the 950 currently required. The vocabulary requirement for those seeking a work permit would remain at 950 words, the report said.
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INC News, 06/04/2015 - via Moscow Times

Russian Journalist Reporting on Corruption Kidnapped in Dagestan

A Russian journalist who reported on corruption in the North Caucasus republic of Dagestan was kidnapped, forced into a car and severely beaten by masked assailants over the weekend, news reports said. Journalist Vyacheslav Starodubtsev said he was abducted from the city of Derbent on Sunday and driven out into the countryside, where his assailants made a series of threats to his family and demanded that he leave Dagestan, the Meduza news site reported.
Starodubtsev is the Moscow-based coordinator for a project that he founded last year called “My Derbent,” which runs pages on Russia's social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki to report on corruption in the city government, the report said. The project allegedly infuriated some people in the municipal administration, with Derbent Mayor Imam Yaraliyev describing Starodubtsev as his personal enemy a few days before the attack, according to Meduza. The journalist told Meduza that he had identified one of his attackers as the mayor's son Aziz Yaraliyev.
INC News, 06/04/2015 - via MT

RUSSIA - Rapito e percosso reporter

 Un giornalista russo impegnato nel denunciare la corruzione nell'instabile repubblica del Daghestan e' stato rapito e picchiato nel weekend da ignoti assalitori mascherati. Lo riportano alcuni media russi. Viaceslav Starodubtsev ha denunciato di essere stato sequestrato ieri nella citta' di Derbent e portato in campagna da sconosciuti che gli hanno intimato di lasciare il Daghestan e hanno minacciato la sua famiglia

INC News, 06/04/2015 - via ANSA

SIRIA - Isis decapita due palestinesi a Yarmuk e sequestra 300 curdi a Dana

Spietata offensiva dell'Isis in Siria. I jihadisti dello Stato Islamico - dopo l'inusuale alleanza con i qaedisti di al-Nusra - sono infatti penetrati nel campo profughi palestinese di Yarmuk, nella periferia della capitale siriana.  Secondo gli attivisti, i jihadisti hanno ucciso 9 militanti palestinesi che difendevano il campo. Due di loro sono stati decapitati. A riferirlo è l'Osservatorio nazionale per i diritti umani in Siria.
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INC News, 06/04/2015 - via ANSA AP

Gangsters fire play in West Kazakhstan

Armed men opened fire in a shop of Zhana-Ozen (West Kazakhstan), - reports KTK news.
Prosecutors of Aqtau initiated the investigation. According to testimony, there was a conflict between attackers and victims.
2 victims were delivered to the hospital. Criminals have been arrested. No customs injured.

Source: KTK News, Almaty 

06 April 2015 - Almaty, Mira Kartbayeva for INCNews.  

Syria is under starvation

Recently, Syria showed up as the richest country in the world. Damascus – the capital of abundance and feasting is now no less than blemish to the global community. How much we care about the consequences of the war? Do we really care?

I think, these questions need to be posed and processed by each of us. When you buy brand new clothes, cars, flats, and penthouses why would you not stop for a sec and think of  those who are really in need. Chasing the fashion and brands would not give you that level of self-satisfaction and ego, which you get in the night before sleeping from sacrifice towards humanity. If you give to cliché a piece of bread your potential in life will double. And perhaps, you would be protected from poverty and starving that may occur with any of us.
Think globally, act  individually.                                                         
Source: CNN, London.
06 April 2015 - Mira Kartbayeva for INCNews

Stuck in Yemen: US fails to evacuate its citizens from combat zone

Atacama 'Tsunami': Freak rainfall floods devastate driest desert

Blackwater scheme: Attempt to counter Afghan drug production booms inste...

Indonesia rejects Australians' death row appeals

South Koreans protest Japanese textbooks

Russian Prime Minister visits Vietnam

See dozens of passengers push train to rescue woman

CNN crew flies into Yemeni capital

Banned pesticide allegedly sickens family at resort

Syria: Islamic State video claims Yarmouk capture - BBC News

Indonesia: Australian drug smuggler's death row appeal fails - BBC News

Raw: Multiple Injured in Indiana Home Shooting

"Свидетель" 03.04.15.

“Furious 7” Zooms To Record

ISIS Terror Suspects Arrested

Carjacking Caught on Tape: Hero Jumps on Hood

Subway Explosion Caught on Camera

Marc Holzman стал председателем совета директоров АО "Казкоммерцбанк"

Марк Хольцман назначен председателем Совета директоров АО "Казкоммерцбанк". Об этом сообщает пресс-служба банка. "Совет директоров АО «Казкоммерцбанк» принял решение по избранию новых руководителей совета директоров и правления, сообщает пресс-служба банка. По результатам заседания совета директоров новым председателем избран Марк Хольцман, недавно вошедший в совет директоров в качестве независимого директора. 
Учредитель банка Нуржан Субханбердин остается крупным акционером Казкоммерцбанка. «Марк Хольцман имеет опыт работы в странах с развивающейся экономикой, в том числе он был одним из первопроходцев в становлении казахстанского рынка капитала. Мы ожидаем, что бесценный опыт и знания Марка, полученные в период его деятельности вице-президентом Barclays Capital и ABN AMRO, будут способствовать поддержанию корпоративного управления Казкоммерцбанка на уровне лучших мировых практик», - отметил Нуржан Субханбердин. В 1989-1998 годах Марк Хольцман жил и работал в Восточной Европе и России в качестве приглашенного лектора Конгресса по мировому экономическому развитию и Гарвардского института управления имени Джона Кеннеди. В 2003-2005 гг. занимал пост президента Университета Денвера. В 2006-2008 годах - член совета директоров Фонда устойчивого развития "Казына" Источник:

06 апреля 2015 г. Мира Картбаева для INCNews